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Announcing is a role modifier that makes it such that players targeted with an active action are informed of the action performed on them. For instance, if an announcing doctor targeted player X, player X would receive a message saying "You were targeted by a doctor ability during the night".

Normal Guidelines

Announcing is an acceptable modifier under Normal guidelines on, when used on an active role belonging to a player of any Town or Mafia/Werewolf alignment, or when used on a vanilla Goon. An Announcing role targeting a player should not inform the target of the player's entire role, only the ability that was used. In other words, the message received is not "you were targeted by an announcing X" or any other modifier, merely "you were targeted by an X".

If an Announcing Goon made a kill and their target survived, the target would be told "You were targeted by the mafia kill during the night".

Use and Power

Announcing can be a benefit or a drawback, depending on what role it modifies. An Announcing Cop can give investigated Townies comfort in the knowledge that there is an innocent result on them, and can give investigated Mafia time to prepare for their eventual elimination.

Targeting Mafia with an Announcing role can be a disadvantage, as it informs the scumteam that the role exists, and can allow them to hunt for the owner of the role.

Announcing is a direct complement to the modifier Loud, which informs a player of the player that targeted them, but not what role.