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The Oracle

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The Oracle was a role created for the large theme game Werewolf: Wisborg Asylum, which was moderated by Knight of Cydonia and backup modded by Starbuck. This role was able to reveal the alignment of player X to player Y through a dream, but could not send dreams to themselves or about themselves.

The two Oracle roles Werewolf: Wisborg Asylum were drawn by the players ReaperCharlie and Lowell.

Role PM

"The interpretation of dreams is a great art." ~ Paracelsus

You are the Oracle, a former patient at this very asylum. Years ago you left this place, and swore you would never return. However, your visions have come back, and you find yourself drawn to Wisborg for reasons you can only hope to understand in the future.

Each night, you may reveal one person's identity to a second person, which they will receive in a dream. You will cannot choose yourself, however, and must rely on working through other people. Your PM each night should contain the target of the dream, and whose role will be revealed.