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Innocent Child

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Innocent Child
Alias: none
Role type:
  • Informative
  • Passive
  • Day or Night

An Innocent Child is a player who can be mod-confirmed as Town-aligned.

Obviously, Innocent Child is always Town.


The traditional Innocent Child is mod-confirmed as Town-aligned from the start of the game, although this has begun to fall out of favour as it can be a bit boring for a player in this situation.

A more common variant of the Innocent Child is not confirmed as Town-aligned until they send the moderator a PM telling them to do so. Thus, they can stay "undercover" until they need their innocence to be proven. This variant can be seen as an Activated Innocent Child, although note that most moderators will allow it to be activated during a Day phase (something which is normally omitted from Activated roles as it makes no sense with most), something that's required for this variant of the role to be Normal.

It is also feasible to have an Innocent Child that is automatically revealed by the moderator at a certain point in the game (e.g. "If you are alive on Day 5, the moderator will publicly confirm your alignment.") This can be seen as a Night-Specific variant of Innocent Child.

Normal Guidelines

Innocent Child is considered Normal on Usually, the confirm-upon-request version is used, although the other variations are acceptable.

Use and Power

The first version of Innocent Child is a confirmed innocent player. This is a reasonably strong informative result even if it does leave the player open to baiting the Night 1 scum kill (and/or the Night 1 Doctor protection).

The second version of Innocent Child is somewhat comparable to the first version and Lynchproof. It opens the door for the player to gamble on when it should reveal its innocence, but if it lives to lategame it can topple an ailing scum team. It's certainly the stronger variant, at any rate.

The third version of Innocent Child is somewhere in between, as it is compulsive but does not work immediately. It is slightly stronger than the first version.