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"You know how I roll. 'Pretty f***ing good' is just par for the course." - ReaperCharlie


Hello there! :) My friends call me RC... and you can too! I like nyaning, long walks on the beach, and assassinating people in Halo Reach.

Always building shit

      I am an experienced scummer who played Mafia in real life for quite a few years before discovering the joy that is forum mafia. I was originally introduced to forum mafia at Spark Mafia, a sub-community of Spark Headquarters. When that community died, I moved to looking for a more stable community. When I arrived, I wasn't aware of the large number of deviations from the vanilla mafia game type that exist; as such, I was fascinated by exploring the new mechanics and roles being used here. Almost immediately, I began playing in Large Theme games, and enjoyed myself immensely watching relatively complicated things unfold during night action resolution. I was also mostly unaware of different arguing styles and logical fallacies, and mafiascum's players more well-versed players made sure to bring me up to speed. Now that I've been here a few years, I've found that WIFOM is one of the most beautiful things ever created.

About my play

      When playing mafia, I tend to be reasonable, but overly suspicious of everyone and everything. I can be certainly be obstinate at times, up to and including being a douchebag to you when you're making no sense. I am not very easy to manipulate, but if you can trick me somehow into manipulating myself, you'll have the game in the bag. I'll leave it to you to figure out what that means. I enjoy moderating games, especially ones with a lot of theme flavor and heavily altered mechanics. I have a few games in the works which I think are revolutionary, and they have been in progress for quite some time. I am not quite ready to release details about any of them yet, but I am working with multiple people on multiple games, and they will all be very fun and different from any mafia games you have played on this site before. I like to think that being a part of mafiascum has helped to unleash more of my creativity.

Bad at Mafia

      I am part of a group called Bad at Mafia who strive to represent a mature, respectful, and enjoyable way to play mafia. We use a specific ruleset which has evolved differently than the standard meta for rulesets on the rest of Though some people dislike our ruleset because it is strict, there are undeniable advantages to using it, specifically in the area of player activity. I have been a member of this group since the beginning of last year, and I don't plan on leaving any time soon. Funny enough, even after being in the group for more than a year, I have yet to run any games with the basic BaM Ruleset. I prefer to use my own custom BaM-based rulesets, which I design specially for each game I moderate. They classically have a lot in common with the basic BaM ruleset, but are tailored to fit each game a little more fittingly. The same un-tailored suit can't be all things to all men, but it certainly brings you a good number of steps in the right direction of looking better.

Unicorn Brethren

      I started a casual gaming group called the Unicorn Brethren late last year. We don't play too seriously, mostly for fun. That is not to say we're not good, but we aren't obsessively so. We didn't used to have regular practices, but since the pickup of a couple of Kiwi Aussies, along with the loss of many of the founding Unicorns to inactivity or obsession with other games (mostly games ending in -craft, haha), we now try to practice every Saturday. During the week, we try to make good use of what we've learned in team cohesion over the weekend by fraggin some newbie ass on Halo Wednesdays. Whoever isn't busy with something else for the week can log on and kick some dudez to the curb with us whether they're Unicorns or not! The only thing required for entry to the group is playing Halo, throwing on that emblem, and then just being awesome! Disclaimer: We tried at first to use rainbows and happiness to destroy our enemies, but that didn't work so well, so we resorted to projectile weapons and grenades. If you play Halo Reach and want to join the Unicorns, then here's your golden ticket to come play with us.

Awards & Recognition

      During the long-awaited 2010 Scummies awards, I was honored to receive nominations for Most Outstanding New Player, Most Cunning Manipulation, Funniest Player, Best Performance Scum Group, Best Setup, and Best Flavor Text (the last two for my game Mini 1000: The Brave and the Beautiful). Ultimately I did not win any of these awards, but just to be nominated was pleasant enough. Being nominated for any kind of mafia-playing award motivates me to become a better player, and I can definitely say that the moderating awards I was nominated for have helped me want to become a better moderator in the future as well.

Mafia Record

As a Player

  Game Name W/L Forum Moderator(s) Role Alignment Death Outcome
1  Spark In-Forum Mafia Game Win Spark Mafia Godzilla Vanilla Townie Town  Killed on Night 5  Town Win on Day 6
2  Spark Mafia 3: Werewolves Loss Spark Mafia chaos952 Vanilla Townie Town  Endgamed  Scum Win on Day 5
3  Spark Mafia 5: Paranoia Loss Spark Mafia Nation Vanilla Townie Town  Killed on Night 2  Scum Win on Day 5
4  Star Wars Mafia (R) Loss Theme Park Kdub Jabba the Hutt Scum  Killed on Night 3  Rival Scum Win on Day 10
5  Newbie 941 (R) Loss Road to Rome Sarag Vanilla Townie Town  Mislynched Day 1  Scum Win on Day 3
6  Left 4 Dead Mafia (R) Loss Theme Park The AI Director The Smoker Scum  Lynched on Day 4  Rival Scum Win on Day 6
7  Rapture Mafia (R) Loss Theme Park Budja Vanilla Townie Town  Killed on Night 1  Scum Win on Day 9
8  Werewolf: Wisborg Asylum Win Theme Park Knight of Cydonia The Oracle Town  Survived & Won  Town Win on Day 7
9  Mini 969: Stardust Mafia Win Coney Island ooba Yvaine Thorne Scum  Survived & Won  Scum Win on Day 3
10  Rainbow Robot Unicorn Attack! (R) Win Coney Island Percy Dark Horse Scum  Lynched on Day 2  Scum Win on Day 5
11  Mini 974: Thrillville Mafia (R) Draw Coney Island animorpherv1 Vanilla Townie Town  Killed on Night 1  Drawn Game on Day 8
12  Harry Potter Mafia Win Theme Park SensFan, hasdgfas Lord Voldemort Scum  Survived & Won  Scum Win on Day 5
13  Mini 979: Siege of Obscurum Win Coney Island Kise Darklord Craydall Scum  Survived & Won  Scum Win on Day 3
14  Mini 981: Descent into Chaos Loss Coney Island SaintKerrigan Hyperion Maci Town  Killed on Night 2  Scum Win on Day 6
15  Gears of War Mafia Loss Theme Park Shotty, hasdgfas Ben Carmine Town  Endgamed  Serial Killer Win on Day 6
16  POWERFUL WIZARD MAFIA Loss Coney Island SpyreX Enchanter Town  Killed on Night 6  Scum Win on Day 7
17  Mini 997: DotA vs HoN: The Rift Loss Coney Island MrSuave Centaur Warchief Town  Injured D4; Died D5  Scum/Lyncher Win Day 7
18  Mad World: Time Travel Mafia Loss Theme Park ooba Leonardo da Vinci Town  Dayvig'd on Day 4  Scum Win on Day 5
19  Supernatural Mafia Loss Theme Park farside22 Lucifer Cult  Lynched on Day 3  Scum Win on Day 9
20  Succession Mafia Win Theme Park Mr. Flay Raul, Enforcer Cult  Survived & Won  Cult Win on Night 6
21  The Lord of the Rings Mafia (H) Win Theme Park Bilbo Baggins Imrahil Town  Survived & Won  Town Win on Day 5
22  Mini 1072: The Battle of Alcatraz Loss Coney Island Fate Crimson Angel Cult  Lynched on Day 2  Town Win on Day 5
23  Stars Aligned III Win Theme Park Percy Investigator Town  Rendered Soulless  Town Win on Day 10
24  Open 298: Follow the Cop...or Not Win Central Park CryMeARiver Drunkard Town  Killed on Night 1  Town Win on Day 4
25  Chuck Season 1 Mafia   Coney Island mothrax "Big" Mike Tucker Town  Killed on Night 1  (In Progress – Day 3)
26  Charlie the Unicorn Mafia   Coney Island Haylen          (In Progress – Day 2)
27  The Fall of the Matrix (R) (H)   Theme Park Mastermind of Sin Human Town   Mislynched Day 2  (In Progress – Night 2)
28  Dynasty Warriors Mafia (H) Loss Theme Park SpyreX Zhang Liao Town   Endgamed  Scum Win on Night 3
(R) - indicates replacement into game. Currently (+7) in karma.
(H) - indicates increased amount of hydralisk involvement in marked games.

As a Moderator

Completed Games

  Game Name Info Forum Moderator(s) Co-Mods / Backups Players Posts Length Outcome
1  Spark Mafia 2: Sparkville N/A Spark Mafia ReaperCharlie 24 780 18 days  Town Win on Day 11
2  Spark Mafia 4: Metropolis Wiki Spark Mafia ReaperCharlie 18 364 17 days  Town Win on Day 6
3  The Brave and the Beautiful RCtrophy silver2.png RCtrophy silver2.png Wiki Coney Island ReaperCharlie SaintKerrigan 12 1560 64 days  Town Win on Day 5
4  Blackest Night Mafia Wiki Theme Park danakillsu ReaperCharlie 25 2146 46 days  Cult Win on Day 7
5  Resurgence Mafia N/A Theme Park Andrius ReaperCharlie 22 1025 58 days  Scum Win on Day 5
6  Metropolis: Redemption RCtrophy silver2.png Wiki Coney Island ReaperCharlie 13 455 28 days  Town Win on Day 5
7  Newbie 1059: Newbtown N/A Road to Rome AGar ReaperCharlie 9 722 75 days  Scum Win on Day 4
8  Metropolis: Revisited Wiki Theme Park ReaperCharlie SpyreX, Percy 24 1553 55 days  Serial Killer Win on Day 9
9  Newbie 1098: Trouble in Trieste N/A Road to Rome ReaperCharlie Nobody Special 9 491 37 days  Scum Win on Day 5

Current Games

  Game Name Info Forum Moderator(s) Co-Mods / Backups Players Posts Length Outcome
   EPYC: Chains of Glory Wiki Mish Mash ReaperCharlie 40 1781 181 days  In Progress – 77.6% ...
   The Brave and the Beautiful 2 Wiki Coney Island ReaperCharlie 13
   Mafia 133: Planet of Hats N/A New York Wraith ReaperCharlie 22
   Mass Effect Mafia Wiki Theme Park esuriospiritus RC, Umbrage, camn 14

Future Games

  Game Name Info Forum Moderator(s) Co-Mods / Backups Players Posts Length Outcome
   Harry Potter and the Wizarding War Wiki Theme Park ReaperCharlie xRECKONERx 43
   His Dark Materials Mafia Wiki Theme Park ReaperCharlie Kdub 28
   Underworld Mafia Wiki Theme Park ReaperCharlie 28
   TRON: Legacy Mafia Wiki Coney Island ReaperCharlie 13
   Metropolis: Revelation Wiki Theme Park ReaperCharlie Percy, Vi, swankidelic 32
   Mass Effect 2 Mafia Wiki Theme Park ReaperCharlie esuriospiritus, Umbrage 24

Games Reviewed

  Game Name Wiki Forum Moderator(s) Co-Mods / Backups Players Posts Length Outcome
1  Black and White Mafia N/A Coney Island CallMeLiam 12 440 40 days  Scum Win on Day 5
2  Square Enix Mafia Gaiden N/A Theme Park Kdub Kise 25 1366 53 days  Town Win on Day 7
3  There Goes the Neighborhood N/A Coney Island LynchMePls ReaperCharlie 13 1066 73 days  In Progress – Day 4
4  Buffy the Vampire Slayer Mafia N/A Coney Island smargaret 13 305 17 days  In Progress – Night 3
5  BBM's Large Werewolves N/A Theme Park Flameaxe ooba 19 436 8 days  In Progress – Day 1
6  Star Control 2 - Part Three N/A Theme Park SpyreX
7  The Death of Reaper Charlie N/A New York Amrun 18
8  Star Wars Episode I Mafia N/A Coney Island Frost 13
9  Modern Family Mafia N/A Theme Park xRECKONERx 14
10  Pokemon: Black and White Mafia N/A Coney Island Espeonage 13
11  Final Fantasy VI Mafia N/A Theme Park Toogeloo MagnaofIllusion 27
12  Bizarro Mafia[working title] N/A Coney Island Jedo the Jedi 12-13

Mafia Statistics

Mafia Win Record

  • Won: 10
  • Lost: 14
  • Draw: 1
  • Other: 0

Games as Townie: 16 (5-10-1-0)

Games as Scum: 6 (4-2-0-0)

  • Games as Boss: 3 (2-1-0-0)
  • Games as Blocker: 1 (0-1-0-0)
  • Games as Framer: 0 (0-0-0-0)
  • Games as Goon: 2 (2-0-0-0)
  • Games as Other: 0 (0-0-0-0)

Games as Third-Party: 3 (1-2-0-0)

Legend: (Wins-Losses-Draw-Other)



  • "Reaper tricked me. Noted." - DedicatedScribe
  • "Reaper scared me." - Budja
  • "RC was ridiculously hard to read." - Kast
  • "I was like: This guy knows what he's talking about." - FakeGod
  • "Ohh Reaper-chan, when can I shamelessly sheep you? Is it soon?" - SpyreX
  • "ReaperCharlie is a conundrum." - Toogeloo
  • "His coolness is just beyond your comprehension." - Vi
  • "I THOUGHT YOU HAD H4X" - Fate
  • "Reaper, don't you have a dictatorship to overthrow somewhere?" - Robocopter87
  • "What the fuck have you done to me, ReaperCharlie." - inHimshallibe
  • "Reaper, you are a conundrum." - MagnaofIllusion
  • "RC's such a brilliant scumhunter, he doesn't need to make a case." - bvoigt
  • "RC deserves a scummy for his play in Harry Potter" - Furcolow
  • "RC made the gambit of a lifetime." - rajrhcpfreak
  • "RC needs to be dying :x" - Parama (in scum QT)
  • "Reeeeeeeaaaaaapeeerrrrrrrrrrrr." *fist shaking* - Gammagooey
  • "DAMN YOU REAPER!!!!!!" - bv310
  • "RC is pretty awesome." - SpyreX
  • "What RC said." - Mr. Flay
  • "RC stole my thunder!" - Umbrage
  • "ReaperCharlie pretty much nailed it." - Vi
  • "RC is totally 100% pure town." - DrippingGoofball
  • "RC! GOSH DARN IT. I think YOU are a lie, not the cake." - Stefunny
  • "Daykill: ReaperCharlie. Nothing personal." - Magua
  • "ReaperCharlie, you made my day." - crypto
  • "Reaper is a gay DJ unicorn." - Blackberry
  • "All hail King ReaperCharlie." - PokerFace

Funny Quotes

  • Awesome Pants' Roleclaim in Newbie 516 - Awesome Pants
  • "I have a perfect Mafia record. I've died in every game I've been in." - Prof. Guppy
  • "Why I like Scum Quicktopics: Because you can speculate all you want and no one will shout 'WIFOM'!" - kunkstar7
  • "If lurking is an art, you are a grandmaster." - Dragon Phoenix
  • "For the record, those are not breadcrumbs. They are bread loaves, possibly even bakeries." - bv310
  • "...the Force was not with the Town with this one. The Squirrels of Naboo shoot you all like an iron disco ball of fail >:[" - Midnight's Sorrow
  • "Crypto, stop self-voting. It's anti-town, goes against your win condition, and is 100% ghay." - Vel-Rahn Koon
  • "No, my mental incapacity is genuine. Believe it or not, I'm trying to fake being a genius." - DrippingGoofball
  • "Wait, then why didn't you post in the scum QT in the night in question either? Was that tactical lurking too? ;)" - Fate
  • "Can you put together some sort of list of arguments against me, instead of just shaking your fist at me and saying 'grr let's lynch Friend'?" - Friend
  • "Furcolow's not town because he's a VI, but I think his VIness has been town in a horribly scummy sort of way so far." - Faraday
  • "Crumb, crumb, crumb crumb crumb, oh sh*t, I'm completely useless." - Andrius
  • "I spit on your wagon! ::ptoo:: ::ptoo::" - Thor665
  • "I am a bloodthirsty little slut." - camn
  • "Holy WIFOM, Batman!" - bv310
  • "Fuck. Now we have to actually scumhunt!" - Albert B. Rampage
  • "Here, have some wine. I swear I didn't poison the cup." - dramonic
  • "Am I allowed to put NNEEEEIIIIGGHHHH!!! in my sig?" - RichardGHP
  • "Boo math! Vote with your heart, not your calculator!" - Sotty7
  • "Don't reread. Just be ignorant and vote random people." - Nachomamma8
  • "i[ve been drinking. is he within hammering rage. hammering gets me hard." - Faraday
  • "Lol I think Fate's strategy is calling everyone town and everyone scum so he is never wrong at endgame" - Robocopter87
  • "My ultimate tinfoil hat says something AWESOME is about to happen but I dont want to spoil it." - SpyreX
  • "I really shouldn't be encouraging this kind of spam and digression, but dammit, I can't help it!" - ChannelDelibird
  • "Stand by for additional Glorkian awesomeness." - Glork
  • "...and I say this with 100% facetiousness." - Furcolow
  • "[That post] is either full of fail or scumtastic. I have yet to decide which but for the moment I'm leaning fail." - MagnaofIllusion
  • "You have a ferret. Named Starscream. You might just be atop my favorite scummer list all of a sudden." - AGar
  • "I'm not wearing pants right now. But I don't have a webcam, so you'll never know." - Ether
  • "I'd prefer to lynch a lurker than a liar if the liar is lying like I'm lying." - Furcolow
  • "Arguing with my mom is like arguing with a noob townie. I get nowhere, and she ends up thinking I'm the bad guy." - Zodiark13
  • "So are you claiming that you are a reflector? Maybe I should throw a banana at you and see what happens. >:D" - Elleran
  • "Is it weird that I find Professor Snape sexy?" - elvis_knits
  • "Relax. I'm a Sepia Lantern." - Mr. Flay

Graffiti Alley

Hey! If we're friends, post your name and a short note below! RCheart.png

  • farside22 - I'm a friend! Looking forward to playing more games with you and killing you one day in a game. ;')
  • My Milked Eek - loved playing mafia with you can't wait until the next marathon
  • Valeo - We're buddies! Lets do up some mafia again sometime when I'm more experienced.
  • Andrius - You're a great dude, RC, and its always a pleasure playing with you, save when you're Lynching me. :(
  • AGar - SKULLAMANJARO. Also, I fixed the world for you, Alpha Unicorn - someone had turned half of us into weasels! Lol.
  • MagnaofIllusion - Congrats on your new addition!! Girls are a treasure ... just be ready to hide when she gets around 10.
  • Haylen Hello! I like you. You're cool. ^_^
  • bv310 - Proud to have double quotes on this page. Also must admit, your storytelling is rather strange, and by strange I mean mildly disturbing.
  • Super Smash Bros. Fan - Congratulation for your baby and I hope you have a wondeful life with her and your family. Oh and you're an awesome player.
  • hasdgfas - Hi there. This wiki page is impressive. Thanks for the scummy nom, I really didn't expect it. Glad you enjoyed the game. I hope that at some point you can join a game I'm modding from the start.
  • Fate - SIGNED baby! In lieu of your former Marine claim, I rescind any insults I've thrown your way in any games we've been/are in. <3 Reaper
  • Furcolow - hey! i hope everything goes well with you and that little tyke you just brought into the world :)
  • TheLonging - Am I a friend? I hope so. You're awesome in all your games, even if you manage to be fail-cult :P
  • MafiaSSK - Woah. Good job fixing up the wiki. Remind me, when you reach 7 months, if you keep up this behavior, to nominate you for a title.
  • molestargazer - Very spiffy wiki page. Congrats on the baby girl!

My To-Do List

Stuff I still need to do, cause I don't have enough time to do all the stuff that I should be doing, cause I'm busy doing all the things that I shouldn't be doing and am thus neglecting the things that I should be doing. Curse me and my blasted procrastination.

- Fix the RCgame template so that it works...

- Make the wiki for Spark Mafia 2: Sparkville

- Finish the wiki for The Brave and the Beautiful

  • Finish the Roles/Characters pages
  • Add all of the Night Actions.

- Finish the wiki for Blackest Night Mafia

- Finish writing descriptions for my Game Record

- Write descriptions for my Modded Games Record

- Make a wiki page for ReaperCharlie/Roles I've Played