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Unicorn Brethren

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About Us

The Unicorn Brethren are a community gaming group at Mafiascum that plays Halo Reach on Xbox Live every Wednesday night. Though started in the U.S., it did not take long at all for the Unicorns to go worldwide. We now have members from every corner of the globe, and are working tirelessly on our ultimate plan for world domination. The Unicorn Brethren were started in 2008 by ReaperCharlie, and were revived in December 2010 on Mafiascum with the founding members Fritzler, Stefunny, tanstalas, and AGar. We were soon followed by countless others down the path to true enlightenment. Quite a few people from the Unicorns have joined Mafiascum after playing with us over Xbox Live, including Fuben, HamboBlank, Eupascupa, and XAntoftheSkyX. You and any/all of your friends are always welcome to come join us, either in the Unicorn thread on Mafiascum, or on Xbox Live playing Halo Reach every Wednesday night! Make sure to bring a smile, and some rainbows and lightning bolts too! Nneeeeiiiigghhhh!!!

Halo Statistics

We have now moved the statistics to here, as it is in an easier format to change. This link is where you will be able to see who is active too, as not all members in the list below are still playing with/as unicorns


PokerFace created some cool mafia game types in Halo Reach. Go here for further details


Mafiascum name Xbox LIVE name|
1  ReaperCharlie  Reaper Charlie
2  Fritzler  FunkmasterFritz
3  tanstalas  Reaper Kilo
4  AGar  The1AndOnlyAGar
5  Flameaxe  BuhBuhBam13
6  Stefunny  Stefunny85
7  Jack Forman  Fuben84
8  N/A  SpadeHouseRules
9  N/A  Thane0fFife
10  HamboBlank  HamboBlank
11  Eupa  Eupascupa
12  scotmany12  everlong1289
13  Brutal Assassin  skyllus zYn
14  N/A  xXEpicRainbowXx
15  N/A  XxSoakedLyricxX
16  N/A  Trash Hammer
17  KaleiÐoscøpe  Kalaydowscoop
18  N/A  BaJazzled
19  XAntoftheSkyX  Reaper Juliet
20  Kise  Kaon9999
21  Jahudo  Jahudo1
22  Rhinox  o O Rhinox O o
23  FruitLoop  TwoFruitLoops
24  AKnottedRope  Acemarksman9
25  LlamaFluff  PacificTiger12
26  PokerFace  El Matador1584
27  N/A  AvoidedKillerGs
28  DonJosh  IgnusCalvaria
29  N/A   El Matador702
30  N/A  Drewan Drewan
31  N/A  CBCoreDweller
32  N/A  HavokHanson44
33  N/A  Smexy Unicorns
34  N/A  Beta 073
35  N/A  DaNbLaNk
36  N/A  metrifyx
37  N/A  Gumpy Koon
38  N/A  Akidia
39  N/A  Doctor Floop