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Bio & Comments

Took a year long break b/c the site crashed and he forgot the site was .net not .com......

rebelkidrules (2:42:30 PM): we should build a naked statue of armlx in the capitol and make non-armlxyans kiss his penis as a sign of respect

Game Record

Mostly Mute Monk Mafia

Role Status Victory
Prayer Leader NightKilled N5 Town
Role Explanation: If half the players said amen in a day could vig kill or investigate that night

Resident Evil Mafia

Role Status Victory
Claire NightKilled N1 Town
Role Explanation: Couldn't vote until someone claimed Chris, told if Chris claims were true or false

Mini 163 (Abd)

Role Status Victory
Academic Librarian Lynched D1 Town

Time Travel Mafia

Role Status Victory
Townie NightKilled N1 Mafia

Item Mafia

Role Status Victory
Rich Dude Endgame'd Mafia


Town: 34-23-1 Mafia: 7-11 Other: 2-6

Does not include MTGS games, games that were not ended at last update, and Speed and Moses Mafia from when I disappeared.