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BooneyToonz Game

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( ̄`・._.・( ̄`・._.・( ̄`・._.・ BooneyToonz ・._.・´ ̄)・._.・´ ̄)・._.・´ ̄)


"The BooneyToonz series was created to play with unique and interesting roles specifically in the old Normal queue. My goal with all BooneyToonz games was to create unique normal setups with potentially new and unheard of variant roles or an innovative concept without overstepping the boundary of normal game limits or mechanics, however with the change of Normal game guidelines in 2018, this meant the BooneyToonz series would no longer stay true to itself within the Normal queue.

However, the concept of guidelines within a game adds another layer to the game, and my goal is to push that idea to its maximum limits. Don't get the wrong idea; this series is NOT about making a game with a bunch of strong power roles or a role madness game within a more normalized game. There may very well be as little as one power role, or even none at all. I have mimicked and tweaked the old Normal queue guidelines, and added some twists to it to give it a more personalized feel, and allow myself, and potentially other mods who'd like to run a BooneyToonz game, to show our creativity." - Boonskiies


What is a BooneyToonz game?
A BooneyToonz game is a game that plays off the fact that there are specific guidelines in play that the game MUST follow. It allows for newer and unheard of roles to be integrated in a way that experienced and new players can grasp alongside putting the pressure on individual performances rather than revolving around the roles to solve the game for you. This allows for higher level play from both town and scum. Most setups reward strong play, and punish poor play. It just matters on how you want to play it.
The BooneyToonz series is expanding, and it's becoming necessary to have an open forum discussion thread for it, especially now that others on site will also be modding BooneyToonz games, so I'd like to have all the resources for BooneyToonz games in one spot, as well as a place for players in the BooneyToonz community to have their voice heard. I expect BooneyToonz to be forever evolving.


How Do The Setups Work?
Every BooneyToonz game will have the guidelines, post 2 on this thread, posted on the first page of the game thread by the moderator.
Essentially, this is similar to the old Normal queue, but with more of a themed twist.
Every game is allowed 1 Boon Bank role, 1 Variant role for Mini's, and 2 Variant role for Larges. ContraBoon'd roles are blacklisted from being in a BooneyToonz game. All roles from the BooneyToonz RoleBook are fair usage, and for the most part, this will coincide with any of the roles whitelisted for the normal queue.
Setup Key:
BooneyToonz Rolebook: Any Roles.
Boon Bank: 1 role.
Variants: 1 variant for mini, 2 variants for large. These variants can be an additional Boon Bank role.
ContraBoon'd: Never acceptable.
BooneyToonz Checklist
BooneyToonz games adheres to a type of Clarity ruleset where certain knowledge is made available during signups.
Scum day talk? Yes / No / May or May Not
Multitasking Scum? Yes / No / May or May Not
Does flavor have an effect? Yes / No / May or May Not
Unique Mechanic? Yes / No / May or May Not
Multiball? Yes / No / May or May Not


The BooneyToonz ruleset has a mission of creative expression. As a result, some old variants of roles have been repurposed as new roles. They may or may not be whitelisted in a BooneyToonz game - and may be subject to greylist rules, the "Boon Bank" with details available below. These new roles are as follows:

  • Archaeologist: May learn what actions dead players have taken.
Role use: Each night, you will passively target each player who dies that night. You will get a complete list of all actions they took that night and all previous nights, and who was targeted by that action. (This is very strong but can be nerfed several way: limited-shot active ability, allowing them to see only actions taken in the same night, forcing them to target a player who died in a previous night instead of auto-targeting.)
Role use: At night, you may target a player by PM'ing the mod. You will recieve "Vanilla" or "Not Vanilla", depending on if they are Vanilla. If your target is Vanilla, you will also grant them bulletproof for the night.
This role has been added to the RoleBook.
Role use: Each night, you may visit a player and give them a blessing. They will know that you, the Cleric, blessed them, and you will know whether or not the blessing succeeded. If you bless someone not aligned with the Town, that player will be roleblocked, but you will die.
This role has been removed from the Boon Bank, a variant slot is required to use it.
  • Disabler: Passively disables roles targeting them the next night (they will be informed of this).
Role use: Any action targeting you at night cannot be used the next night-- players are informed of this as soon as it occurs (but the Disabler is never informed). Can affect the factional kill. (Optional: make this a targeted active ability instead)
Role use: Every night, you may target a player. You will force that player to commute, meaning any actions performed by or targeting your target will fail. If your target is not aligned with town, you will also commute during the night. You will not be informed of this. If you were to be roleblocked, your action will not go through.
  • Exploder: May kill someone during the day though they will die as well.
Role use: Anytime during the day, you may activate your ability. You will die, but you will be able to kill someone else with you immediately.
  • Hunter: A third party who must have the Hunted killed before a specific day.
Role use: These roles will take the spot of the Boon Bank. Hunter has to have the Hunted killed before a specific day. These are innately Third Party, and can be combined with other roles. If they have something not in the Role Book, they will be considered Variants
Must be used with Hunted. Hunter/Hunted occupies one Boon Bank slot.
  • Hunted: A third party who must survive until a specific day.
Role use: These roles will take the spot of the Boon Bank. Hunter has to have the Hunted killed before a specific day. These are innately Third Party, and can be combined with other roles. If they have something not in the Role Book, they will be considered Variants
Must be used with Hunter. Hunter/Hunted occupies one Boon Bank slot.
Role use: Each night, you may give a modifier (out of a given list) out to a player. This can be a permanent modifier or apply to only the next action.
  • Stickyfruit Vendor: operates as a mix of Fruit Vendor, Modified version of an Alienizer and Alien.
At night, you will give your target a "Sticky Fruit". They will be informed that they have received a Sticky Fruit, but not who they received it from, nor what it does. They will only be informed that they may pass it along the following night. Any player given a Sticky Fruit will be immune to all actions, EXCEPT for killing actions, the night they receive the fruit.
  • Superstar: A "role IC", may confirm their role but not alignment publicly.
Role use: May confirm Role publicly, but not alignment. (like an Innocent Child but for role)
  • Symbiotic: behaves in ways which could be described as a Night 1 Bodyguard Conditionally Modified Doctor but words may fail to properly explain this role.
During the first night of the game, you must target someone by PM'ing the mod. This action cannot be prevented by any means. If this person is ever successfully targeted for a night kill, you will be killed in their place. If you and your target are not of the same alignment, all investigative actions that are targeted towards you or your target will fail. In other words, you and your target will be ascetic for investigative roles only. You will not be informed of this.
Role use: Each night, you may target a player each night to make them immune to one roleblock.
This role has been added to the RoleBook.


The rolebook dictates what is currently permitted in a BooneyToonz game, what is restricted and what is disallowed.

These roles are free game. Any of these roles are acceptable within the BooneyToonz games. This mostly coincides with the Normal Queue.

Town Only:
Vanilla Townie, Friendly Neighbor, Innocent Child, Juvenile Delinquent, Mason, Miller, Named Townie, Super Saint, Vigilante, Vengeful
Mafia Only:
Mafia Goon, Traitor, Named Scummie
Any Alignment:
Babysitter, Bodyguard, Bunyip, Commuter, Cop, Detective, Doctor, Follower, Fruit Vendor, Gunsmith, Hider, Inventor, Jack of All Trades, Jailkeeper, Lover, Messenger, Motion Detector, Neapolitan, Neighbor, Neighborizer, Psychologist, PT Cop, Roleblocker, Rolecop, Rolestopper, Tracker, Traffic Analyst, Universal Backup, Vanilla Cop, Visitor, Voyeur, Watcher, Willbooster
Third Party:
Serial Killer
Activated, Announcing, Ascetic, Backup, Bulletproof, Complex, Combined, Desperate, Enabler, Informed, Macho, Neighbor, Non-Consecutive Night, Weak, X-Shot, Ninja, Compulsive, Loyal, Disloyal, Loud, Recharged, Reflexive, Simple, Split, Strongman, Night Specific (Any form, Even/Odd/Novice included)

Boon Bank

These roles are roles that have been seen before, but lack free reign. One of these roles is acceptable, if more are used, they will take the spot of a variant role.

Symbiotic, Enchantress, StickyFruit Vendor, Renegade, Archaeologist, Disabler, Exploder, Hunter/Hunted (must be used together, uses one Boon Bank slot), Superstar.


❚█══█❚ These are roles that are never allowed, not even as a variant role. ❚█══█❚

Non-Sane Cop, Blank Vig, Non-Sane or Quack Doctor, Cultist, Jester, Mafia Mason, Vanillaizer, Beloved Princess, Governor, Godfather, Percentage, Paranoid Gun Owner

Game history

BooneyToonz I - The Creepy Caravansar - (Mafia Win)
BooneyToonz II - Looney Tunes - (Mafia Win)
BooneyToonz III - Calling All Cryptids - (Pink Mafia Win)
BooneyToonz IV - Five Weeks in a Boon - (Town Win)
BooneyToonz V - The Boon 'N Bed Express - (Werewolf Win)
BooneyToonz VI - Journey to Boon Island! - (Mafia Win)
BooneyToonz VII - Join the Boonguard! - (Town Win)
BooneyToonz VIII - That One Time...At Boon Camp - (Town Win)

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