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Primate is a player, originally from MTGSalvation, who started playing on Mafiascum in april of 2006. He is known as Pod on MTGS, and Spoon on Wifom.


Newb 8 - Eliminated D1. Won.

Newb 9 - Nk'd night 1, townie. Won

Power Rangers - Role/voteblocker, Lived till endgame. Won

L5R - Townie, NK'd night 1. Lost. :(

Elegant - Jerry, Daykiller, Nk'd night 2. Won.

Alcohol - Mason, Lived till endgame. Won

Blind - Vig, Survived. Lost

Dota - Vanilla Scum, Eliminated day 8. Won

Code Geass - Bodyguard, killed N2. Won


Bad Idea Mafia - Townie, lasted till endgame. Won.

Stargate SG1 - Mason, NK'd night 3, won.

Star Wars - Uber-tracker/roleblocker, NK'd night 5. Lost.

Halo - Vigilante, Lasted till endgame. Won.

IRC Mafia - Recruited scum, won

WoW - Untargetabliser, Won, Lived till endgame.

X-men, Cultist, Died n1, won.

Good Movie - Cop, Lived till endgame. Won

Roman - Roleblocker, lived till endgame. Won

Faction Mafia - Fanatic, NK'd Night 4, Lost.

Paranoia Paradise.

PK's quick mafia - Bodysnatcher (became pacifist). Won after convincing the town to not kill day 4.

Deadly Rooms Of Death - Vanilla Townie - Replaced out D3 - Won.

Mafiascum Newb 211 - Townie, Lived till Endgame, won.

Newb 246 - Townie, NK'd N1. Lost.

SpeedyKQ's Big New York Game - Townie, (Replaced in on Day 10) Eliminated day 10. Lost.

Road to Perdition - Naive cop, Lived till endgame. Won.

Dilbert - One-shot vig, Lived till engame. Won.

Sanity Mafia - Naive vig (doc), Lived till endgame. Won.

Fallen Hero - Townie, NK'd Night 4. Won.

Pie C9 -Townie, Killed in Endgame. Lost

Mini 311 - Mafia Traitor, (replaced in on Day 2) Killed in Endgame. Lost.

Mini 333 - Mafia Goon, Eliminated day 1. Lost

Post Restriction Mega - Button Guy (Replaced in on D3) Killed in Endgame.

TGFKA Moses in Egypt - Townie, Lived till endgame. Won.

Random Mafia - SK who thought he was pro-town. Lived till endgame. Won.

Mini 342 - vanilla townie, Lived till endgame. Won.

CHRONO TRIGGER - Mafia goon, Lived till Endgame. won

Numbers - Mafia, Lived till endgame. Won

Newbie 288 - Townie, Nk'd N2. Lost

Post Restriction 3 - Small Furde Guy, Nk'd N2. Won

Bastard Mod - Cassandra (townie w/info) NK'd N3. Lost. Replaced back in D5. Split Personality Guy. Lived till endgame. Won

Mostly Mute Mime Mafia - Searching Mason, Lived till Endgame. Won

No Pressure - Scum w/unstoppable kill. Lived till Endgame. Won

Meadow Of Sorrow - Pro-town Puritan. NK'd night 0. Won.

Music of Capcom - Mafia GF. Lived till endgame. Won.

Dungeon Adventure - Mafia GF. NK'd night 2. Lost

Bad Idea II - Cop. NK'd night ?4?. Lost.

Group Therapy - Vanilla Townie. Lived till endgame. Lost.

Lights Out 2 - Townie Princess. Replaced in day 3. Killed night 4. Lost

Ye Olde Porte Town - Jailer. Game abandoned day 1

Good Ol' Mafia - Cop. Killed night 1. Lost

MMHM - Vanilla scum. Won.

Suspicion in Sicily - Vanilla townie. Killed night 1. Lost.

ConsulMaker - Vanilla scum. Killed night 2. Won.

Near-vanilla - Vanilla scum. Lived till endgame. Won.

Grey Labyrinth

Murder on the Orient Express - Unightkillable Rolecop, endgamed. Lost. 9 mafia to 7 town

LOST mafia - Hurley, Cop. Won.

Conquer Club

Fircoals Non-Vanilla Game - SK. Game called early. Won.

Inquisition Mafia - Survivor - Eliminated day ?4?. Lost.

Town/Mafia/Neutral 29/5/3

Won/Lost/Draw 29/8/0