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Alignment: any
Role type:
  • Informative
  • Night

A Neapolitan is a name for a variation of Vanilla Cop. It is an investigative role that checks whether its target is a Vanilla Townie or not.

Normal Guidelines

Neapolitan is considered Normal on Only Vanilla Townies return a "Vanilla" result, while all other roles return "not Vanilla".

Use and Power

A Neapolitan is significantly stronger than a Vanilla Cop. It's more comparable to a Gunsmith, although it can only clear vanilla townies. There aren't currently any normal mafia roles that are immune to its power, so it's safe to assume that that any Vanilla results a Neapolitan gets are confirmed town. However, it can be risky for a Neapolitan to claim its results: the mafia can make good use of that information, too.