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About Me

I started playing on a site called Personality Cafe. In my first game, I subbed-in in Feb of 2015. I have played in at least 10 sites. I originally had the goal of playing on every site that played Mafia. That dream died when I found out there were over 900 sites that play this game. I have played in the Mafia Championships on Mafia Univers twice. My ideal length of day and night is 72/24, but I have not come across any sites that play that length for either the full game or with any kind of regularity.

I have learned that experience is really nice to have to fall back on. Even when you don't see how your experience is helping, if you are anything like me, someone who is very prone to messing things up, it shows its merits a few times in most games. I have been able to navigate who I am as a player and know where I stand on a few issues that are somewhat controversial. I also feel that experience is good to fall back on for observational tells from Town and Scum. Sometimes you just notice something and note the alignment of the player. And sometimes it happens again, which leads to a tell.

I have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness that occurs in ~.3% of the population called Schizoaffective - Disorder Bipolar Type variant. There is a lot of stigma surrounding mental illness in the world. It's no different than a broken limb - it's a body part that needs attending to - it just happens to be the brain. I am not ashamed of this because, after all, I have no control over it. I think telling you this will allow you to see how/why I seem to be a bit odd at times. I also tell you this in case you think something is wrong with you and you don't want to get help. Getting help is the first step towards solving a problem that doesn't self resolve. If you need help, please seek help.

I get Eliminated early as both alignments a lot. I do however have a fairly good record if I make it to end-game.

Style Of play

I'm a weird person. That comes out in how I play Mafia as well.

I have had many people tell me they do not follow my reasoning. I have tried explaining myself more thoroughly and that seems to work better.

The more someone tries to Scum hunt me, the more I look like I am Town, generally speaking.

I have gotten lazy in my way of playing. I don't often say everything that is on my mind regarding the game, but reduce it to a few things that I feel are of immediate concern.

As Town, I am an okay Scum hunter and a leader. My Town game is unmistakable. I do, however, try to match my Scum game to my Town game which is an ever-evolving process.

I have gotten more comfortable playing as Scum (which is an ongoing process).

I have felt my style of play is very much a power player. I post a lot, but I try to keep giving different or unique insights into what is going on in the game. I generally do have some unique insights into the motivation of players and I sometimes say things that other people do not agree with the significance of what I have said.


"There's definitely LicketyQuickety--this one is similar to Ankamius, in that it's not one people would really know about, but given our theory talks, LicketyQuickety is the type of player who, if I was scum, would terrify me because of the potential to nail scum time and time again. I might be one of the few to see it, but I see it all the same." ~Teridax AKA mastin2

"I don't think there's any reason for LQ to lay the groundwork for a later play (I also think that meta-diving LQ proves that he's a 'non-traditional' player (whatever that means) more than his words do)." ~Nachomamma8

"Lol dude forget about what people say. Don't know who told Occam's that but you do have a history of getting lynched on D1 but I still remember the last game I played with you, you were NKed and your nk basically destroyed the scum team and won us the game. Even owner used to get lynched on D1 but then people started reading her properly. It's the same with you as well dude." ~lost monkey

"LQ was such an idiot when he first started playing on this site. Now that he's settled in he's pretty good. That's a problem." ~Klingoncelt (Scumchat)

"I hate that lickety is so on point even though I genuinely don't get him half the time. He's got half the scum team down." ~Elbirn (Scumchat)

"I agree Quick has an unorthodox playstyle and doesn't communicate clearly in every post but I'm not at all seeing what his scum agenda is here" GuiltyLion

Additions to the Community

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