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Desperado (Role)

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Desperado (Role)
Alias: none
Role type:
  • Killing
  • Day

A Desperado is a role that targets a player during the day in-thread to perform the following action on. If the target is scum (mafia), then their target is killed. If not, they die in a valiant "desperado" attempt.


On occasion, third parties may also be killed by the desperado.

Some moderators will only allow a desperado to shoot once, rather than as many times as they would like until they get it wrong.

Sometimes a successful desperado-kill will grant the user elimination and nightkill protection for that day and following night.


Due to the volatility of this role, as desperado it is typically best to wait until either you are very sure that your target is mafia, or that you are very sure that you are about to be eliminated, since either will result in your own death if wrong.