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  • Courier
  • Whisperer
  • Messenger
Alignment: any
Role type:
  • Informative
  • Night

A Mailman (or Courier or Messenger) is a role that can send a message to another player at Night. This is done by sending the message and its intended recipient to the moderator, who will then send the message to the specified player. To contrast, this is NOT done by directly sending the message to whoever the player likes, as this is very easy to confuse with cheating.

The sender of the message is usually anonymous to the recipient.

A Modposter is a variant of this that can send posts to the moderator, who will publicly post them for all to see. Compare Reporter.

This role can be of any alignment.


In order to make this role a bit more useful, Couriers are sometimes also been given investigative roles such as Tracker or Watcher so that the Courier may be able to convey some form of privileged information in its messages. If this is done, the Courier will be able to send its message in addition to using its investigative role.

Use and Power

If the communication aspect is utilized to its fullest, this role can be conditionally considered a fair bit weaker than Neighborizer. Since the power of Neighborizer itself is dependent on the player's skill, Courier's value is even more dependent on the player's skill or the value of the information the player has at its disposal.


On the topic of its origin, Mr. Flay has stated:

"Mailman goes back to 2003, and AniX claims to have invented it. Dranko used it in 2005 in a Large Normal as if it were a "standard role, standard rules", but never explained what it did. Skruffs used it as flavor for an Insane Cop in 2005, but that seems to be an outlier. AniX's 2003 quote seems persuasive to me, and gslamm's usage."