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Alias: none
Role type:
  • Misleading
  • Killing
  • Night
Not to be confused with getting ninja'ed.

A Ninja is a role or role modifier such that the Ninja will never be seen as targeting anyone by a Tracker, Watcher, or other investigative role along these lines. It has been likened to the Tracker/Watcher equivalent to Godfather.

Although nothing technically prevents Ninjas from being town-aligned, and the modifier could even be useful for a Cop or similar role to prevent the Mafia discovering that they were investigated, the modifier is generally only seen in the hands of anti-town players, for whom it is a lot more powerful.

Normal Guidelines

A Mafia or Serial Killer aligned Ninja is considered Normal on A Ninja cannot be seen performing a kill by Tracker, Watcher, Voyeur, Follower, or Motion Detector.

Use and Power

There will almost never be any ill effects to sending a Ninja to perform the Mafia's kill, so as long as the Ninja is alive, Trackers and Watchers will simply never see the Mafia kill. This tremendously decreases the effectiveness of both roles, as they can no longer directly catch scum.

The existence of a Ninja generally implies the existence of a Tracker or Watcher. Arguably, in the current meta the existence of a Watcher implies the existence of a Ninja.