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Habitual lurker. My name here was chosen as a fusion of my SV username Assembler and my GitP username RoTWS, as those are the other sites where I play Mafia or Werewolf.

Other accounts

Assembaa (hydra with sheepsaysmeep). Deactivated due to sheep being banned.

Sing and Slay (hydra with momo).

Carrot and Stick (hydra with mastina).

As a mod

Planned for the future:

A Mini Theme with Aristophanes.

A Large Theme with Boonskiies.

An Open with the JK18++ setup.

In queue:

Currently running:


Mini Normal 1999: Join the Boonguard (backup for Boonskiies). Town win D6.

Large Normal 211: Scientific Mafia. Town win N3.

Newbie 1859. Town win D2.

Newbie 1851: Positivity (backup for Whemestar). Town win D5.

Mini Normal 1984: Big Brother is Watching. Backup for Archwing. Mafia win D3.

Newbie 1849: Gold Rush. Town win D2.

Mini Normal 1985 No Spoilers. Backup for Srceenplay. Mafia win D4.

Mini Normal 1980: TwoInAMillion - The First Game. Backup for TwoInAMillion. Town win D4.

Mini Normal 1969: Blessed Mafia. Werewolf win N3.


Platinum: Claimed his slot was scum in the game thread after being replaced.

Robbnva/Derpy Hooves: Pattern of horrible behavior in every game I've seen him in.

Viomi: Completely trash treatment of other players.

As a player

Record: 13-24

Town record: 11-19

Scum record: 2-4

Third party record: 0-1

Record of people who've replaced me: 7-7

Signed up for:

Jake's Grand Idea by Jake the Wolfie

The Shape of Water by Boonskiies

Ongoing games I'm involved in:

Mini Theme 2172: Great Idea Mafia.

Ongoing games I replaced out of:

None at the moment.

Complete games:

Team Mafia 2018: Mafiosi Revolution (modded by Ether). Replaced Mulch D1 as Spam Squad's representative. Lynched D1, flipped Mafia One-Shot Roleblocker. Town win D5.

Mini 1995: The Absolute Worst Game Ever Run (modded by Mastina). Killed N1, flipped VT. Mafia win N3.

Mini 1990: Terror in the City (modded by Something_Smart). Replaced brassherald D1. Lynched D1, flipped VT. Town win D5.

Open 709: Masons and Monks (modded by numberQ). Killed N4, flipped Monk Townie. Werewolf win D5.

Mini 1979: Greatest Idea Mafia (modded by Sakura Hana). Survived and won D3 as VT.

Open 706: C9++ (modded by momo). Lynched D1, flipped VT. Town win D3.

Mini 1965: Spongebobo Squarepants Mafiaoso (modded by MafiaKid ScumPants, alt of chesskid3). Killed N3, flipped Smitty Werben Jaegarman Jensen, One Shot #1 Cop. Mafia win D6.

Micro 772: Jester Nightless (modded by Jingle; played as Assembaa). Lynched D4, flipped VT. Mafia win D6.

Newbie 1841: Elves (modded by fferyllt). Killed N1, flipped Town Doctor. Town win D4.

Mini 766: Your Grand Idea Mafia (modded by Lucky2u). Survived and won N2 as Town Post Restrictor.

Mini 1956: Thread uPick Mafia (modded by Vonflare). Lynched D3, flipped Grand Idea Mafia: Town Tunneler. Mafia and Survivor win N5.

Mini Normal 1961 (modded by Dunkerdoodles). Survived and won D4 as VT.

Large Normal 207: Theatre Mafia (modded by Gamma Emerald, Zaphkael, and Nexus). Killed N2, flipped Vanilla Townie. Town win D6.

NFM 50 (modded by melanora). On BMG/ToS. Killed N1, flipped Citizen (Vanilla Townie). Town win D6.

Open 700: Donner Party (modded by CommKnight). Killed N3, was Cleaned. Body found D4, flipped Cannibal Serial Killer. Town win D4.

Mini 1953: XP Mafia (modded by Something_Smart). Lynched D4, flipped Town Upgraded Modified Bodyguard. Mafia win D6.

Large Normal 209: BooneyToonz VI - Journey to Boon Island! (modded by Boonskiies). Lynched D3, flipped Werewolf One-Shot Bulletproof Neighbor. Mafia win N6.

Large Normal 208: Fireworks Festival (modded by Pienyan). Replaced Viomi, who replaced Joey_ D2, N3. Lynched D5, flipped Town Jailkeeper. Mafia win D6.

Mini 1958: Worst (Role) Idea(s) Mafia 3 (modded by Davsto). Lynched D4, flipped Gepetto (Mafia Informed). Town win D4.

Newbie 1826: Basketball (modded by mhsmith0). Lynched D1, flipped Town Jailkeeper. Mafia win D4.

Micro 750: Greatest Idea Mafia (modded by Micc). Endgamed N1, flipped Town Mason Lover. Mafia win N1.

Newbie 1821: The Newlywed Game (modded by Cabd and penguin_alien). Replaced RadiantCowbells N3. Lynched D4 in LYLO, flipped VT. Mafia win D4.

Mini Normal 1951 (modded by Mulch). Killed N2, flipped VT. Mafia win N3.

Large Normal 206: World Record Mafia (modded by BigYoshiFan). Replaced PeregrineV D1. Killed N2, flipped VT. Serial Killer win D8.

Micro 743: Musical Mafia (modded by Virtuoso and Aristophanes). Lynched D1, flipped Danny Zuko (Town Gunsmith). Mafia win D3.

Open 698: Stack the Deck (modded by PMysterious). Lynched D2, flipped Town Bodyguard. Mafia perfect win 2.5 hours after D3 begins.

Mini Normal 1948: The Boon 'N Bread Express (modded by Boonskiies). Killed N3, flipped VT. Werewolf win D6.

Open 696: Cosmopolitan (modded by Realeo). Lynched D1, flipped Mafia Goon B. Mafia win D5.

Mini 1926: Game of Thrones S1E3 (modded by The Mad Kings, a hydra of PeregrineV and Radja). Lynched D6 (in LYLO), flipped Robert Baratheon (Town 1-Shot Governor). Mafia win D6.

Love Letter Werewolf (modded by Thematthew). On GitP. Killed N4, flipped VT. Town win D7.

Micro 739: Nano-Multiball (modded by BTD6_maker). Lynched D1, flipped Vanilla Townie. Werewolf win D2.

SV Mafia XI (modded by Andelevion). Unable to link this directly, so I linked the Mason QT, which has a link to the game thread. Was Sayurin (Town Elite Bodyguard Mason). Protected the scumkill N4, taking the last scum with me for a win by Town and Survivors.

Midsummer Night's Revelry (modded by FakeGod). Replaced MintBerryCrunch N1. Left dance D2, flipped Town Lady. Town win D2.

Micro 732: Miss List (modded by Something_Smart). Lynched D3, flipped Mafia Goon. Mafia win N4.

Mini 1922: Bondage & Discipline (modded by Umlaut). Replaced Michael22Omega D4. Lynched D6, flipped Standard Townie. Mafia win D8.

Large Normal 204: Calling All Cryptids (modded by Boonskiies). Replaced Lore N2. Killed N5, flipped Town N1 Vigilante. Pink Mafia win D8.

Worm Werewolf (modded by Ramsus and AvatarVecna). On GitP. Lynched D4, flipped Burnscar (Loved Mafia Roleblocker). Town, Shatterbird, and Jack Slash win D6.

Games that completed after I replaced out:

Just Play the Hits uPick (modded by xRECKONERx). Replaced by Chara D1, who was endgamed N4 as Katy Perry. Mafia win N4.

Mini 1987: Snowman's Bad Idea Mafia: Aliens Or Something (modded by SnarkySnowman). Replaced by Brassherald D3, who was endgamed N4 as Town Involuntary Cop-ycat. Alien win N4.

Newbie 1848: The Cookie Jar (modded by insanity018). Replaced by RadiantCowbells D1, who survived and won D3 as a VT.

Open 701: Pick Your Power (modded by Elmo TeH AzN). Replaced by KidAmn D2, who was endgamed D5 as a VT. Mafia win D5.

Open 707: JK9++ (modded by yessiree). Replaced by Srceenplay D1, who survived and won D3 as a VT.

Surreptitious II: Secrets and Misdirection (modded by Surreptitious, a hydra of LicketyQuickety and BTD6_Maker). Replaced by Smocaine D2. Slot replaced by Vaxkiller D2, who survived and won as VT. Town win D6.

Open 695: Making Friends and Enemies (modded by Torque). Replaced by Flavor Leaf D1, who was lynched D3 and flipped VT. Mafia win D5.

SV Mafia XIV: Splatfest Mafia (modded by Ellf). On SV. Replaced by Pawn Lelouch D3, who was lynched D3 and flipped Inkling (Vanilla Townie). Inkling win D4.

Open 697: Tit for Tat (modded by WhemeStar). Replaced D1 by Mulch, who survived and won D5 as a Mafia Backup Jailkeeper.

Normal 1934: Civilization Mafia Mafia (modded by RadiantCowbells). Replaced D2 by Titus, who was lynched D2 and flipped VT. Mafia win D6.

Newbie 1820: Cake Wrecks (modded by Plotinus). Replaced D1 by Virtuoso, who was endgamed D3 as a Town 1-Shot Bulletproof.

Mini Normal 1923: Five Weeks in a Boon (modded by Boonskiies). Replaced D1 by Vecna, who survived to the end as VT. Town win D4.

Newbie 1808: Dystopia (modded by fferyllt). Replaced D1 by Tracer, who was replaced N1 by Vic Sage/Jingle, who survived and won D4 as a Mafia Goon.

Abandoned games I've been involved in:

Large Normal 210 (modded by Dunkerdoodles). Replaced by StefanB D2. Abandoned D2 after frequent replace-outs and a player being banned. Was Mafia Even-Night Rolecop.

RWBY UPick Blitz (modded by randomidget). Abandoned D4 due to moderator inactivity. Was Velvet Scarlatina, Mafia Rolecop.

Mini 1977: Battle of the Bands. Abandoned before thread creation or role PMs being sent due to moderator inactivity.

Mini 1949: NFL Mafia (modded by Persivul). Abandoned D1 due to moderator frustration with the state of the NFL. Was Town.

Open 695: Friends and Enemies (modded by Torque). Rerolled D1 because moderator used the wrong setup.

Open 693: White Flag (modded by DeltaW). Replaced D1 by A2, who was replaced N1 by Macabre. Abandoned D2 due to player inactivity and the mod being lynched. Was VT.