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Katyusha is a very secretive alt account - my purpose in making it was to have a more organized, cohesive, and just better-quality meta free of my previous reputation, good or bad.

Play Philosophy

As a player, I believe that the key to winning Mafia games is learning how to cooperate with my team. When town, I generally focus on finding townreads and bolstering their reads together in a townbloc. As scum, this cooperative nature is a facade to divide town into opposing townblocs with the rest of my team. The team with control over its group dynamic, ultimately, is victorious.

When identifying scum, I try to think of the game as a narrative. Every slot is the protagonist of its own story and has some sort of drive and desire. By identifying someone's purpose, you can match it to a win condition. Understanding Mafia as a form of narrative also makes it easier for me to fake scumplay, as I can adopt a persona with a genuine purpose that mimics a desire to find scum.

Stats (in order of entry into game)

  • Mini Normal 1983 - Winter Wonderland, modded by northsidegal
    • (Ongoing)

  • Overall
    • 2/2 Town wins
    • 1/1 Scum wins
    • 3/3 Wins overall