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Proud founding member of the Screaming Death Clan

Proud champion of team mafia with the Screaming Death Clan.

Fate is an enigmatic player who has always existed. His playstyle changes every game with the shifting sands of time.

He discovered mafia by chance after a traumatizing real life experience. It was something akin to "love" (if Fate could love) at first sight. But it wasn't chance, it was Fate.

Current Destiny


Won: 32

Lost: 30

Lynched: 12

Killed: 33

Survived: 18


Won: 9

Lost: 2

Lynched: 2

Killed: 2

Survived: 7

Third Party

Won: 2

Lost: 4

Lynched: 0

Killed: 4

Survived: 2

Game History

New York

Number Mod Role Result Fate Comments
[Mafia 112: Ridiculous Drama] Dramonic Vanilla Townie Won Killed N2 Scum got rolled. Had em all nailed D2 except for one. Guess that's why I died. -The Scum PRs were mostly NK'd. Birth-place for the Screaming Death Clan.
[Mafia 117: The Vanillaside] Hoopla Vanilla Townie Lost Killed N4 Pretty good setup. Pretty awful town. We outed two useful power roles in the first cycle, hammering the vig without even a claim. We then had two very scummy players lynched back to back. When I was shot Hoopla asked me to guess the scumteam and I had gotten it 2/3 right. I had the third one pegged D1 and D2 but I backed off when Red_Coyote replaced in and did much for that slot.
[Mafia 124: Dilemma Mafia] Empking Vanilla Townie Won Killed N5 Replaced in D2, caught an entire scumteam and half the other one. Faked a gambit to get the wagon off the obvtown person that had a huge wagon on him, which caused scumYosarian to counter me which outed him to the other team. Very good play by town in LyLo as well.
[Mafia 125: Khan's Game of Mafia] Kublai Khan Mafia Goon Won Lynched D5 Replaced SpyreX D4, then anti-bussed D5 when my town cred had run out. I tried to lynch my buddy based of LaL and got lynched instead, which made him incredibly town looking, so much so that he pulled a near impossible win off. Iamusername becomes the first scumbuddy I have had that went on to win after I had been lynched.

Little Italy

Number Mod Role Result Fate Comments
[Open 207 -Vengeful 5p] ODDin Vengeful Townie Lost Lynched D2 I put a townie at L-1 early on in D1, and scum quickhammered. The scum was vengeful killed, and then we lost in LyLo when the other townie hammered me. Easy quick loss, at least.
[Open 206 -Trendy and Subversive C9] DarkLightA Mafia Goon Won Survived Very unsatisfying win. Town had two liabilities that even farside couldn't overcome. One townie was quick hammered by another townie D1, who then claimed scum at LyLo and was lynched. Power roles didn't even have a chance to claim.
[Mafia in Sienna] Darkstrike 11 Vanilla Townie Lost Lynched D4 Replaced into CA/Budja's slot. Double replacing is fail. Helped lynch the SK and then the Godfather, but I was still lynched D4 for fabricated "buddying" between me and the godfather. Though my first catch up post after I replaced into the game had the whole scum team nailed.
[Open 199] Papa Zito Mason Won Killed N1 Originally a Mason who was killed N1, I replaced back into Yawetag's slot (one of the other masons) on the final day. This ended up winning the game for town because the mafia who I suspected to have killed me was in LyLo with me, and we quicklynched him for the win. If Yawetag had remained he would have hammered incorrectly, and lost it for us. It was a good twist of Fate.
[Mini 934] Col.Cathart Mafia Goon Draw Lynched D2 Damn you PGOs. I reluctantly call this a draw as Col's ruling stands. My team got to MyLo and mislynched a townie so I feel it as a personal victory.
[Mini 944] MrSuave Vanilla Townie Lost Lynched D2/Endgamed Lulznote: Replaced in again after I died. After my second replacement I voted the scum who hammered me, but a townie was at L-1 and I hammered him. It was MyLo but I thought it was OK because we had a CPR doc who could vig, but he vigged the BP scum... bad loss. I should've tried to turn the train around at MyLo in retrospect.
[Mini 994] Elliebereth Godfather Won Survived Epic win against an epic player list of my favorites. A few people blame the Godfather+Weak Cop combination but I wasn't even confirmed until N4 so this could've gone against me real fast.
[Caffwagon Invitiational] Patrick Townsperson Won Survived Replaced in D2, helped quicklynch scum. We quicklynched scum the next day as well. I thought my play was pretty epic because I re-read the thread BACKWARDS from when I replaced in, and only read three pages or so before nailing both scum. Would've loved to have played with Yosarian and Ether hydra.
[Open 276-Friends and Enemies] mothrax Townie Draw Lynched D3 Nailed scum D1, Hoopla continually foiled my wagon on scum and diverted it to others. The next day Hoopla asked me to re-evaluate the game with my top scumread as town, which lead people to think I was scum because of the faulty arguments I used. I then tunneled on Hoopla so hard when she claimed mason I countered her, because I thought she was lying. Whoops.
[Open 279-Rusty Guillotine] hitogoroshi Vanilla Townie Lost Lynched D5 Wow what a game.... I had scum pegged D1, D2, and D3. RC dodged the lynch by chance because crypto hopped off at the worst time, and after that no one suspected RC again. I had VV pegged as scum with ShadowDancer for most of D5, but then GreyICE replaced in and fucked up all the reads and turned me against Baltar. It was all downhill after that.
[Open 300-Mafia on Midol] singersinger Vanilla Townie Won Killed N1 Drew the NK as a vanilla N1 after catching a scumbag D1. Town played follow the cop after that for an easy win.
[Mini 1175] bvoigt Vanilla Townie Won Survived As Final Destination, we got scum lynched D1 after proposing an all town alliance/council. After that our reads dropped off, TwistedSpoon fakeclaimed as a VT, the rest of the town quicklynched our townread when the scumtracker tracked him to the doc (he was a confirmable one-shot vig), after that I put town in hammer quickhammer range in MyLo. Then I stepped back because of how quickly the "tracker" voted in MyLo, and lynched the Goon. After that I trolled pretending to think the think the tracker was town and the last townie was scum, so that the Tracker slipped up in 3p and faked a guilty on the townie and not me. Was a fun game and hopefully a good learning experience for the newer players I was with.

Coney Island

Number Mod Role Result Fate Comments
[The Fountainhead] (Wiki) HowardRoark Watcher Lost Endgamed Failed with my watcher role. Scum recruited a traitor the night that I watched the claimed JOAT, so it made me think the JOAT was gambiting as scum because I knew no one targeted him (he claimed Bulletproof for that night). The last scum nokilled the last day and I watched him instead of RC, which would have role confirmed the JOAT. Lessons have been learned: think more.
[Whedonesque Mafia] TonyMontana Insane Cop Lost Lynched D4 This game! I was an insane cop who investigated a dead guy N1, (knew my sanity was off), and then the godfather N2. However N3 is where I lost it, I had correctly investigated the goon, then switched to a townie at the last minute. This made me think I was paranoid and had the scum team pegged. I was lynched in LyLo, even though Farside was being bussed by her buddy.
[Precision Mafia] RedCoyote Townie Lost Lynched D4 Cobalt played an excellent scum game. He bussed both his teammates early on and lurked until endgame, where I got voted by the remaining townie. We had a good game going until the mason's recruited wrong and had to suicide.
[Weeds Mafia] xRECKONERx Townie Neighbor Won Killed N1 Mason N1 Death counter: 2. Why am I the obvkill choice when I'm a mason? Who knows, I had one scum nailed D1 with another active player, but we didn't end up lynching him. Town ended up winning thanks to Ythan single-handedly winning the game for town.
[Malthusis' Alternate Reality] Malthusis Mason Lost Killed N1 Seriously these N1 Mason deaths are getting ridiculous. ESPECIALLY when I wanted to use my one-shot roleblock on scum. Oh well town WIFOM'd itself when scum claimed a daykill that made no sense.
[Furry Mafia] StrangerCoug Vanilla Townie Won Survived Replaced out D2 or D3, but then I replaced back in for LyLo and hammered scum. A pretty sweet win because the person who replaced me was leaning hammering the townie who had been put at L-1 quickstyle D2.
[Mixology Mafia] OhMyGodLife Town Abadoned Quit D1 Awesome mechanics, good player list, flaked mod. Ah well, can't have it all can we.
[Bastard Mass Effect] TonyMontana Serial Killer Lost Killed N4 Damn bastard modding. I screwed up my fakeclaim because someone's Avatar didn't match their role.
[The Wire Mafia] MacavityLock Wiretapper Won Killed N3 Scum got rolled this game. I got a guilty N1 with my role, we lynched scum who had faked a PR D1, and I put heavy suspicion on the final scum (a Godfather) before he killed me and claimed to have vigged me.
[Square Enix II: Siege of Obscurum] Kise Shadow Lord Won Survived MPR and Bv310 as town? Easy mislynches are easy. Scum with daykill and ability to make the whole town L-1 at LyLo? Town that aren't paying attention and letting scum do all the talking? This game couldn't have been made easier for me. Fun game, not a lot of pride points though.
[Advance Wars: Mafia Rising] AlmasterGM Hachi Lost Lynched D5 Awesome mechanics, good player list. I had the scum team nailed at LyLo like usual, but this time a townie was tunneling on me and another townie for a good few days and it lead to my eventual lynch. At least I only get lynched in LyLo...
[Quick and Dirty] Jahudo Townie Won Survived My scumdar was spot on this game, catching both scum within about 5 pages. Needless to say town won the game in one phase by lynching and shooting the two scum.
[The house of Claudius] mykonian Town Neighbor Won Survived Scum played pretty poorly. One scum fakeclaimed detective at L-4 on D1 which he then later screwed up the next day. Ellie was a one-shot compulsive vig that shot scum N1, and my neighbor and I had the scumteam figured out in our QT N1 as well.
[Troll Mafia] Zorblag Troll Lost Lynched D2 Fuckin bullshit guilties. DGB+Ellie scumteam made for some havoc, plus the traitor being recruited is how I got framed. Meh, two tracker set-up really threw town off.
[Mafia on Holy Orders] Vi Righteous Lost Killed N1 ALWAYS WITH THE GETTING KILLED N1. My reads were off, but I think I would have re-calibrated down the road. Awesome set-up, disappointed I didn't get to play it.
[Spontaneous Bastard Mafia] zwetzschenwasser Mafia Loner Won Survived Fun as hell bastard mod. So many awesome things happened this game. I became unlynchable as the last mafia member (I didn't know who my teammates were) I was recruited by SpyreX into his cult, so I had to make sure SpyreX would win. He was also a jester so I had to hammer him in endgame. Before that happened, two townies exploded themselves on a mislynch I pushed, a townie asked to be dayvigged by the mod, and I killed the mod the day before LyLo and he lost. What an epic win.
[Inception Mafia] TonyMontana Yusuf Lost Lynched D6 I still don't know what was going on this game. Domm got flavor cleared though and claimed vig as scum, and just coasted. Town did stupid things by lynching me the most powerful townie, though I don't count it against my record due to replacing in.
[Random Mafia 2] MafiaSSK Neutral Cop Lost Killed Random bullshit. Was killed after I claimed miller...
[Black & White Comic Book Mafia] CallMeLiam' One-shot Vig Lost Killed N1 Sweet role! GRRRR DYING N1!! I shot scum with it, but he was bulletproof for fuck's sake. I also had all three scum nailed very early into D1, but we ended up lynching a really poorly made claim by town. And then scum killed me and coasted to victory.
[SuperHero Mafia] jasonT1981 Survivor Lost Modkilled Modkilled for being a jerk apparently. I got the scumteam down, but then said scumteam claimed that they were both town so I backed off based on scummier targets. I don't regret my play this game, the town's was much worse and they mislynched a cop who faked an obvious fake guilty the day before.
[Aqua Team Hunger Force] Untrod Tripod Jailkeeper Won Killed N3 What the fuck was this. Not going on my record.
[The Dresden Files] TheButtonMen Bulletproof Bodyguard Won Killed N3 An epic role. I used it as a bulletproof role for the first few nights, by protecting a one-shot BP and scum. After the nokill N1 I knew it was due to me, so I claimed that I had role information that a doctor had protected me. This later sealed Nacho's fate when he fakeclaimed doctor protecting me after SpyreX outed his vanilla claim as a lie. That night I died protecting SpyreX instead of drawing the kill like I had hoped. My reputation of gambiting has become too prevalent.
[The Big Game] mykonian Vanilla Town Lost Endgamed Mafia lightning-rod that coasted all game and buddied me stole the win in LyLo. I mishammered because I tried to out-guess the mod as to why there were no nightkills and figured the last scum was doing a gambit cop claim to get the real cop lynched. Oh well.
[The Prisoner Mafia] Zorblag Mason Lost Killed N1 Killed N1 as a mason, AGAIN. The streak continues... I had claimed miller D1 and everything. Oh well, the town eventually lost to a Serial Killer. I liked my reads the whole game though, I was pretty spot on.
[Wait Your Turn, Tex!] Mr. Flay Even-Night Vigilante Won Killed N2 Satisfied with my play this game, except for in the beginning where my play lead to a needless claiming of my role. I finished up the LyLo quite solidly though, even if I had only nailed the scumteam through PoE of my town read on PokerFace. An all around great performance by every town member.
[Mafia Holographica] Vi Town Hero Lost Killed We lost to the worst scumteam of all time, VV and Furcolow. I blame this lost mostly on Gamma's horrible reads and tunnel-vision, though I made a few reckless mistakes myself. By the time I started to focus on the game I had accidentally killed an obv-town VP and misused some of my role abilities.
[Lost: Season Three] xRECKONERx Sane Cop Won Survived Beautiful beautiful scum sweep. I'm content with my play this game.
[The Might of Mordor] Andrius Mason Lost Endgamed Playing as Fate. An embarrassing performance. I was right D1 about 2/3 the scumteam, but the let set-up speculation and mod outguess cloud my vision, and I lead town on path to destruction. At least I learned a lot.
[Brotherhood of the Wolf Mafia] MagnaofIllusion Vanilla Lost Killed N4 Replaced in, got scum lynched. The next day I had it between two people, and then underestimated LLD's scum play and went for UK due to her believing in the vig as a SK. She then claimed an avatar bet which made me rage into complete tunnel mode, and then scum hammered her and killed me. AGM mishammered in LyLo because he was afraid of being wrong. Oh well.
[The Walking Dead] TonyMontana Serial Killer Won Survived My scumdar was spot on this game, catching both scum within about 5 pages. Needless to say town won the game in one phase by lynching and shooting the two scum, thanks to ME. Course by a twist of Fate I became a Serial Killer after lynching one scum, and then won in endgame.
[Metropolis: Redemption] ReaperCharlie Citizen Won Survived I lead town to victory this game. Got the scum roleblocked lynched D1, and caught the second scum the next day and called for him to be vigged (he wasn't). The final scum lynch I got wrong because GummyBear was power lurking and MoI was being silly and calling me scum.
[AW: MafiaStrikes] AlmasterGM Jugger Won Survived SocioPath+Fate scumteam. Epic play was had, gambits left right up and down. Vigs being shot with their own missles. EVERYTHING was beautiful. A few mod errors made the ending a little sad, but we won in spirit definitely.
[Spare Me Mafia] TonyMontana Townie Lost Killed Damn townie didn't spare me before the deadline, so I was eliminated D1 after having caught 2/3 the scum and read the vig correctly. Town then got lead around by IStranger and Umbrage who was yelling just like me, and no one caught on. They even lynched a MASON for fucks sake.
[Cupcake Mafia] Le Cupcake Town Bomb Won Killed Oh MAN was this an epic game. I single-handedly caught all three scum day one. Lynched one of the, the other was vigged, and the THIRD shot me and blew up. Scum lost in a single phase. Definitely a fun win.
[iPod Mafia] MagnaofIllusion Serial Killer Won Survived Ooooh epic win. Caught scum D1 and her buddy. Then I had to start killing town so I got a townie lynched D3 (D2 cop had a guilty on the buddy I caught). D4 scum faked a track on me but screwed up HORRIBLY with his gambit, I got him lynched over me. THEN post-hammer he outed that he had shot me and that I was bulletproof and SK, this was extremely poor sportsmanship, and as of this game nopointinactingup is on my personal blacklist, shared only with drmyshotty. I still went on to win because my town bulletproof claim did not recieve much scrutiny from the last townie alive, because the OTHER townie in LyLo had played so horribly and like a SK that by day play I was much more town looking.
[Team Mafia: Aggressive Mind Games] The Fonz Mafia Goon Won Survived Team Mafia, the most fun I've had in a long time. Our team WON IT ALL!! The champions of the site, the Screaming Death Clan's style has been vindicated! Sociopath caught two scum Day one in a MOUNTAINOUS game, shattering the paradigm that night actions are needed. SpyreX drew the kill as a known Vanilla who the scum really needed dead, and put himself in a 1v1 with Hoopla who had such a horrible reaction she SHOUD have been outed as scum. RECK the MVP of the entire tournament, caught the scumteam in PyP, and in his own game steamrolling it before another game even started. In my game I power bussed and then coasted to victory with Nachomamma.
[Fire Emblem: Battle for Archanea] diddin Mafia Roleblocker Won Survived HEHAHEHAAHEHA what an epic scum game. I claimed masons with RBT who was my scumbuddy. I had no flavor knowledge of the game and only MY provided fakeclaim to go with, but I came up with the perfect fakeclaim. Then I bussed my third buddy hardcore, extremely reckless play. The weak doctor died N1, and I used it to paint a player as a serial killer. After that the town imploded on itself, and didn't even stop to realize 4 confirmed innocents (there were roles similar to masons as well) was ridiculous. Really proud of my play, I had written it off as a loss when I saw RBT as a scumbuddy and players talking of policy lynching me because I am good at scum.
[The Brave and the Beautiful 2] ReaperCharlie Ongiong ongoing Killed Oh MAN was this an epic game. I single-handedly caught all three scum day one. Lynched one of the, the other was vigged, and the THIRD shot me and blew up. Scum lost in a single phase. Definitely a fun win.
[Mafia in the Scarlet Monastery] inHimshallibe Ongiong Won Killed Oh MAN was this an epic game. I single-handedly caught all three scum day one. Lynched one of the, the other was vigged, and the THIRD shot me and blew up. Scum lost in a single phase. Definitely a fun win.

Theme Park

Number Mod Role Result Fate Comments
[Seemingly Normal Mafia] Jebus Townie Won Lynched D2 Lynched the same day I replaced in. I suppose I didn't act too townie this game, as I was focused on PYPII. Ended in a weird town win.
[PYPII] Spyrex Town Bomb Lost Endgamed Very fun game. I had the scum pegged near the end and almost had the scum vig, but then I switched onto a Town Vanilla and we mislynched and lost the game. A frustrating loss, but a great experience.
[PYPIII] Spyrex Town Vanilla Won Survived Nailed scum D1 through ESP. D2 I was suspicious of but the tracker ending up outing him, and D3 I nailed scum once again. Very satisfied with my play, but I think the setup balancing helped the town out a lot. Tried to draw a night kill by fakeclaiming cop, but I drew a Jailkeep action at least. Got neighborized by scum, AGAIN, and was fooled until that scum got gunsmithed.
[Rapture Mafia] Budja Citizen Lost Endgamed Crazy long game. Had the scum pegged (SpyreX) for the most part, but the rest of the townie's play was so horrible I didn't even care that I was lynching someone who was basically role confirmed. Their play was that bad, seriously.
[Go Play in Traffic!] StrangerCoug Cop Won Ejected D2 Ejected from the game D2 for a joke. After nailing the scum Roleblocker D1. I'm counting this as win, deal with it. Oh town lost after I replaced out because my replacement didn't get a single useful inspection after my I was ejected AND got himself mislynched as one of only two pro-town power roles. This game is worth a read for laughs.
[Wisborg Asylum] Knight of Cydonia Innocent Won Killed N1 Good stuff. Free win thanks to set-up
[Of Gods and Men] Kinetic Miller Reviver Won Survived An extremely long game that I approached interestingly. I didn't read the roles come massclaim time and just sheeped obvtown. Me botching my own town claim came into play later by getting the Cult Leader lynched, a success I attribute to myself and Mina.
[Gears of War Mafia] Shotty to the Body Bulletproof COG Lost Lynched D4 Sweet role! But then Reaper had to go and fuck everything up voting me when there was a secret voter out there and scum was at L-1. He thought the WHOLE scumteam outed themselves on a townie and didn't hammer, voted me, and then I was quickhammered. I had the setup and the scumteam pegged mthe instant I died. Frustrating loss, and I gave up my avatar because I failed to keep my town win promise.
[Cross Edge Bastard Mod] Dramonic Vote Freezer Won Survived Loved my play this game, hated Benmage's. He fakeclaimed a guilty on me D1, forcing me to use my ultimate and turn into a vanilla. My ultimate put me in a 1v1 with someone with only one of us being able to be lynched. I overcame my urge to choose Benmage and had scum targeted instead.
[Square Enix III: Stigmatic Opera] Kise Mason Juggernaut Won Killed N3 Sweet role! But of course Chronopie had to be my damn mason buddy, he scummed it up and outed us both D2. Glork outed the connection between us because of how scummy Chrono was, and then we both died N3. Scum ended up killing eachother to win the game, it was pretty unbalanced considering we lynched scum correctly out of all the days. As usual I nailed scum D1 but the wagon moved off of him due to Glork.
[It's Always Sunny Mafia] xRECKONERx Town Bulletproof Miller Won Survived What an insane role. I fakeclaimed Miller Princess D1, and people bought it. I then drew a nightkilll from scum the final night, and we did a pretty good job. Except for Sociopath making me lynch the obvtown Tracker.
[Reck Mad Mad Mad Mad Mind] Kise Neighborhood Watcher Lost Killed N4 Got to be neighbors with Sociopath, which was awesome. Outed a mason-confirmed scum with our action N1, awesome. Then bastard serial killers won the game. Meh
[Alphabet Mafia] Fate X Lyncher Lost Killed N2 A quadruple lyncher that had no chance of winning. I was made a lover with Parama by Benmage D1, nailed a ton of scum in the two days I was alive, and had gotten one of my lynchees lynched. Then both friggin scum shot me the same night... If I were Bulletproof this would have been cake.
[/invitational 11: Pick Your Poison 5] Kise Vigilante Lost Endgamed I fucked town over real hard. Damn SpyreX, damn not reading the rules, damn outing myself for no reason.
[Magician's Mafia: The Hypnotists] petroleumjelly Watcher Lost Killed N1 Had scum in my sights D1, and almost turned the wagon on them, but gandalf's role claim was so eerily similar to his username I got mindfucked. I was then immediately killed, and then PM's Ellie 3/4 the rest of the scumteam and nailed them.
[The Lord of the Rings Mafia] Plum Imrahil Won Survived Truly epic game. We only had one mislynch due to poor town play, but other than it was gravy. First time hydraing with Reaper, he balanced me out pretty well and knew the flavor. We gambited like crazy, and we also were the only one to completely nail down who Gollum was. Too bad we let him quickhammer and win with town.
[Ocarina of Time Mafia] Reckamonic Twinrova Lost Suicided N1 Let's not talk about this game.
[Spotaneous Bastard Mafia II] zwetschenwasser Vanilla Townie Won Fooled Bastard set-up is Bastard. At least I was the one to break it by claiming Vanilla Townie even though zwet told us not to.
[Stars Aligned III] Percy Ongoing Ongoing Ongong Sweet role!ut I wasn't even confirmed until N4 so this could've gone against me real fast.
[StrangerCoug's Worst Nightmare IIIS: The Dungeon] StrangerCoug Vanilla Townie Won Survived Pretty sweet game with an awesomely accurate daykiller Antihero. I replaced in, tunneled on Parama because he was being terrible, got frustrated with poor town play, then lynched Chronoscum lurker. I was then immediately killed by the last scum, who got daykilled in a blaze of glory.
[Mostly Mountainous] bouncy.bouncy Mole Won Survived Sweet role! I landed the overpowered town role that if I ever died town would lose. I was "scum" and knew who all the scum were, but had to avoid being lynched in thread or having the town get narrowed down by way of mislynch+kills+role-cop. I power bussed all the scum, controlled every lynch (mislynched Llmarble and MPR for lulz and style points), and all around had a great time.
[PYPIV] SpyreX Vanilla Won Survived Was vanilla to roleblocker, and it was confirmed that the roleblocker was scum by D3. So I fakeclaimed Watcher then Tracker in order to get Jack lynched as the only potential roleblocker. It was a fun gambit even though I didn't get to draw the NK because th egame was over too quickly. Oh and I got neighborized by Ellie-scum AGAIN.
[Objection Redux] Faraday Vanilla Townie Lost Killed N2 Nailed 2/3 of the scumteam by page 4. Satisfied with my play this game, unsatisfied with vezok, who's inability use his neighborizer role to confirm himself at all (by not actioning, and by submitting it on people who were obviously going to die) forced AGM into the same situation I had in Rapture. Lose to scum playing well and feel okay or lose to scum playing fucking horrible and never get over it.
[Gorrad's Favorite Fictional Characters Mafia] Gorrad Vanilla Townie Won Killed N4 Loved my play this game. Replaced in, lynched scum. Next day I faked a guilty on scum, AND nailed his partner based off one line "Vig Fate if he's lying about the guilty" which basically decimated that scumteam, and drew the kill that night. Sweet sweet victory.
[DEFCON Mafia 2.0] AlmasterGM Russian Silo Lost Nuked D4 Bah. My first scum loss. For my ego's sake, it was because it was a multi-scum game and the opposing scum faction outed me as they were going down with their nuke. But I'll admit I made a mistake or two in this game, even though I had a good number of people fooled. Oh well.
[Blackest Night Mafia] Danakillsu/ReaperCharlie Gunsmith Lost Killed N2 Unbalanced bullshit. Not counting it due to cult and overall messed up set-up.
[Mafia of the Chosen Ones] Vi Shadow Demon Lost Killed D4 This was painful to watch. My team made blunder after error after screw-up when they should've had the win in the bag. What a frustrating loss that I could do nothing to prevent. I was so close to getting a vig from the Town Gods and winning this game for my team, when I was shot by the SKNacho.
[Multiple Personality Mafia] Parama Multiple Roles Won Survived I really enjoyed this game and the way I played it. Used a different style for each personality, and had a lot of fun catching scum that way.
[Bomb Mafia] RedCoyote Townie Won Lynched D3 Lynched because I jokingly claimed scum. I was quickhammered by town after correctly nailing the last scum AV. DGB and Ben just hammered because they didn't want me in LyLo, aka policy lynch, aka my record is still clean. At least DGB was right in LyLo.
[Resurgence Mafia] Andrius Ongoing Ongoing Ongong Sweet role!ut I wasn't even confirmed until N4 so this could've gone against me real fast.
[Square Enix IV] Kise Tidus Lost Killed N4 Broken set-up is broken? I didn't sign up for No-reveal game with scum having three kills a night. Jeez.
[The Mafia with the Hydras] TheButtonMen Vanilla Townie Lost Lynched D3 In with AGM as Final Destination. We caught scum D1 but townYos defended him, literally all game. We had scum run up D2 as well but no one would hammer him and the game stalled because scum weren't bussing. D3 we finally gave up on that scumread to go for the guy who had defended him all game. It was all downhill from there.
[World of Warcraft Mafia] Reckamonic Blood Elf Fury Warrior Draw Killed N2 What a clusterfuck. Modkills, crazy mechanics, etc. Not much to comment on.
[Square Enix Mafia Gaiden] Kdub Beauty Investigator Won Killed N3 Beautiful performance by town. We lynched scum day after day, the first two days lead by me. I was then strongarmed killed despite drawing no less than seven protective actions on myself those nights. Town went on to win anyway.
[American Gods Mafia] Jahudo Vanilla Townie Lost Killed N2 AND N6 Replaced in D2 caught one scum and nailed a lot of town that were under suspicion. Died right after, and after I was revived was killed AGAIN. I correctly called OGML as town but they STILL lynched him. Then the two confirmed town were left alive at LyLo and they mindfucked themselves with the WIFOM into voting eachother. A very POOR performance by town at the end which lead to our loss, when we had the win in the bag. Very painful.
[CYS: A Monument of Sins] AlmasterGM Assassin Lost Killed D3 Only two scum really fucks with one's scumdar. Plus a bunch of Town on Town fighting, VIs left at LyLo... And town had little chance, as town often does when scum can outkill their lynching speed.
[Mafia MetaMafia] Vi High Priest of DDD Lost Lynched D5 Beautiful flavor. In as Demonic Angel with Katsuki. Katsuki messed up our claim and it put us in a 1v1 with Nobody Special, and we were lynched back to back. Faraday played very well as scum, so it wasn't too hard a loss, especially since I had a good two-three scum caught when I first started posting. People assuming I was power bussing my entire team though (AGM COUGH) was dumb.
[Into Africa] LlamaFluff Ongoing Ongoing Killed Oh MAN was this an epic game. I single-handedly caught all three scum day one. Lynched one of the, the other was vigged, and the THIRD shot me and blew up. Scum lost in a single phase. Definitely a fun win.
[Mafia Invictus] Vi Ongoing Ongoing Killed Oh MAN was this an epic game. I single-handedly caught all three scum day one. Lynched one of the, the other was vigged, and the THIRD shot me and blew up. Scum lost in a single phase. Definitely a fun win.
[Goofbash Invitational] Patrick Ongoing Ongoing Killed Oh MAN was this an epic game. I single-handedly caught all three scum day one. Lynched one of the, the other was vigged, and the THIRD shot me and blew up. Scum lost in a single phase. Definitely a fun win.

BaM Moderator History


Paradise Mafia-town lost a lynch due to a mason flaking. Pretty regrettable, but I thought it was a balance. Good starter game to get on to REAL set-up designing.
Battle of Alcatraz-town win due to unfortunate scum play, and the towniest scum hitting the Reflex-Cop N1. The Serial Killer fared better but made a terrible slip in his fakeclaim and was hammered in LyLo.

Cowboy Bebop Remix-town lost due to a scum roleblocking gambit. A fun game to mod, though my mechanic wasn't use yet again to its fullest potential. A lot of big names in this one.