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Decided to list player who I will be banning/ignoring if playing with them for either bad playing or shitty behavoir.

Reck Juls Ika Wisdom

Instead of going back and trying to find all the games I've played and won or loss I'm going to have on here the games I've modded and have plans for in the future. Any thoughts or interest in future games are appreciated!

20 player large theme game Now excepting Pre/in's for:

The Mafia Dating Game Show!

Have you ever wished you had 2 votes instead of 1? Have you ever thought I really wish I could vote out 2 players instead of 1? As mafia have you ever thought if I had 2 kills instead of 1 I could win this game hands down?

Welcome to The Mafia Dating Game Show!!!!!!

Everyone town and mafia has 2 votes. This is not the same as a double voter as you must cast a vote on 2 separate people. If you find 2 players scummy you can now vote on both people! What's the catch? Well the game has a 2 week deadline (or majority vote) the top 3 players are put in the hot seat. One player will win a date (not be lynched) the other 2 player will die a horrible, horrible death. You decide! The other problem is those pesky mafia players. Not only do they get any ability I deem fit, but they have 2 KILLS A NIGHT THEY CAN PERFORM!!!!

It's madness I know, but hey that's how it is in the Mafia Dating Game Show!!!!

Players on my blacklist as far as never playing a game with them again

OhGodMyLife ness Empking Magnus WRP chesskid3 tanstalas FourseenCircumstance

If any of these players replace someone in a game I'm in I will just leave.


Game title/ link Players Outcome
mini 618 farside of the moon [1] Greasy Spot - Townie killed at end game

thinktank- mafia scum Lord Gurgi - Doctor - killed at end game Killa Seven - mafia scum Light-Kun - Townie killed at end game IcemanE - Mafia GF StrangerCoug - townie - Lynched Day 1 OhGodMyLife - vig - Shot Night 1 dcorbe - townie - Sliced Night 1 Day Two - End of Day Two Doktor Per - townie - lynched day 2 elvis_knits - cop - Slice night 2 Cephrir - Serial Killer - pushed out air lock day 3

mafia wins!
Mini 653 Family Guy Mafia [2] reborn537 - Stewie - Baby Genius

LlamaFluff - Peter Griffen - Town Drunk thinktankJoe – Gun ho, no go (aka townie) - Smoothered by pizza's day 1 Rockatansky - Bonny Treacherous Lover - Beaten to death day 2 Xtoxm - Dirty old man (aka lover) - Heartattack day 2 Kmd4390-Lois– Hot mama - strangled night 2 GhostWriter-Glen quagmire – Gigolo - beaten with sexy toys day 3 Inspector Godot -Cleveland Brown - dang it all - shot night 3 kloud1516 - Meg Griffen - Stalker - FCC Scum - killed with peanuts day 4 Elvis_Knits Chris – Simpleton - Townie killed by evil monkey Day 5 RestFermata - Tom Tucker - Townie - Killed night 5 Save The Dragons - Brian - Top Dog - FCC Scum lynched day 6

Town Wins!

currently modding:

Game title/ link Players Outcome
Open 87 baby too much scum



Netran/ Mencellator- Townie Goatrevolt - FBI Agent OhGodMyLife/ Grimmy - mafia Crazy - SK iamausername - townie Oman - townie armlx - mafia alvinz95/ skitzer - townie

Mafia wins - armlx and Grimmy
Mini 695 Futurama Mafia



Gorrad GhostWriter pacman281292 kloud1516 LlamaFluff Zorblag Xtoxm Jahudo wolframnhart Drunken Piper Porochaz