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Hi, I'm NSG. I play a lot of mafia. I also played a large social game once, Nonary Game: Ambidex Panic, which I won (it was a ton of fun!).

I won the "Paragon" scummie for 2018, and the "Master Strategist", "Rube Goldberg", and "Modfather" scummies for 2019.

Win record

Win Loss Draw % Faction
43 20 0 68.25%  as All Factions
36 16 0 69.23%  as Town
7 3 0 70%  as Mafia / Werewolves
0 0 0 0%  as Cult
0 1 0 0%  as Self-Aligned


Feel free to leave me a message here if you're ever looking through this. When I was new to the site I read through a lot of old games, so it's always interesting to to hear if people are looking at my old games. hi you're pretty great bye

Hello there! Here's a comment! Have a good day. ~Some random person

Well played. You will always be Hitler in my heart <3 - Hectic (this is a reference to secret hitler the game -nsg) (Wow, why did you need to clarify that? - Hectic) (hey i remember that game! ~dats)



magical hello

monkey was here

Farkran is your fan

just wanted to let you know im not using your scripts sorry ~sch

hello again


Don't let a win get to your head, don't let a loss get to your heart.

A scumteam caught early on will push each other down to stay afloat. Don't be quick to clear people for being a counterwagon to scum or for having been voted by scum.

The best meta reads are personality or mood based rather than strictly content based.

The error that most consistently loses towns games is focusing on the townies who do outrageous things rather than the silently scummy people.

"There's some percentage of games that nearly any player would win and some that nearly any would lose. Skill is reflected in the games that are in between those two points."

Games played, "concise"

Game W/L Moderator Role Team Death / Status My play
1  Newbie 1821: The Newleywed Game Loss Cabd Tracker Town  Mafia Win
2  Micro 745: Beyond Death Loss Lycanfire Vanilla Town Town  Mafia Win
3  Newbie 1828: Utopia! Win Fferyllt Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
4  Micro 747: Setup UPick Mafia Win Aronis Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
5  Open 695: Making Friends and Enemies Loss Torque Vanilla Town, Recruited Mason Town  Mafia Win
6  Newbie 1826: Basketball Loss mhsmith0 Vanilla Town Town  Mafia Win
7  Open 700: Donner Party Win CommKnight Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
8  Newbie 1827: Baseball Win mhsmith0 Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
9  Micro 753: Votefuckery Loss HolySpiritTurtle Universal Backup Town  Mafia Win
10  Micro 754: Shut Up and Vote II Win chesskid3 Mafia Goon Mafia  Mafia Win
11  Mini Normal 1961 Win Dunkerdoodles Night 3 Vigilante Town  Town Win
12  Newbie 1832: Alone Win Xalxe Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
13  Mini Normal 1950 Win Flairs Mafia Goon Mafia  Mafia Win
14  Open 701: Pick Yer Power X/Y Win Elmo TeH AzN Mafia Goon Mafia  Mafia Win
15  Micro 758: Shut Up and Vote III: Ellibereth Sux Loss chesskid3 Vanilla Town Town  Mafia Win
16  Mini Normal 1964 - Hell Is 56k Dialup Win KidAmn Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
17  Newbie 1836 Loss Huntress Mafia Goon Mafia  Town Win
18  Micro 759: Tarot uPick III Win Fferyllt Evolving Gift Giver Town  Town Win
19  Micro 762 - Dragon Hunters Win FakeGod Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
20  Micro 763 - Shut Up and Vote IV: Crowdfunded Editions Loss Ellibereth Vanilla Town Town  Mafia Win
21  Mini Normal 1973 - The Fall of House Viliyr Loss acidphoenix Vanilla Town Town  Mafia Win
22  Micro 764: Marked For Death #2 Loss Toto Vanilla Town Town  Mafia Win
23  Open:706 C9++ Win momo Cop Town  Town Win
24  Micro 767: Spyro the Dragon Mafia Win Not_Mafia Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
25  Newbie 1839 Win nancy Roleblocker Mafia  Mafia Win
26  Micro 770: Killer In The Penthouse Loss beeboy Bodyguard Town  Mafia Win
27  Anything uPick Win RadiantCowbells Shortwave Radio Town  Town Win
28  Team Mafia 2018: White Flag Win MathBlade Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
29  Micro 771: Lucky's Lucky Upick Lollapalooza! Win Lucky2u Slot Machine Town  Town Win
30  Open 711: Stack the Deck Loss Mathdino Vanilla Town Town  Mafia Win
31  Micro 776: Jackpot Win RadiantCowbells Vengeful Townie Town  Town Win
32  Micro 778: Be Yourself Mafia Loss Not_Mafia Ascetic Strongman Serial Killer Self  Mafia Win
33  Mini 1991: Taking Justice Into Our Own Hands Win Beefster Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
34  Newbie 1851: Positivity Win WhemeStar Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
35  Newbie 1850 Win Micc Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
36  Open 714: Tit for Tat Win RedFlavor Vigilante Town  Town Win
37  Micro 792: Three in One Loss Errantparabola Goon Mafia  Town Win
38  Micro 793: Double Investigation I Win Not Known 15 Goon Mafia  Mafia Win
39  Newbie 1859 Win Assemblerotws Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
40  Large Normal 211: Scientific Mafia Win Assemblerotws Town Inheritor Town  Town Win
41  Mini Normal 2005: Fun With Decimals Win TwoInAMillion Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
42  Open 721: Pick Your Poison Win brassherald Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
43  Micro 801: 2 Mafia, 1 Vigilante, 6 Townies Win callforjudgement Vigilante Town  Town Win
44  Mini 1997: The Clownspiracy Win Mathdino Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
45  Mini 2011: Partition Mafia Loss implosion Vanilla Town Town  Mafia Win
46  Open 728: Sharing is Caring Win Almost50 Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
47  Product Placement Mafia Loss Untrod Tripod Vanilla Town Town  Mafia Win
48  Newbie 1867 Loss Huntress Mafia Goon Mafia  Town Win
49  Micro 807: Lynchpin 8p Win callforjudgement Mafia Goon Mafia  Mafia Win
50  Open 729: Cul de Sac Win HeWhoSwims Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
51  Micro 816-II: Pokemon Go Win schadd_ Town Jailkeeper Town  Town Win
52  Open 735: Watchmen Wanted Win Flicker Town Backup Town  Town Win
53  Mini 2032: TAZ Mafia Win xyzzy Leon the Artificer Mafia  Mafia Win
54  Micro 827: The Team Odds Loss BulletNLynchproof Vanilla Town Town  Mafia Win
55  Mini 2036: Charging Up Loss BulletNLynchproof Town Follower Town  Mafia Win
56  Anything uPick Win RadiantCowbells A Barrel of Claustrophobic Flying Monkeys Town  Town Win
57  micro 833: a coalition Win schadd_ Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
58  Micro 834: Vanilla 8-ball Win the worst Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
59  Mini 2049: Innocent Evil People Win Jingle Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
60  Mini 2039: uPicketyPicketyPick Mafia Loss jjh927 Vanilla Town Town  Mafia Win
61  Mini 2065: Access Point Win FakeGod Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
62  Micro 879: The Black Site Win Skygazer Vanilla Town Town  Town Win
64  Mini 2089: Zero Escape Mafia: The Nonary Game Win funkybike1 Town Neighbor Town  Town Win