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Mathdino   Carboniferous (2013)   Permian (2014)   Triassic (2015)   Jurassic (2017/18)   Creationism (Mod)   Statistics    

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Hey, I'm Mathdino.

About Me

  • Known as an ultimate tryhard town player.
  • Open Setup aficionado, trying to fix some setups in the MD.
  • Obsessed with setup-breaking, setup-optimisation, and unnecessary calculations and programs in and out of mafia games.
  • Amateur setup designer/reviewer. I made the setup Noir!
  • Policy lyncher extraordinaire.

The Way of The Dinosaur

Articles I Wrote

On Self-Appraisal: A townplay article about evaluating your own strengths and weaknesses and using them in mafia games.

My toolbox

The best ways of catching scum, ranked:

  1. Logic/Setup-Breaking: People use these badly. Don't use these badly. Know when players are or aren't confirmed scum.
  2. Process of Elimination: I'm a townhunting player more than a scumhunting one. Locking most of the game as town makes games easy.
  3. Good Meta: Most meta is shit. Take most of it a grain of salt. I'm talking "I know a player over 10 games and I can tell their alignments apart" level meta.
  4. Motivation-reading: Analysis of trajectory and motivations behind a player's posts and actions goes a long way.
  5. Pro-town vs anti-town: Occam's Razor suggests that someone constantly acting anti-town (i.e. hard-defends scum, mislynches town) is just scum. This goes doubly if the player suffers from Burden of Proficiency.
  6. VCA/NKA: I wrote the wiki article for VCA. It's useful sometimes. And when in doubt, sheep the dead.
  7. Cold meta/Rough meta: Ever so often there are scumtells hidden in a player's scum ISOs from previous games. Some players are easy to meta, but most are hard.
  8. Tonereading/gutreading: People overestimate how often this works. A select few players can reliably gutread people they've never played with before. The vast majority, including me, can't.



Comment Section

I took the liberty of adding this for you Dino. Now get to work and spruce up your wiki! - Elsa/Jay