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Alias: none
Role type:
  • Informative
  • Night
  • Vanilla Cop
Role type:
  • Informative
  • Night
A Neapolitan is an informative role that can check one player per night to see whether or not they are a Vanilla Townie.

While Neapolitans have utility for both Town and Mafia, they are more commonly assigned to Town.

The Neapolitan was created by Ether as a buff to the Vanilla Cop for Normal Games.

Normal Guidelines

Neapolitan is considered Normal on Only Vanilla Townies return a "Vanilla" result, while all other roles return "not Vanilla".

Use & Balance


The Town Neapolitan is designed around the ability to confirm townies rather than get guilty results on mafia. As no normal mafia roles are immune to its power, any vanilla results are indisputable.

The Neapolitan is weaker than a Cop (which can get guilties) and stronger than the original Vanilla Cop (which can't confirm alignments). Its power is comparable to a slightly weaker Gunsmith, in that it has the potential to get many more false guilties, getting the same result on all Power Roles as it does on Mafia.

The Neapolitan becomes significantly weaker for town the fewer Vanilla Townies are present. In a setup in which at least half of all other players are VTs, an averagely played Neapolitan can be expected to confirm around 2 players as town.


As an anti-town role, the Neapolitan is equivalent to Vanilla Cop and slightly weaker than a Role Cop, in that its primary purpose is to determine which players are Power Roles and worth killing.

Play Advice

Unlike a Cop, who can viably hunt for Mafia to investigate, your primary job is to confirm players as town.

During the Night

  • Avoid players who have dropped Power Role tells or have otherwise softclaimed Power Role.
  • It might be most helpful to check players that are likely town but not obviously so. Obvious town players are likely to be nightkilled, which may waste your investigation, and scummy players are likely to be lynch candidates, which may force you to claim.

During the Day

  • Avoid prematurely claiming without useful results, especially on Day 1.
  • Upon getting "Vanilla" results, it will be important to breadcrumb or otherwise townread that target, so players can use your results if you get killed at night.
  • Upon getting "not Vanilla" results, it's important not to claim this result if there is a high chance of outing a Town Power Role. Breadcrumb the result and keep it in mind for massclaim. If you can get a mafia member to claim Vanilla Townie while you have a "not Vanilla" result, you have your guilty.
  • It may be useful to implement Kokusho's Gambit upon getting a "not Vanilla" result on a scummy player.

Sample Role PM

Town Neapolitan

Welcome, [Player]! You are a Town Neapolitan.


  • Neapolitan: Each night phase, you may target one player in the game to investigate them. You will receive a result of "Vanilla Townie", "Not Vanilla Townie", or "No Result".

Win Conditions:

  • You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive.

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