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Nobody Special

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Hey, I'm Nobody Special. Really.

This wikipage is currently under construction/resurrection/something.

To do:

  • Open Game & Open Game setups pages need links to list of Open Games Category (once I find it)
  • Newbie 1069 Day 2 ties with 13 posts
  • Update Modding page

Modded so far:

(As of 7-26-11)

Below is the raw datadump of the old version; desperately needs updating, which I will be working on in fits and starts over the next few weeks.

Hey, I'm Nobody Special. Really.

Game summary template used with kind permission of StrangerCoug.

Games Played

Of the 9 games listed still in progress, I am still alive in 5 and have a replacement for me alive in 0. 0 games I've been in have been abandoned.


Alignment Wins Losses Draws Total
Town 5 10 2 17
Scum 6 1 0 7
Neutral 0 0 0 0
Total 11 11 2 24


Alignment Lynched Nightkilled Endgamed Survived Other Total
Town 8 5 2 2 0 17
Scum 3 0 0 4 0 7
Neutral 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total 11 5 2 6 0 24

Newbie Games

Game Moderator Started Ended Replaced Replaced by Player status Game status
Newbie 894 pablito 2010-01-08 2010-02-23 Lynched, Day 2 (VT) Town win
Comments: My first game.
Newbie 910 -- Mafia vs Emos The Fonz 2010-02-09 2010-03-30 Killed N2 (Town Doc) Mafia win
Comments: None yet.
Newbie 940 Vel-Rahn Koon 2010-04-13 2010-06-11 Jerako Lynched D3 (Mafia Goon) Mafia Win
Comments: None yet.
Newbie 965 Jeffcole1 2010-06-05 2010-07-03 Survived (VT/IC) Town Win
Comments: My first IC game. It came down to a 3-player LyLo with mine as the deciding vote, and, after stressing over it for, like, three days, I voted my gut. Fortunately, I was right.
Newbie 962 Crazy 2010-05-30 2010-07-15 Hero764
Killed N3 (VT/SE) Mafia Win
Comments: Ongoing Game
Newbie 958 Nikanor 2010-05-15 2010-07-20 Leech
Lynched D3 (VT/SE) Mafia Win
Comments: Must learn not to tunnel. Especially not Equinox.
Newbie 976 Zorblag 2010-06-25 2010-07-27 Lynched D1 (VT/SE) Mafia Win
Comments: Again, stop with the tunneling. Keep an open mind.
Newbie 978 Amished 2010-06-29 In Progress Achilles Killed N1 (SE) In Progress (D5)
Comments: Ongoing Game
Newbie 984 Robocopter87 2010-07-16 2010-08-16 Killed N3 (VT/IC) Town Win
Comments: Ongoing Game -- Second IC game
Newbie 987 Sotty7 2010-07-21 In Progress Alive (IC) In Progress (N2)
Comments: Ongoing Game -- Third IC game
Newbie 999 Kison 2010-08-18 In Progress Alive (IC) In Progress (D1)
Comments: Ongoing Game -- Fourth IC game

Open Games

Game Moderator Started Ended Replaced Replaced by Player status Game status
Open 222 - Vengeful Mafia Crazy 2010-05-20 2010-05-30 Survived (Mafia GF) Mafia Win
Open 223 - Bird 7/The Jedi Assassins McGriddle 2010-05-31 2010-06-18 Endgamed (VT) Mafia Win
Open 232 - Vengeful Mafia Robocopter87 2010-07-06 2010-07-10 Survived (Mafia GF) Mafia Win
Open 239 - C9++ Ythan 2010-07-28 In Progress Lynched D1 In Progress (D2)

Mini Normal Games

Mini Normal
Game Moderator Started Ended Replaced Replaced by Player status Game status
Mini 898 -- The Game (you just lost it) Beyond_Birthday 2009-12-19 2010-03-21 qax42 Killed N2 (Town Miller) Mafia Win
Mini 915 -- Murder in Murder Free Village Herodotus 2010-01-23 2010-03-02 Lynched D1 (Town Neighbor) Mafia win
Mini 930 -- Morning People Mafia sykedoc 2010-02-21 2010-04-22 Lynched D2 (Mafia Goon) SK Win
Mini 934 -- Troubles at Smiths&Catharts Col.Cathart 2010-03-01 2010-06-10 Kthxbye Pie_is_good Lynched D3 (VT) Draw
Mini 944- Town Suavé The - The Beginning MrSuave 2010-03-19 2010-05-04 Lynched D1 (Mafia Goon) Mafia Win
Mini 1015 - Thursday Morning Murder esuriospiritus 2010-07-26 In Progress Alive In Progress (N1)

Mini Theme Games

Mini Theme
Game Moderator Started Ended Replaced Replaced by Player status Game status
Mini 923 -- Behind The Scenes Mafia Slicey 2010-02-20 2010-05-29 Killed N3 (VT) Mafia Win
Mini 948 -- Victorian Vampire Mafia ElectricBadger 2010-03-30 2010-05-30 Slaine Hayes Killed N2 (VT) Mafia Win
Picto Mafia II Pomegranate 2010-04-23 2010-05-31 Survived (Mafia Watcher) Mafia Win
Trader Mafia zoraster 2010-06-01 2010-07-04 Lynched D2 (VT) Town Win
Infection Mafia Phate 2010-05-02 2010-07-24 Twomz Endgamed (Town Doc) Mafia Win
Mini 1001 -- Guys Pt. 2 (Adult) Mafia The Mods 2010-06-30 2010-07-19 Survived (VT) Town Win
Mini 1011 -- Help! My Computer Got Infected! StrangerCoug 2010-07-21 2010-08-18 Survived (Mafia RB) Mafia Win
Tarot Mafia dramonic 2010-08-18 In Progress Alive In Progress (D1)

Large Theme Games

Large Theme
Game Moderator Started Ended Replaced Replaced by Player status Game status
Mafia 110 -- Mafia in Hell, Michigan Netopalis 2010-02-24 2010-05-13 Lynched D2 (VT) Draw
ZOMBIES! - I shot the deputy farside22 2010-02-22 2010-05-11 Dr.Cyanide SlySly Endgamed (Zombie minion) Mafia (Zombie) Win
Harry Potter Mafia SensFan
2010-05-25 2010-08-02 Lynched D5 (VT) Mafia Win
Earth's Struggle Haylen 2010-07-07 In Progress Lynched D1 In Progress (D3)
Quirkytown StrangerCoug 2010-07-23 In Progress Killed N2 In Progress (D3)
Choose Your Side -- A Comedy of Whims SaintKerrigan 2010-08-09 In Progress Alive In Progress (N2)

Modding History

See: Nobody Special's Modding History


Morgan Freeman has a flavor. ~~AGar and NS


Neither ZOMBIES! - I shot the Deputy nor The Game -- You Just Lost It are counted in my win/loss results (I was in each game for, like, ten seconds).

I need to watch Fate much more closely. Can't decide if it is an awesome player, or ... something else.

To Do

-- Why are the results and alignment tables off by two?

-- Create ruleset (subpage)

-- Decide bg color for closed games

-- Create modding subpage (See Nikanor {and kindly ask permission to steal})

-- Make quote section (after, you know, finding some quotes) (Also, track down CF origins)

-- Consider using Vi's page as template. It's probably more work than I want to do, though.

-- Fix broken (archive) links on Mr Stoofer's page.

-- More broken (archive) links on CDB's page. This may have the makings of a Project.

-- @NS: My count shows you recorded two extra losses as town into your win/loss table that aren't listed in your game summaries (yes, I dis-included the two games you mentioned). -AGar

-- @AGar: That can't be it. In the first table, I have 14town/6scum completed; second table: 13town/5scum completed.

-- Tunneling article needed. (Tunneling ~ Equinox)

-- @NS: Ok, figured it out. Your Town row in the win loss table should be 4/9/2/15. Your Scum row should be 5/1/0/6. The only problem with your win/loss table is you gave yourself an extra scum loss and didn't count a win.. In the results table, your Town line should read 7/4/2/2/15. You missed one game where you were lynched. Your scum row in that table should be 3/0/0/3/6. You missed another lynch. Should be correct. I disincluded the two games you mentioned. -AGar

-- @AGar: Thank you. Updated.

-- Cleanup ToDo section; archive outdated stuffs. (Don't forget the non-archived stuffs.) (Note to any interested parties: I'm a completist by nature [it's the OCD] so anything put here will be here (or in archives) forever. You've been warned. If you have a compelling reason, I'll consider otherwise.)

-- Put in /in-vitational whichever number 9 (sykedoc's). But it needs its own section, so not tonight, dear, I'm tired.

-- Also, don't forget Marathon Days (both June/move and August).

-- Determine an acceptable format and add percentages to win/loss tables.