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Team Mafia (2018)

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The Team Mafia event circuit began its 2018 Season on January, 11 2018. Unlike previous event, Team Mafia 2018 was a project held by scummers rather than Site Staff. The winners of the previous event, Team Mafia 2015, team Young and Beautiful were invited to the tournament and promised a guaranteed team slot, which they accepted.

Enthusiasm for the event exceeded expectations, causing temporary halt to signups as the moderators of the event as well as the current Team Captains discussed expanding the number of available teams. Passing approval, Team Mafia 2018 was expanding from 12 four-player team slots to 15 five-player teams.

The first three games played to completion all led to Town wins, until Team Mafia 2018: Random GIFs resulted in a surprise win for scum. This catapulted the team Who is John Galt? ahead of all the previous all-town teams that had won. At this time, amendments and clarifications to Tiebreak Scenarios were being made as the event zeroed into its last ongoing game, Team Mafia 2018: White Flag which ended with a fourth win for Town. After 86 days of game play, the event ended in a decisive win for Who is John Galt? with a 5-0 record.


The event was played by 15 5-player teams across 5 different games. After all the players were accounted for, each team was given their role PMs in a Private Topic provided for the team. The previous year's winners were guaranteed a spot in Team Mafia 2018.

The moderators overseeing the event were:

Ellibereth - Project Lead
Jingle - Project Organizer/Head of Tiebreaks
MathBlade - Game Mod of Team Mafia: Open
mhsmith0 - Game Mod of Team Mafia: Normal
Ether - Game Mod of Team Mafia: Normal 2ᶮᵈ
beeboy - Game Mod of Team Mafia: Closed Theme
Alisae - Game Mod of Team Mafia: Role Madness

The moderators chose setups within the types of games drawn out. It is notable that the two Normal games that were played were not balanced by the Normal Review Group, instead the moderators of all games worked closely together to ensure game balance.

No player blacklist or Wisdom of the Crowds rule was in place for the event. Unattributed alt accounts were banned from competing, although alts were permitted, with the Main account of the scummer made public knowledge.

Scoring and Tiebreaks

1) Score points were acquired through winning games, with teams that had won more games ranking higher than others.

2) At the end of the event, all teams that are tied were to be supplied to a link to a private topic containing the Day 1 of a secret Open-format game modded by Jingle. Teams that correctly ranked scum over town were to be awarded tiebreak points.

3) In the event of another tie, teams were to guess which players in the game were Power Roles.

4) A final tiebreak point could be awarded by a committee of the game organizers deciding which of the tied teams had the best overall performance across the entire tournament.

5) Teams that required help from the game organizers to find a replacement or were otherwise implicitly penalized lost a tiebreaker point.


# Team Name P1 P2 P3 P4 P5
1 Young and Beautiful wgeurts+ T-Bone Espeonage Spiffeh Aneninen
2 eddie cane skirt skirt& Katyusha& jjh927 Transcend+ Lycanfire
3 DEFCON Lady Lambdadelta+ Hinduragi+ Hebichan Llamarable Cabd
4 Team Cuddly RadiantCowbells Keychain Firebringer Postie Zachstralkita
5 Relaxed Nature Aristophanes Something_Smart Aeronaut+ Gamma Emerald Fro99er
6 God Save the Black Goo Cogito Ergo Sum Fenchurch Patrick ChannelDelibird+ Primate+
7 Make Papa Proud Errantparabola Bins implosion SleepyKrew Marquis+
8 Chillplay Bombahskiies Boonskiies Tchill13+ UnaBombaH Srceenplay Dunkerdoodles
9 Queue Agents Bulbazak Ginngie EddieFenix mastina Thor665
10 Who is John Galt? chesskid3+ ActionDan Kagami Katsuki Smocaine
11 Serious Business northsidegal GuiltyLion Kmd4390 MathDino davesaz
12 Dandy Irate Hoes Cheetory6 XRECKONERX hiplop TheStatusQuo Radja
13 Backhanded Remarks Elena Fisher& Dunnstral gerryoat Chara BigYoshiFan
14 Spam Squad LicketyQuickety Creature Mulch+ sheepsaysmeep UC Voyager+
15 Sauciety Sauce+ Almost50 CheekyTeeky momo Toranaga
* Names in Boldface denote the team's captain.
* & Symbol denotes that this player is an alt.
* + Symbol denotes that this player was replaced while their assigned game was on-going.

The main account of each of the participating alts are as follows:

skirt skirt - Eddie Cane
Katyusha - gigabyteTroubadour
Elena Fisher - MariaR

The following replacements occurred in the games:

Sauce and Momo from Sauciety swap games
RadiantCowbells and Firebringer from Team Cuddly swap games
skirt skirt and Transcend from eddie cane swap games
wgeurts from Young and Beautiful is replaced by Davsto
chesskid3 and Smocaine from Who is John Galt? swap games
Transcend from eddie cane is replaced by Titus
Lady Lambdadelta from DEFCON is replaced by havingfitz
Srceenplay and Tchill13 from Chillplay Bombahskiies swap games
Sauce from Sauciety is replaced by Ranmaru
Primate from God Save the Black Goo is replaced by singersigner
Hinduragi from DEFCON is replaced by Ghostlin
Tchill13 from Chillplay Bombahskiies is replaced by vonflare
Aeronaut from Relaxed Nature is replaced by xyzzy
UC Voyager from Spam Squad is replaced by ArchWing
Mulch from Spam Squad is replaced by Assemblerotws
chesskid3 from Who is John Galt? is replaced by DeasVail
ChannelDelibird from God Save the Black Goo is replaced by Mina
Marquis from Make Papa Proud is replaced by Shadoweh


Name of Game Type Moderator Winner
Team Mafia 2018: White Flag Open - White Flag MathBlade Town
Team Mafia 2018: Random GIFs Closed - Normal mhsmith0 Mafia
Team Mafia 2018: Mafiosi Revolution Closed - Normal Ether Town
Team Mafia 2018: Inventions Mafia Closed - Theme beeboy Town
Team Mafia 2018: Magical Stories Closed - Theme/Role Madness Alisae Town
Team Mafia 2018: Tiebreaker Game Open - Backup6 Jingle Town


Rank Team Name White Flag Ether Normal mhsmith0 Normal Inventions Mafia Magical Stories Score Tiebreak
1 Who is John Galt? Action Dan Kagami DeasVail Smocaine Katsuki 5-0 3
2 Young and Beautiful Davsto Spiffeh T-Bone Aneninen Espeonage 4-1 1
3 Queue Agents EddieFenix Ginngie Bulbazak mastina Thor665 4-1 2
4 DEFCON Llamarble Cabd havingfitz Ghostlin Hebichan 4-1 4
5 Relaxed Nature Gamma Emerald Aristophanes xyzzy Something_Smart Fro99er 4-1 5
6 eddie cane Lycanfire skirt skirt Titus Katyusha jjh927 4-1 7
7 Backhanded Remarks Dunnstral Chara Elena Fisher BigYoshiFan gerryoat 4-1 11
8 Serious Business northsidegal Kmd4390 Mathdino GuiltyLion davesaz 3-2 6
9 God Save the Black Goo Cogito Ergo Sum Patrick Mina singersigner Fenchurch 3-2 8
10 Sauciety Ranmaru Toranaga Almost50 CheekyTeeky momo 3-2 10
11 Make Papa Proud Shadoweh implosion Bins Errantparabola SleepyKrew 3-2 N/A
11 Dandy Irate Hoes TheStatusQuo Cheetory6 Radja xRECKONERx hiplop 3-2 N/A
11 Chillplay Bombahskiies Srceenplay UnaBombaH Dunkerdoodles vonflare Boonskiies 3-2 N/A
12 Team Cuddly Postie Firebringer Keychain RadiantCowbells Zachstralkita 2-3 9
13 Spam Squad LicketyQuickety Assemblerotws ArchWing Creature sheepsaysmeep 2-3 N/A

The Tiebreak procedure used involved all teams wishing to participate to view a snippet of an already completed game, up to the end of day 1, with no flip. Teams were to deduce from the events of the day who among the players were scum and town. Teams were given 48 hours to rank people in the order that they believed the players involved were scum, ascending to most likely to be town. A majority of points were awarded based on the scoring system if a member of the scumteam was in a team's rank 1 or 2 slot. Further ties took the highest and lowest positions of scum in the list into account. Four teams did not participate.