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Delayed is a role modifier that causes an investigative role to receive a result, or for its action to resolve, on a Night after it is used.

This modifier is usually applied to Cop or similar investigative roles that receive a result, but can be used on other roles to delay the action itself instead of just the result, such as a Delayed Doctor submitting a target the first Night but only being able to save them the next Night.

For example, for the most common variant of a Delayed Cop, submitting an investigation on Night 1 would return a result on Night 2. Trackers, Watchers, and similar roles would see the action having been performed on Night 1 should they choose a relevant target. Whether a Delayed role can submit an action on the Night a prior action is scheduled to resolve is usually up to the moderator.

At least one special case of this role has its own name: a Delayed Vigilante is called a Poisoner.

This modifier is considered explicitly Non-Normal on