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Dreaming God

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Dreaming God
Alias: none
Role type:
  • Support
  • Night

The Dreaming God is a role that possesses a list of many flavor names for one-shot abilities. Pregame and during each Night, it must compulsively choose one ability to use. The Dreaming God is not told what any ability does, although the flavor name of each ability may provide some kind of hint in this regard.

The Dreaming God's one-shot abilities do not necessarily target players. The intent of the role is that each ability causes a global passive effect on the entire game - for instance, allowing all players to speak to each other privately for the duration of the game, or drastically shortening the deadline. The Dreaming God's abilities are generally spread in effect between positive, neutral, or negative effects.

Dreaming God has no inherent alignment. Its name comes from its original flavor in Mind Screw Mafia, where it was the role name of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Dreaming God won the Best New Role Scummy in 2008.


Traditionally, the Dreaming God has a list of ten abilities to choose from. This is not set in stone.

Use and Power

Dreaming God's power is entirely dependent on which abilities it chooses. Since it is not necessarily obvious what each ability does, this makes its performance somewhat random. Thus, it adds swing and unpredictability to the setup. Care should be taken that the effects of the Dreaming God's actions do not result in a role becoming overpowered to the point of breaking the setup.