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Alias: none
Role type:
  • Linked
  • Support
  • Passive
  • Negative Utility
  • None

An Enabler has no active abilities, but are told what kind of power role they enable. If they die, that type of ability may no longer be used.

This effect applies to all players with the enabled ability. A Doctor Enabler's death will cause every Doctor in the game to become useless.

Enablers are usually, but not always, Town.


For simplicity's sake, this role generally does NOT show up in games where players can have multiple abilities. In the event that it does, all abilities of the enabled type will become unusable once the Enabler dies. In this version of the example, a Doctor Enabler's death will prevent a JOAT from being able to use a Doctor-like ability.

Like Backup, Enablers can sometimes exist without any of that role actually being present in the game.

Normal Guidelines

This role modifier is considered Normal on, both with and without its primary role present. Enablers should be used for specific roles, not types of roles (e.g., Doctor instead of protective) and must be self-aware.

Use and Power

While Towns are punished for Enablers' deaths (making them somewhat of a Negative Utility role), they do generally indicate that at least one of the enabled role is in the game.

Some more creative uses have included Town Enablers for Mafia power roles and Mafia Enablers for Town power roles. Both of these (the latter to a greater extent) reduce the positive feedback Mafia naturally generates for a faction that starts to win by taking away their power roles.