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2018 Edition

Welcome to Aeronaut's Wiki. Aeronaut has been a player on MafiaScum since late 2013. As of this post, he has played in over 40 games on-site (3 of which in 2017), moderated 16 games, and played Survivor (Mish-mash) 2 times, placing 10th and 9th respectively. He has been a member of the Normal Review Group since 2016, and a Scummy's Judge since 2014.

He also has a GTKAS Thread! where you can ask him silly questions, but more importantly, find hidden things!

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My Win/Loss Record

Town [11-1-11]

Scum Team [8-5]

Third Party [1-2]

LYLO Win-Rate [7-4]

Clubs, Awards, and Accolades

  • Member of The Geriatric Players Club
  • Member of The Normal Review Group (as of 2016)
  • Nominated for Best Flavour for Delicious Mafia (2015)
  • Scummies Judge '16
  • Scummies Judge '15
  • Scummies Judge '14
  • Running Hydra Academy

Known Hydra Accounts / Alts

Alt/Hydra Name Partner(s) Reason for Alt/Hydra Game(s) Role(s) Result
Poveglio N/A Flavor Mafia: Exile Island - -
Shock Value Aristophanes Casual Gaming - - -
Bill and Gompers Wgeurts Hydra Academy Micro 583: Kids With Guns Innocent Child Loss
Axl_Rose Fro99er, Titus, Not_Mafia Moderation of NY194 New York 194 Moderator NA
Esther and Mordecai Jeanne11 Hydra Academy Micro 578: CRITICALLY EXPERIMENTAL Scum B Loss
Hodor Hodor Hodor Alt Account Fun - - -