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Dramonic (AKA me) is a player on mafiascum!

He is one with the rainbows, beware the awesome he is. - DTM

He loves the taste of my [redacted]! Also, he's mine, so hands off! <3 - xRECKONERx


General: 22/46/1/5

Town: 15/31/2

Scum: 7/10/1

Third Party: 0/5/1

Last updated: 14/09/10

Games Modded (in chronological order)

Open 183 - Polygamist Mafia (Mafia Won)

Open 184 - Friends and Enemies (Mafia Won)

Disgaea Mafia: Episode 1 - (Town Won)

Mafia 112 - Ridiculous Drama! (Town Won)

Scummers Mafia: Greatest Bash? (Scum Won)

Disgaea Mafia: Episode 2 - (Scum Won)

Guys Pt. 2 Mafia - (Town Won)

Cross Edge Bastard Chaos - (Town Won)

Open 241: Emotional Breakdown (F&E&E) - (Town Won)

Tarot Mafia (Scum Won)

Alphabet Mafia (Town Won)

Reckamonic's Ocarina of Time Mafia (Comod with Reck, Boss Scum Won)

Fates Mafia (Town Won)

Elements Mafia (Town Won)

Reckamonic's World of Warcraft Mafia (Comod with Reck, Town Won)

Team Mafia: Psychic Mafia (Town Won)

Directional Mafia (Scum Won)

Atomic Mafia (ongoing)

Imperishable Night Mafia (ongoing)

Games Played (not in chronological order)

Mini 777 - Scottish mafia (Lost, 1-shot vig lynched day 3)

Mini 781 - Albany Park (Lost, bomb lynched day 3)

Mini 796 - Memento Mafia (Mod abandonned, townie lynched day 1)

Mini 796 - Memento Mafia (Mod abandonned, mafia RB lynched day 2) Replaced back in XD

Mini 797 - Poof! Mafia (Lost, Town Reality Anchor modkilled day 1) oops...

Mini 813 - Korlash Town (Lost, Townie endgamed day 6)

Mini 816 - Revenge of the Monkeys (Lost, mafia RB lynched day 3)

Mini 823 - Molinero Mafia (Lost, bodyguard lynched day 4)

Mini 834 - Grimm's Pokemon Madness Mafia (Won, mafia VB-RB survived)

Mini 837 - Stratego Mafia! (Lost, Townie nighkilled night 2)

Mini 838 - Jeopardy in Jefferson (Lost, Townie endgamed day 4)

Mini 869 - Frat Party (Won, Goon survived)

Mini 903 - Owarai TV (Won, townie lynched day 2)

Mini 912 - Little Golden (Lost, Mason NKed night 2)

Mini 928 - Bloodlust Mafia Remix (Lost, Townie endgamed)

Mini 944 - Town Suavé (Lost, Townie NKed night 2)

Mini 945 - Mafia in Bawlmer (Lost, Miller NKed night 2)

Mini 949 - Rainbow Robot Unicorn Attack (Lost, townie lynched day 3)

Mini 954 - Mafia at the 11th hour (Lost, townie NKed night 3)

Mini 961: Insane Asylum II (Lost, Townie lynched day 4)

Mini 966 - Mixology Mafia (Mod Abandonned)

Mini 990 - YGOTAS Mafia (Lost, Goon lynched day 1)

Mini 991 - POWERFUL WIZARD mafia (Won, Vile Apprentice lynched day 4)

Mini 1002 - Mafia en Français (Lost, Townie NKed night 1)

Mini 1031: Encore Mafia (Lost, Mafia Godfather NKed night 1)

Mini 1039: Lost: The Complete Serie (Season 1) (Lost, Vig killed Night 3)

Mini 1041: Wheel of Fortune Mafia (Won, Townie survived)

Mini 1077: Lost: The Complete Serie (Season 2) (Won, Mafia Godfather survived)

Open 166 - Lovers Mafia (Won, Townie survived)

Open 171- Carbon 14, Part 2!! (Won, cop survived)

Open 172 - Mini Love (Lost, townie endgamed)

Open 173 - Pie E7 (Won, mafia goon survived)

Open 174 - Lovers Mafia (Lost, townie endgamed)

Open 175 - Picking Simplicity (Lost, Townie killed night 1)

Open 176 - Night Watch (Won, mafia goon survived)

Open 179 - B.I.R.D 7P (Won, doctor survived)

Open 180 - Out in the Wilde (Lost, townie endgamed)

Open 213 (Won, Townie survived)

Mafia 100 (Won, Townie vigged night 5)

Mafia 101 - Mafia Dodgeball (Lost, mafia doctor killed night 6)

Mafia 102 - No-Frills (Won, townie survived)

Mafia 109 - A glitch in time (Won, gunsmith NKed night 4)

Mafia 113 - Mafia in Mendo (Lost, townie lynched day 4)

Newbie 816 (Lost, Townie Lynched day 1)

The Werewolves of Miller Hollow (Lost, Townie Lynched day 4)

The Manor: Chzo Mafia (Lost, townie killed night 7)

Stars Aligned (Lost, Murderer lynched day 3)

Stars Aligned II (Lost, Murderer lynched day 6)

Border of Touhou and Mafia (Lost, Ambiguous Godmother lynched day 4)

Legacy of the Ancients (Won, Ancient Investigator killed night 3)

The Dark Goma Mafia (Lost, Mafia Jailkeeper lynched day 3)

Perfectionist Mafia (Lost, townie lynched day 5)

PYP (Won, townie survived)

PYP 2 (Lost, Townie "nightkilled" pre-day 2)

PYP 3 (Lost, Mafia UBU lynched day 3)

R-Survival (Lost, Townie daykilled day 2)

Xyl Anime Bastard Chaos (Won, Isaac Dian survived)

Cult of Darkness and Shadows (Lost, townie lynched day 4)

SWN II: The curse of the Nekomata (Lost, SK daykilled day 3)

SWN III: Dreamland Castle is Under Siege (Interrupted, Roleblocker survived)

Space Quest Mafia (Mod abandonned, SK survived)

Mind Screw 4 (Lost, Townie Time Lord killed day 4)

L4D mafia (Lost, Mafia godfather NKed night 4)

Harry Potter Mafia (Lost, SK killed night 2)

Werewolf: Wisborg Asylum (Lost, Creature lynched day 1)

Kingdom of Loathing Mafia (Won, Town Doctor NKed night 1)

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Mafia (Lost, SK NKed night 1)

Square Enix Mafia 1: Diabolus Erus (Lost, Mafia Goon NKed night 6)

Square Enix III (Won, townie lynched day 1)

Of Gods and Men (Won, interrogator lynched day 4)

/in-vitational game 7: Save Cow's Mind (Lost, Townie endgamed)

Reck's Mad Mad Mad Mind (Lost, 3-shot Vig endgamed)

SWN III (Mod Abandonned, Town Roleblocker)

M&L: Bowser's Inside Story (Won, Mafia Goon survived)

(As you can see, my win/lose record is kinda bleh)

Ongoing games

Consulmaker II: The Pyrrhic War (Day 1)

Mariposa Peak Mafia (Day 1)

Succession Mafia (Day 2, Bodyguard NKed night 1)

Mini 1042: Skillville (Won(?), Mafia Goon lynched Day 4)

Mini 1064: Charlie's Town (Lost, doctor killed night 4)