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Something Smart

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Oh look, it's a wiki page.

Hey, it's mine! Imagine that.

~Happy birthday SS!!!

Played games
Game Moderator Role Fate Winner My Result Notes
Newbie 1663: Floridian Mafia goodmorning/Marquis Mafia Goon Survived Mafia WON Replaced JokerOnWheelz day 1.
Newbie 1670: Mutts Mafia fferyllt Vanilla Townie Killed N3 Mafia LOST Replaced Doctordynamo day 3.
Micro 559: ETL's Brass & Shrapnel EspeciallyTheLies Town Vigilante Killed N1 Town WON
Open 620: Duck Duck Goose Marcrell Town 1-shot PGO Eliminated D3 Mafia LOST Played as Something Pip (hydra with itlepip).
Micro 569: One Night Ultimate Werewolf shos Mason Survived Town WON
Open 623: White Flag Drixx Vanilla Townie Eliminated D1 Mafia LOST
Micro 572: ETL's UPICKSORTA EspeciallyTheLies Town Vigilante Survived Town WON
Open 624: Fire & Ice texcat Ice Mafia Goon Killed N4 Fire Mafia LOST
Micro 576: Word Sneak Mafia 2: Even Sneakier! Aeronaut Mafia Goon Survived Mafia WON Replaced TheCow day 1.
Micro 573: Basic uPick Davsto Infinite Improbability Drive (Town) Eliminated D1 Mafia LOST
Micro 587: Maths Mafia ZZZX y = 1 (Town) Survived Town WON
Open 629: C9++ Armageddon Serial Killer Eliminated D2 Mafia LOST Replaced Creature day 1.
Micro 592: Lovers Mafia kirroha Vanilla Townie Slot eliminated D1 Mafia LOST* Replaced out day 1. (*not counted in statistics)
New York 194: Guns N' Roses Mafia Aeronaut/Titus/Not_Mafia Mafia BP-Enabler Goon Killed N6 Serial Killer LOST
Micro 599: Worst (Role) Idea(s) Mafia Davsto Smeagol (Mafia) Eliminated D1 Town LOST Played as Something Pip (hydra with itlepip).
Micro 602: Pokemon Ep 3+4 Radja Samurai's Metapod (Vanilla Townie) Survived Town WON Played as Sword of Damocles (hydra with Aristophanes).
Micro 604: Reverse Mafia MarioManiac4 Vanilla Townie Left game D2 Town WON
Newbie 1706: Cocktail party Radja Vanilla Townie Eliminated D1 Town WON Played as Vox Dei (alt account). Replaced datanksta1213 day 1.
Mini 1793: uPick Anything RadiantCowbells Mewtwo (Town 1-Shot Bulletproof Conditional Ascetic 1-Shot Strongman Vigilante) Survived Town WON Played as The Limit Does Not Exist (hydra with lilith2013).
Open 641: Carbon 14 drmyshottyizsik Vanilla Townie Eliminated D1 Town WON Replaced Desmond_13 day 1.
Micro 615: The Walking Dead, Episode 5 Radja Carl Grimes (Vanilla Townie) Survived Town WON
Micro 617: Pokemon Episode 5 Radja Ash Ketchum (Town Enabler) Killed N2 Town WON Played as Sword of Damocles (hydra with Aristophanes).
Mini 1802: Paint Mafia Sequel Cheetory6 Vanilla Townie Slot survived Town WON* Replaced Spiffeh day 2. Replaced out day 4. (*not counted in statistics)
Mini 1804: Poker Mafia Alchemist21 Captain Gatlin Gun Mack (Vanilla Townie) Eliminated D3 Mafia LOST
Micro 623: Dem Tryouts 2 shos 1-shot Bulletproof Townie Survived Town WON
Mini 1818: Princess Bride Mafia KuroiXHF Count Rugen (Mafia Non-consecutive Day Executioner) Survived Mafia & Serial Killer WON Played as Sword of Damocles (hydra with Aristophanes).
Micro 632: Mislead FakeGod Mafia Goon Conceded D5 Town LOST* Replaced BBmolla day 2. Highly experimental and unbalanced setup. (*not counted in statistics)
Mini 1822: Welcome to Typhon Chrimi Product Research Development Employee (Vanilla Townie) Eliminated D4 Game Abandoned N/A Replaced Seraphim day 4.
The Walking Dead: Season 1 Finale Radja Dr. Edwin Jenner (Zombie Mafia Doctor) Killed D8 Town LOST Played as Young and Witless (hydra with Creature).
Open 654: Two Fold Matrix6 Creature Werewolf Goon Killed N1 Werewolves WON Replaced Javajoe24 day 1.
Micro 647: True Love mhsmith0 Town Lover Survived Town WON
Micro 646: BIOLOGY (Blitz) Firebringer Town Mason Killed N1 Mafia LOST Replaced Mislynch day 1.
Mini Normal 1841 inspectorscout Vanilla Townie Endgamed D5 Mafia LOST
Mini 1842: Pokemon Episode 6 Radja Misty's Staryu (Vanilla Townie) Eliminated D2 Mafia LOST Played as Sword of Damocles (hydra with Aristophanes).
DEFCON Mafia 4.0 Andrius Russian (Missile Silo) Eliminated D1 Russians (Mafia) WON
Micro 661: Scumteam Unpick Creature Mafia Goon Eliminated D4 Town LOST Replaced ArcAngel9 day 1.
Micro 679: Double Day Unlimited Hydra Blitz KittyMo Vanilla Townie Eliminated D3 Mafia LOST All hydra game. Played as Sword of Damocles (hydra with Aristophanes).
Mini 1897: Chocolate Mafia BlackVoid Mafia Goon Survived Mafia WON
Mini 1902: Dayless Mafia IV Empking Town Mason Killed N4 Town WON* Played as Vox Dei (alt account). Very non-serious setup, and I did practically nothing. (*not counted in statistics)
Micro 707: Normal Idea Mafia Creature Town Odd Night Tracker Killed N2 Town WON
Micro 714: Vengeful Mafia Modified #4 Tenshii Day 1 Vengeful Townie Eliminated D2 Mafia LOST
Micro 715: Friendly Neighbor 6 ThinkBig Vanilla Townie Survived Town WON Replaced FireScreamer day 1.
Micro 719: For Us Alisae Orpheus (Mafia Modified Self-Motivated Odd-Night Night Talk Enabler Compulsive Thread Posting Multiple User Personality Neighbor) Eliminated D2 Town LOST All hydra game. Played as Sword of Damocles (hydra with Aristophanes).
Open 692: Two-fold Matrix6 BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Killed N6 Mafia & Werewolf Draw LOST Replaced PenguinPower day 1.
Micro 727: Within Me GuyInFreezer Vanilla Townie Killed N3 Mafia LOST* Replaced hi im Yakko day 3. (*not counted in statistics)
Micro 733: Grand Idea Mafia Aristophanes Town 2-shot Watcher Killed N1 Mafia LOST* Less than 50% of the players were town. (*not counted in statistics)
Open 696: Cosmopolitan Realeo Mafia Goon A Survived Mafia WON Played as iiSq5024 (alt account).
Micro 740: Setup the Best Setup Nahdia Mafia Goon Eliminated D2 Mafia WON* Replaced pisskop day 2. (*not counted in statistics)
Mini 1947: Board Game uPick: The Expansion Lucky2u/penguin_alien One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Daybreak (Town Village Idiot, with a Confusion Choice Expanion) Killed N2 Town WON
Paint Mafia Mania Cheetory6 Vanilla Townie Endgamed D7 YellowMafia LOST
Large Normal 209: BooneyToonz VI - Journey to Boon Island Boonskiies Town Ascetic Neighbor Killed N3 Mafia LOST
Mini 1969: Blessed Mafia Assemblerotws Town Ascetic 1-shot Bulletproof Endgamed N3 Werewolves LOST
Micro 772: Jester Nightless Jingle Vanilla Townie Eliminated D5 Mafia LOST
Team Mafia 2018: Inventions Mafia beeboy Vanilla Townie Survived Town WON
Micro 781: Lone Wolf northsidegal Town Mason Endgamed D3 Mafia LOST
Micro 788: Won't You Be My Neighbor II Archwing Vanilla Townie Eliminated D2 Mafia LOST
Open 712: Elemental Large davesaz Fire Element Goon Survived Mafia WON* Replaced Lil Uzi Vert night 3. (*not counted in statistics)
Open 716: Making Friends and Enemies Aster Town Mason Killed N4 Town WON Replaced Sando day 1.
Micro 792: Three in One Errantparabola Vanilla Townie, Town Cop Survived, eliminated D2 Not_Mafia & Mathdino LOST* Game was broken and not really mafia. (*not counted in statistics)
Mini 2005: Fun With Decimals TwoInAMillion Town 2-shot Doctor Survived Town WON
Echo Bay Grits SEO xyzzy Echo Bay Grits Goon Killed D2 Echo Bay Munitions (Mafia) LOST* Played as Austerity (alt account). (*not counted in statistics)
Open 728: Sharing is Caring Almost50 Vanilla Townie Killed N1 Town WON
Micro 808: Kids With Guns Korina Vanilla Townie Killed N2 Town WON Replaced NotAJumbleOfNumbers day 1.
Micro 812: The Arena II BulletNLynchproof Vanilla Townie Eliminated D7 Mafia LOST
Mini 2037: the worst Idea Mafia Gamma Emerald Town Vengestump Eliminated D5 Town WON
Mini 2044: BooneyToonz VIII - That One Time...At Boon Camp Boonskiies Mafia Compulsive Weak Doctor Eliminated D4 Town LOST* Replaced Invisibility day 3. (*not counted in statistics)
Excalibur FakeGod Vanilla Townie Killed N1 Mafia LOST
Open 743: The Haunted Village MiniDeathStar Warlock (Mafia Rolecop) Survived Mafia WON
Open 747: Our Love Must Remain Hidden implosion Town Lover Survived Town WON
Micro 845: The Room Odds BulletNLynchproof XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX ONGOING

Modded games
Game Winner Notes
Mini 1786: Inspirational Mafia Mafia
Micro 620: Anything uPick Mafia
Mini 1836: Space Mafia Town
Micro 649: Normal Idea Mafia Town
Micro 710: Backup6 Town
Micro 732: Miss List Mafia
Mini 1953: XP Mafia Mafia
Mini 1990: Terror in the City Town
Micro 794: Miss List II Mafia

Alignment Total games Games won Games lost Win percentage
Town 41 24 17 59%
Mafia 14 8 6 57%
Self-aligned 1 0 1 0%
Total 56 32 24 57%

Last updated: 2/4/2019 (I term-replaced it more recently but I don't care anymore lol)