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  • [role]-Finder
Alignment: any
Role type:
  • Investigative
  • Night

A [role]-Finder, or Finder, is a investigative role that learns whether someone is a specific power role or not. For example, a Cop-Finder has results of "Cop" and "Not Cop". Modifiers and other parts of roles are not considered, so a Cop-Finder will get results of "Cop" on a Cop, a Macho Cop, or a Fruit Vendor Cop.

Normal Guidelines

A [role]-Finder needs the name of a Normal power role put in where [role] is. For example, Cop-Finder, Fruit Vendor-Finder, and Mason-Finder are possible iterations of the [role]-Finder role.

A [role]-Finder will get a positive result if their target is the role they are finding, including modified roles and multiroles.


A modifier can be put in where [role] is, allowing something like a Loyal-Finder to check if someone has the Loyal modifier or not or a 1-shot-Finder to check if someone is a 1-shot role or not.