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  • Mason Recruiter
Alignment: any
Role type:
  • Communicative
  • Night

A Neighborizer is a player who can target other players at Night to recruit them into a Neighborhood. They may begin speaking to each other at the end of the Night, or at the beginning of the next Night - it depends on whether the moderator allows the Neighbors to speak during the Day.

Neighborizers are most often pro-Town. They usually do not have any Neighbors at the beginning of the game.


A Mason Recruiter or Masonizer is a similar role for Masons. However, if a Masonizer targets someone who is not Town-aligned, the action will fail. Commonly, the Masonizer will also die in the process. This is a particularly powerful role when used.

Normal Guidelines

A Neighborizer without any Neighbors at the start of the game is considered Normal on Any players added to a Neighborhood are added at the start of the next day, regardless of whether the Neighborizer lives or not, and their Role Name is not changed.

Use and Power

A Neighborizer is a power role that allows a player to directly choose with whom they wish to be Neighbors. Based on the power of Neighbors, Neighborizer is thus a role that has low power on its own but can become very strong if the Neighborizer is adept at determining its Neighbors' alignments. Because the Neighborizer can choose its Neighbors, it is somewhat stronger than a set of Neighbors arbitrarily chosen at the beginning of the game.