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Current Username


About Me

I will NOT be updating this Wiki any longer.

I started playing on a site called Personality Cafe. I have 16 games played there, most of which came before 2016. I am coming up on my second year playing; I started in feb of 2015. I have played in at least 9-10 sites with at least one post. I originally had the goal of playing on every site that played Mafia. That dream died when I found out there were over 900 sites that play this game. Currently I would like to at some point play more games on Mafia Universe, but the drawback is that I do not like the length of game days and nights there. My ideal length of day and night is 72/24, but I have not come across any sites that play that length for either the full game or with any kind of regularity.

I had a very, very rough start to my Mafia career. My first game I was in I was mod killed. I made a very stupid mistake of thinking that because I didn't put my role PM in quote tags that I could copy paste it. It gets worse. On the site I was playing, I noticed that after I had copy pasted my role from the QT that I was given, I noticed that there was a certain color that was not a default color in the colors for text. So I encouraged others to copy past their flavor character with that shade of text. Luckily no one else did it or it could have been mod kills all over the place. In my second game (same site) I was mod killed in that game as well! I had noticed that the thread was open (not closed) so I thought I would make a post about what I thought about something - mistake. I posted before the host made the SoD post. This was my second mod kill in 2 games. I was not off to a good start. On top of all this, when I started I had a ridiculously Scummy meta. My first 16 games I was in I was Lynched 8 times Day 1! But guess what? I kept playing. I found the game absolutely fascinating and couldn't get enough of it. I have progressed as a player like you would not believe. If I am Town, I don't have a good chance of getting lynched. I think I have been wrong two or three(?) times in Mylo and Lylo. problem is, I usually don't make it that far into the game.

Some more personal things about me: I am not ashamed to admit that I have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness that occurs in ~.2%-.5% of the population called Schizoaffective disorder - depressive type. I am currently 30 years old and I am on SSI. I am open about this stuff prolly to my detriment because most people have a stigma toward mental illness in general. I consider myself more intelligent than the average human being. I would guess my IQ ranges anywhere from 110-130 based on numerous IQ tests I have taken. I am prolly just a level below genius level intelligence from my estimations. This provides an interesting combo - having a mental illness while being relatively intelligent - it allows me to see the world in a perspective most do not see. For this reason, I have been called "weird," "odd," "strange" and people tend to say things like "I don't understand you." Rather than getting down on myself about this, I actually consider it a strength.

Style Of play

When I first started playing I was always the top poster. I posted so much that it choked the game. After hearing multiple times not to do that I finally decided that it was best that I let the game breathe before I felt the need to post my thoughts. [Redacted]

I have had many people tell me they do not follow my reasoning. For a time I tried to explain myself more elaborately in hopes that people would understand, but it seemed the harder I tried to do that the less understood I was.

I have gotten lazy in my way of playing. I don't often say everything that is on my mind regarding the game, but reduce it to a few things that I feel are of immediate concern. [Redacted]

As Town I am a decent Scum hunter and a leader - my Town game, if you have played with me before, is unmistakable. I do, however, try to match my Scum game to my Town game which is an ever evolving process.

As I have gotten more comfortable playing as Scum (which is an ongoing process) I have felt my style of play is very much a power player. I post a lot, but I try to keep giving different or unique insights into what is going on in the game. I don't like to repeat myself so you won't see me making the same argument over and over unless it is called for. I generally do have some unique insights into the motivation of players and I sometimes say things that other people do not agree with the significance of what I have said.

Note: I have been trying to play around with the idea of trying to survive longer. This is done (for me) by not posting as much as I usually do.


There's definitely LicketyQuickety--this one is similar to Ankamius, in that it's not one people would really know about, but given our theory talks, LicketyQuickety is the type of player who, if I was scum, would terrify me because of the potential to nail scum time and time again. I might be one of the few to see it, but I see it all the same. ~Teridax AKA mastin2

I don't think there's any reason for LQ to lay the groundwork for a later play (I also think that meta-diving LQ proves that he's a "non-traditional" player (whatever that means) more than his words do). ~Nachomamma8

Lol dude forget about what people say. Don't know who told Occam's that but you do have a history of getting lynched on D1 but I still remember the last game I played with you, you were NKed and your nk basically destroyed the scum team and won us the game. Even owner used to get lynched on D1 but then people started reading her properly. It's the same with you as well dude. ~lost monkey

LQ was such an idiot when he first started playing on this site. Now that he's settled in he's pretty good. That's a problem. ~Klingoncelt (Scumchat)

I hate that lickety is so on point even though I genuinely don't get him half the time. He's got half the scum team down. ~Elbirn (Scumchat)


favorite play I have made

[1]"Falcon Punch: MarioManiac4" (Day Vig) ~ LQ

[2]"Mariomaniac, who was Snake, Neutral modified post-trapper serial killer 3-shot reflexive roleblocker, was falcon punched Day 1." ~ Mod

Favorite Scum Game

Mafia Academy II, played at PerC, takes the lead for my favorite Scum game.

This was what is called a mentor game, a specific kind of mentor game, a Mafia Academy mentor game. How this works is that half the players in the game are newbies and half the players in the game are out of newbie status. During Night Phase, newbies can get advice on how they played the previous day. The mentors of the game do not know the alignment of the people they are giving advice to. Newbies are allowed to ask a few questions to the vets. A lot of these vets are the cream of the crop on PerC and know the ins and outs of how to play well. The mentors were also hand picked by the host who happened to be a Forum Mod for the Mafia Sub forum at the time. There was a D0 in this game and I didn't know it at the time (because it was called D1 by the Mod) but everyone during D0 was a VT. So D0 I went all out thinking "I am going to get SOOO Town read this game". So after D0 is over the worst thing I wanted to happen, happened; I rolled Scum. So here I am trying to coach a couple newbies to the game on how to play well as Scum and that is kinda "LOL" because I don't put much faith in my Scum game tbh, and on top of that, I went all out D0 trying to get Town read which messed things up for me meta wise.

I was basically null read for most of the game. I did a ton of IIoA talking about Town block and lurkers mostly, but it kept Town off my back for a long time in the game. My Scum buddies did a good job of making themselves look reasonably Town and were never really a big contender for lynch.

I managed to push a few Town wagons that ended up being a contention for Lynch. But at PerC, there is no simple majority for lynch, its popular majority. So what happened is that there were like 2 people I was Town reading who ended up being tied with the people I was voting for and the flips were very generous for me - both Lynch's (D1 and D2), both who I was Town reading ended up flipping. All four people up for Lynch D1 and D2 were all Town. All throughout the game there was a guy who was Scum reading me hard core. It made me very nervous, honestly, because he wouldn't let up. I was Scum reading him and he was Scum reading me. The odd thing about this is that at the end of D3 there was a CFD and I ended up with my vote on one of my teammates, but guess what? The guy who was Scum reading me so hard core ended up the lynch for that day. I was ecstatic at that point. D4, however, was a tough tough day. I fought off arguments against me as best I could, and it looked like it was all in vein - all 4 Town had their vote on me. But then, I decided I would try to lurk out the wagon. So I am reading the thread and then all the sudden, someone switches their vote off me and on to the most Town person in the whole game. I didn't enter the thread. We had Day chat and both me and one of my teammates were lurking out the thead watching Town argue amongst themselves, it was beautiful. Since there is no simple majority, Town thought they were fine with just 3 votes on me to lynch me. But my teammate and I both tie up the vote with 10 sec left in the day, we win the coin toss and end up with a perfect victory against the Town.

This game had a lot of terrible play in it, but the last moments of the game were exhilarating.

Favorite Town Game

S-FM Spirits: A recent game where all my reads were correct and I WIFOMED Scum so hard they thought I was Vig and NKed me solving the game for a Town win.

What I Think is the Ideal Way to Play

1. Be confident- Self-explanatory. People naturally gravitate toward confident people. When you show no weakness you are telling people you are right when others are wrong. The alpha dog gets the bone.

2. Trust your Gut- The single best way to read people. A lot of the time people cannot consciously know if someone is genuine or not, but the subconscious can usually tell. With all things being equal, its the person with the best gut who gets the right reads. There have been studies that suggest the subconscious is better at spotting lies than the conscious mind, who cannot distinguish lies through text.

3. Convince people- Whether it be by an Occam's Razor deduction case or a sickening appeal to emotions, it doesn't matter as long as you get people to do what you want them to do. The more influence you have in the game, the more control you have over its outcome.

How I read people

I read people based on instinct, pure and simple. Instinct is different than gut because with instinct you start out with getting a gut read that someone is Town or Scum. Where it is different is that after something pings you or sets off alarm bells or raises red flags or whatever you want to call it you then go to investigate that person more closely you find out if they were Scum all along. Often times its a single post that alerts me that I believe they are Town or Scum and then I just look to see if what I was instinctive of has merit. If it does, I make a case out of it, if not, I might just keep watching. Sometimes there are things that you can just tell that that person would never say that as Town or Scum and that is where the art of reading the person comes into play. Reading the person is far more likely to give you accurate result than pretty much any kind of tell that is general. Tells are subjective, slips are subjective. The only thing you really have is what is said itt by that player and if what they are saying doesn't line up with their personality, then you know something is up. I, like every other player who has any amount of experience, do not have a perfect record for reading players. Its as much of a waiting game for me as it is an active one. I am waiting to see what is going to grab my attention and tell me where to look closer. My rule of thumb is asking myself "would this person post this as Town/Scum?" That said, Tells do in fact exist, but ONLY if you can explain them to a T. Without proper articulation on what the tell is, why it is a tell and how its reliable, it means nothing.

Additions to the Community

[3] Reads Lists: A Personal Perspective