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Fruit Vendor

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Fruit Vendor
  • False Positive
  • Fruit Vendor
Alignment: any
Role type:
  • Support
  • Night

A Fruit Vendor is a role that may hand out fruit to a player at night. The player they choose is informed that they received a piece of fruit.

Normal Guidelines

Fruit Vendor is a valid Normal role for any alignment. In a Normal Game, a Fruit vendor will hand out a piece of fruit to a player at night. The player that they target is informed that they received a piece of fruit.


Essentially, any role that gives a useless item, opposed to an Inventor is functionally a Fruit Vendor. Like an Inventor, some variants of the Fruit Vendor may have a selection of items they may give their target.

Use & Power

A Fruit Vendor is an evolution of the Visitor role: it does nothing, but by existing, it has power as a Named Townie. Both the Follower and a Fruit Vendor are a step up: they can each be confirmed to be doing something by roles that can see actions happen, or in the case of the Fruit Vendor, their target may be able to corroborate their action as well.

Fruit Vendor is an often modified role due to its peculiar game influence. A Loud Fruit Vendor will not only give fruit to their target, but let them know that they were one of the players to target them that night.

As a notably low-power role, a Fruit Vendor may find a welcome spot in most setups. In Theme games, it may be combined with other roles that don't fully realize themselves on the night they perform their action, such as an Inventor or Poisoner.

Play Advice

As Town

It's crucial to hand out fruit to players you believe are a part of the Town so as to not further the ability of scum to speculate the existence of greater power roles through Process of Elimination.

As Scum

Fruit Vending, in some some setups, or in a Normal Game can be considered proof that you did not perform the factional nightkill. If for whatever reason you choose not to kill somebody you believe to be a Watcher or Tracker, opt to give them fruit that night instead.

When in doubt, sow as much chaos and doubt in the town you as possibly can. A Fruit Vendor is in a unique position to confirm that they have an ability with the town, and can instead opt to kill opposed to dispense fruit that night, claiming that they as well targeted the dead player. There's no great rebuttal to tactic like this, as it can be considered WIFOM.

Sample Role PM

Town Fruit Vendor

Welcome, [Player]! You are a Town Fruit Vendor.


  • Fruit Vend: Each night phase, you may target a player in the game to attempt to give them a piece of fruit. The fruit does nothing.

Win Conditions:

  • You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive.

See Also

Similar Roles

A Named Townie is a role that serves no purpose beyond having a unique name.

A Visitor is a role that can be seen as visiting a target at night.

An Inventor is a role that can give another player an item at night.