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  • Asceticiser
Alignment: any
Role type:
  • Protective
  • Manipulative
  • Night

A Rolestopper is a role that can target a player to stop all other Night actions from affecting them in any way. This is something like the inverse of a Roleblocker. A Rolestopper effectively turns their target into an Ascetic Bulletproof for that night.

Rolestoppers can be of any alignment.


Some Rolestoppers are unable to block kills.

Normal Guidelines

Rolestoppers are considered Normal on A Rolestopper cannot block a Strongman from committing a kill, but blocks all other roles from targeting the same person as them. An investigative role targeting the same player as a Rolestopper should be given a "No Result" pm.

Use and Power

Assuming the rolestopper can block kills, it's a stronger protective role than the doctor. Its targets can't be cleared by investigative roles on the same night--but they also can't be roleblocked. In mafia hands, rolestoppers can protect their teammates from investigative roles (and vigs) from the start of the game without any need to identify them first. Rolestoppers are much more defensive than roleblockers, and can't shut down any specific power role even if they know who has it.

The version that cannot block kills is stronger for scum – you can rolestop the kill target to prevent Doctors interfering with kills – but so much weaker for Town that it's almost Negative Utility.