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A scummer.


Game Moderator Role Death Result Description
Newbie 1014 bv310 Town Doctor Lynched day one Town Win on day 3 After the person being lynched on day one claimed a power role, the lynch turned to me. I claimed doctor, and was lynched over him. However, on night one the cop found the second mafia, allowing him to claim for the win.
Open 262 gandalf5166 Vanilla Townie Killed night one Mafia Win on day 5 I died night one. Kind of lost interest after that.
Open 260 Alduskkel Mafia backup rolecop turned mafia rolecop Killed night three Town win on night three Day one went great, but after that the mafia jailkeeper got lynched day two and everything went downhill for the mafia. With a confirmed vig and a confirmed jailkeeper, it was an easy win for the town. My partner was lynched and I was shot.
Newbie 1034 Parama Town Doctor Survived Town Win on day 4 I was completely wrong about everything until day two, when I started pushing both mafia, but was forced to switch to someone else to avoid being lynched. Thankfully, the clear believed me and the other townie at 5-way lylo and we lynched both scum.
Open 269 Chronopie Vanilla Townie Lynched day three Town win on day 5 My play here was completely terrible, lol. I got lynched, but andre94's vigging 2/3 mafia (would have been all three if not for a roleblock) won it.
ATHF mafia Untrod Tripod (Mason) Mafia flavor cop Lynched on Day 7 Town win on day 7 Ghostwriter and I weren't told we were mafia.
Cyclic Experimentation Set x01 kunkstar7 (modding from The Eruci) Varied (town) Survived Town win on day 6 Fun game. I eventually got confirmed as town through passing an ability to curiouskarmadog, and the town coasted to victory with 4 confirmed townies in the end.
Mini 1121 Nexus Vanilla Townie Endgamed Scum win on day four Perfect scumwin. I called 2.5/3 scum (A, B, and either C or D) in my last post, but it wasn't enough. People voted badly in 7-way lylo, and scum lynched before I had even voted. I was actually expecting to be mislynched on day four for the scum win... that didn't happen, though.
Frogs Mafia 2 Shanba Hart of Darkness (godfather) Lynched day 4 Town win on day five Was a good game. The town was kind of pantsonhead early on, but they eventually figured out me and then hammered on Amrun to win it.
Advance Wars - Mafia Strikes AlmasterGM Kindle (godfather and other stuff) Lynched day two Draw due to mod error Being scum with Fate and Sociopath is kind of like a bucket of ice water and scorpions to the face. I wound up getting bussed, and then after some complicated issue with forgetting a doublevote or making something a doublevote when it should have been a triplevote or something, it was declared a draw.