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Alias: none
Alignment: any
Role type:
  • Investigative
  • Night

The Follower is an informative role that can target a player at Night and learn what form of action they took that Night (investigation, protection, killing, etc), but not who they targeted.

Follower can be of either alignment.


Some moderators will tell Followers whose targets did not visit anyone "No Result", which is indistinguishable from the result they would have gotten if the Follower were Roleblocked.

The Follower has very few variants; however, there are many related Roles:

  • The Tracker learns who a player targeted, but not what action that player performed.
  • The Follower learns what action a player performed, but not who that player targeted.
  • The Watcher learns who targeted a player, but not what actions were performed on them.
  • The Voyeur learns what actions were performed on a player, but not who targeted them.
  • The Motion Detector learns if any actions were performed by or on a player, but not what they were, or who else was involved.
  • The Beholder will see whatever their target saw, and get a report in the morning.

Normal Guidelines

A Follower is considered Normal on, as long as it gives the results according to Natural Action Resolution/Normal Game. If a Follower is somehow blocked from their action (by Roleblocker, Jailkeeper, Rolestopper, Ascetic, or Commuter), they should receive a "No Result" pm, rather than a "did not see anything" pm. A Follower would not see a Ninja committing a kill, however, and would receive a "did not see anything" pm in that case.

Use and Balance

A Follower is a weaker investigative role than a Rolecop. A Follower who targets a Doctor will learn that the Doctor protected someone, but will not learn anything from targeting a passive role such as a Bulletproof or a role that chooses to do nothing on a particular Night such as Vigilante.

On occasion, a Role will have more than one action available to them, such as a Jack of All Trades. A Follower can then determine which power was used on the Night the Follower targeted them.

In the end, Follower is only useful for confirming whether someone used a certain action on a given Night.