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This page is a quick link for those who want to Meta on my previous games. Thanks, ooba


Town Wins Games as Town Mafia Wins Games as Mafia Third Party Wins Games as Third Party Lynched/Killed/Endgamed/Survived
19 36 6 8 0 4 9/29/4/9

Current Games

Reck's Retrospective Rehash - Dead
Capcom Crossover Chaos - Dead
Once Upon A Winter Night - Alive
SMITE Role Madness Mafia - Alive

Games that i've completed

  • Newbie 469 - Modded by MeMe
    • Role : Doctor
    • Result : Town win
    • Nightkilled
    • My First game. I think we have the record for earliest day one lynch in any newbie game - it happened few posts into page one. There on out the town was always on the back foot. We managed to corner one mafia but he self voted and essentially made us (atleast me) believe that he was just a frustrated newbie. But in the end, one scum claimed doc and i counterclaimed. Since there was a doc, the cop claimed too and the town won in the endgame. A good learning experience ..
    • "Ooba's thoroughness made this town win possible" - RideTheBomb

  • Mini 506: The Siena Syndicate - Modded by Xdaamno
    • Role : Miller
    • Result : Town Loss
    • Endgame
    • My first game as a Replacement. Role Claimed since i was miller - Day 2 dragged on and on and the cop got deadline lynched which he could have prevented if he had voted for another guy - and we proceeded to lose our doc that very night. Half the townies were acting very suspicious this game - and we had a lot of mis lynches. In the end , i was in the last 5 players and eliminated one because it was pretty certain he was cop verified. Out of the other three , we choose to lynch one and we picked the innocent guy :S - Town loss ..
    • "Clockwork and Ooba I think we can fool" - Private messages between mafia (Posted after game)

  • (Link) - Modded by Gatorguy91
    • Role : Vanilla Townie
    • Result : Game abandoned due to inactivity
    • My first 20 player game and although the game had a lot of activity at one point - It slowly died down after we had one scum and he refused to defend himself.
    • "I think he is the current dark horse for who I think is the most deserving of a lynch so far" - JordanA24 (Mafia)

  • Mafia 69 : NoXKill - Modded by Dead Rikimaru
    • Role : Even Sorcerer (Wolf doctor on even nights)
    • Result : Town Win
    • Nigthkilled
    • My first large normal game . I replaced in because i found the flavor gripping and the first two days were extremely funny too (Not that funny if you count that it was a townie running rampage). In a game where Scum cannot be Cross killed , 3 consecutive townie lynches put us in a bad position. Fortunately Day 4 turned out to be the turning point where 2 scums were outed and a perfect lynch record for the town from there.
    • "If what peers says is true, then Ooba went from being a genius to being the dumbest player in mafia history" - cicero (Luckily what peers said wasn't true and i remained a genius ;))

  • Mini 525 "Masons & Mafia! - Modded by PookyTheMagicalBear
    • Role : Mason
    • Result : Town win
    • Survived
    • As a player one of the worst games i've played - Hammered an innocent townie when he tried a gambit to lure the scum - proceeded to use logic to arrive at a scenario where i managed to stop the town from lynching a scum since i thought he was a townie whose lynch scum are trying to orchestrate. Went on to show that lynching a townie essentially means Game over as scum have a winning strategy to use the next day and went on to explain that strategy in detail. In th end , we lynched a townie but scum was too slow to capitalize on their situation where in the other pro town roles lynched the last scum.
    • "Good job to Ooba and distad for playing a good game as masons." - Mastermind of Sin

  • Worse Idea Mafia Modded by Guardian
    • Role : Town
    • Result : Town loss
    • Daykilled
    • My worst game as a player. Wasn't a game of Mafia though - Fun one - would love to play it again.
    • "How can you have been such an idiot and yet still been town?" - Tarhalindur

  • Pirates v. Ninjas! Modded by Mr Stoofer
    • Role : Harry Houldini (One shot escape from a lynch)
    • Result : Town win
    • Survived
    • Very enjoyable game. Read it and replaced in day 2. Multiple scum groups meant lot of speculation. The scum should have gone for a tied win instead of giving it to the town though. As a player , one of the games in which i was useful to the town.
    • "A particular note of awesomeness should go to ooba, who correctly guided what little there was of the town through the endgame to an improbable successful win." - Thesp

  • Countdown of the Illuminati Modded by PookyTheMagicalBear
    • Role : Mason
    • Result : Town win
    • Nightkilled
    • Pooky's larger version of Masons and Mafia with a Serial Killed thrown in to keep the flow. Killed pretty early in this game. Town really had a great run with 5 of the mafia dying in quick time. ABR as the SK did make it to the final 5 and would have won had he saved his quick kill for the end.
    • "Ooba = 6 posts, almost 0 contribution average " - Miztef

  • Nubigena Modded by destructor
    • Role : Townsperson
    • Result : Town loss
    • Endgame
    • My second game as a replacement in a normal. destructor's flavor drew me right into the game and Mafiaplayer's Day 1 antics made a nice read. XreyoX had been playing well until the point and had pro town vibes so there was no pressure on me - soon after Gunsmith claimed and i was confirmed. However two mislynches put us in LyLo in double quick time. With everyone acting scummy , it was hard to pin anyone down. Scum ultimately quick lynched for the win. Generally I hate losing, but this game wasn't that bad.
    • "And I was grateful that ooba didn't set to work a week earlier than he did. I didn't like the way that was going at all." - Ripley

  • Mini 573: Darkstalkers Mafia Modded by Dead Rikimaru
    • Role : Hsien-Ko (Jane of All trades)
    • Result : Town win
    • Nightkilled
    • My first Dead Rikimaru game from the start. I thought I had a pretty unique role but the setup was full of amazing roles (2 Mafia,1 SK,1 Vig who would turn into SK if he killed a pro town player,1 Cult Recuiter,2 Jailkeepers,2 Joats,1 SK Cop,1 Cult Cop). Day one was a combination of inactivity and a bit of a lurkerfest. Luckily we managed to lynch the SK at the very end of the deadline. I was killed Night 1 so that took off some of the enjoyment, but i managed to save the cult cop from being killed by the Vig(who would have turned into the SK). I kept following the game. I do feel sorry for armlx as he was a cult recruiter who was unable to recruit 3 Nights in a row. In the end, the town had a perfect lynching record to win the game.
    • "I was particularly impressed with Claus, ooba and gorckat's play, they made all the right moves." - springlullaby

  • Random Mafia 3 Modded by armlx,bird111
    • Role : 1st Year Med Student (CPR Doc)
    • Result : Town wins
    • Survived
    • The first large game where I was there from the first till Endgame. Scum put up a very poor showing in this and we had eliminated the 4 member Mafia team by Day 3 end. (I used my CPR ability like a Vig and managed to get one). A bad lynch on one of the townies followed by a Day lost to Role PM quoting allowed the SK to close in to his win condition. In the end, we lynched him when we are at LyLo and won the game .. I loved the parts of this where we mass claimed and the Endgame after that
    • "I'm disappointed in you ooba" - Skruffs (SK, on last day when he was going to be lynched)

  • Elemental Mafia! Modded by Battle Mage
    • Role : Recruitable Townie
    • Result : Town wins
    • Lynched
    • Well my only contribution to the game was suggesting we have a rapid lynch system in place on Day 1 - which lead to an implosion of the town with 9 town roles lynched. I had some access problems which the others took to as lurking and was put under the spotlight. I tried my level best to survive - the town believed my claim but lynched me anyways. Really cannot say I was a factor in the town winning here.
    • "Probably the most amazingly scummy package I've seen in a while" - Macavenger

  • (Link) Modded by Mr_Gnome_It_All
    • Role : General Glory (Patriotic Cop)
    • Result : Town loss
    • Nightkilled
    • My first game with a post restriction and it was lot of fun at first but after sometime i had a hard time making those big posts with those messages. And combined with the fact that my Night ability (cop) was tied into the number of posts I made with respect to others - it was a tough time just keeping up. I targeted the SK Night 1 and got an innocent result and was killed on Night 2. I do think the first wrong lynch cost town a lot ..
    • "ooba, I guess we had slaughtered you by the time you could have processed your investigation results." - Singing Librarian

  • Mini 552: X-Men mafia Modded by SirTornado,JDodge
    • Role : Gambit (Can make any one player a PGO for the night)
    • Result : Town Loss
    • Nightkilled
    • By far the most lackluster game I had played till that date. The town refused to talk. The day vig vigged horribly and then became silent. With a exciting theme like X-men , i wonder what went wrong - lack of apathy from players or a mod who did not take enough action to rectify things.
    • "@ ooba/everyone also there could be pgo, bomb/super saint (always mix up those 2) around. unsure if it fits the xmen theme but yer. also something to thinl about" - lovo14 (Posted this cause , at that point in time I was the one doing the majority of the talking . Hence his 'ooba\everyone' part - I was Nightkilled that night for it though)

  • Enigma Mi Modded by Skruffs
    • Role : Joe Diggle, the town bum
    • Explanation : Actually sane cop role - "You were in the Special Regiment and can still tell the differences between right and wrong. Once per night, you can rummage through another player's trash. PM me the name of the player you wish to Investigate." (Lots more flavor but I removed the irrelevant part)
    • Result : Town win
    • Nightkilled

  • (Link) Modded by Sarcastro
    • Role : Scratch ?
    • Explanation : "You're Scratch, some computer hacker guy who works for Foxhound. Nobody really cares about you. Like, at all.". I was expecting someone I knew :P
    • Result : Town win
    • Nightkilled

  • Space Monkey Mafia 2 Modded by Mr Stoofer
    • Role : Traitor Pig (Mafia)
    • Result : Mafia Victory
    • Survived
    • A good game played by the three traitor pigs to get us till endgame. The town really did not help themselves at that point by not talking much.

  • MTG Mafia Modded by Glork
    • Role : Counterspell
    • Explanation : One-shot Roleblocker
    • Result : Town Loss
    • Lynched

  • Ds9 Mafia Modded by ChannelDelibird
    • Role : Elim Garak
    • Explanation : Jack of all trades (One-shot protect, One-shot track, One-shot watch, One-shot roleblock)
    • Game Abandoned

  • mafia.gif Modded by Dead Rikimaru
    • Role : Cultist
    • Explanation : I could recruit a VT every night. I also had this going for me "- If you die the oldest member of the cult, if any, becomes the new cult recruiter.". Unfortunately I was so pro-town I was killed on N1 :(.
    • Result : Cult Loss
    • Nightkilled

  • Weeds Mafia Modded by xRECKONERx
    • Role : Doug Wilson (Mafia)
    • Explanation : Mafia Goon
    • Result : Mafia Loss
    • Lynched

  • Greek Mythology Mafia Modded by DeathNote
    • Role : Athena, Goddess of Wisdom
    • Explanation : "Each night, you can swap the effect of two people's powers. If "A" targets "B" and "C" targets "D" and you target "A" and "C" then "C" will target "B" and "A" will target "D"." - Also had the one-shot ultimate power to switch powers of two people till I die.
    • Result : Town Loss
    • Nightkilled

  • Lay of Leithian Mafia Modded by Plum
    • Role : Daeron, Town Voyeur
    • Explanation : Action watcher - can see what actions target a particular player
    • Result : Town win
    • Nightkilled

  • Star Wars Mafia Modded by Kdub
    • Role : Wilhuff Tarkin ,Imperial Interrogator (Mafia)
    • Explanation : "During night phases, you may tell me the name of a player you wish to use this ability on. You will interrogate them in an attempt to determine if they are hiding any information about themselves. If successful, I will tell you if they are a Vanilla Townie or not."
    • Result : Mafia win
    • Nightkilled

  • Harry Potter Mafia Modded by SensFan
    • Role : Peter Pettigrew (Mafia Traitor)
    • Explanation : "You are Peter Pettigrew, known also as Wormtail. For years you played the role of a double-agent, feeding the Dark Lord information on the Potters and the rest of the Order of the Phoenix. When your Master fell, you took up your rat form for twelve long years, and now that you've been driven out of hiding, you are searching for the Dark Lord once again to join his forces. Every night, you may search for a former ally; if you find one of them, you will bolster their ranks and join the Death Eaters once more. If any of them are sent to kill you, you will also reveal yourself to them to join them. You win when the Dark Lord or his followers have seized control, or nothing can prevent the same."
    • Result : Mafia win
    • Nightkilled

  • Cross-edge bastard mod Mafia Modded by dramonic
    • Role : Lilith, Lesser Succubus (Mafia)
    • Explanation : "Childish Haunt - Being a demon, you may haunt a person each night once you are defeated. Your haunting is that you block all attempts of targetting on your victim.". Also one-shot ultimate of killing and absorbing all powers of a player who targets me for a kill.
    • Result : Mafia loss
    • Lynched

  • Of Gods and Men Mafia Modded by Kinetic
    • Role : High Prophet Truth
    • Explanation : Night action redirector (if I can match worship)
    • Result : Town win
    • Survived

  • It Got Worse Mafia Modded by sykedoc
    • Role : Presbyter Johannes
    • Explanation : Possible role (i.e Super Saint who got three guesses to the role)
    • Result : Town win
    • Got the last scum to hammer me at LyLo (=Survived)

  • Physics Mafia Modded by Kairyuu
    • Role : Particle Physics, Modified Jack-of-all-Trades
    • Result : Town Loss
    • Lynched

  • Battlestar Galactica Mafia Modded by Dekes
    • Role : Samuel T Anders, Lover (not alignment confirmed)
    • Result : Town Loss
    • Killed (Suicide due to Lover killed)

  • Mafia MetaMafia Modded by Vi
    • Role : High Priest of Hoopla, Awesome granter of Power roles
    • Result : Town Loss
    • Killed

  • Square Enix VI Modded by Kise
    • Role : Gilgamesh - Dayattacking Hunter
    • Result : Third-Party Loss
    • Killed

  • Atomic Mafia Modded by dramonic
    • Role : Burner (Modified Serial Killer)
    • Result : Third-Party Loss
    • Lynched

  • Back to the Future Mafia Modded by Dekes
    • Role : Biff Tannen, Mafia Jailkeeper (1885)/Mafia Role Cop (1955)/Mafia Godfather (1985)/Mafia Goon (2015)
    • Result : Mafia Loss
    • Lynched


Total (6)

Games as a Mod

Mini 604 : Mayor's Mansion !!

Open 85 : Jester Mafia !!

Smalltown : Stardust Mafia

Mad World : Time Travel Mafia

ASOIAF: Test of Faith Mafia

Newbie 1108