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Alias: none
Role type:
  • Protective
  • Informative
  • Night

The Hider has the ability to target one player each night. It is a Weak role and as such will die if it targets mafia. In case the hider targets a town-alligned player, he or she will be untargetable for all other roles. However, that does not mean the hider is entirely safe: should the person he or she is hiding behind get shot, the hider will be shot as well. This only goes for a nightkill.


A variation of the hider applies the targetting when hidden not only on nightkills, but also with other night actions. With this variation, for example, a cop targetting the player the hider is hiding behind will get two results, for his target, and the hider.

Use and Power

The hider is similar in many ways to other Weak roles. However, care must be taken when claiming, as giving away targets in advance might make it all too easy for the mafia to get two deaths with one shot.

Play Advice

As Hider, claim Weak Cop (or just Cop). This will entice the scum to make a failed kill on you.