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NOTICE: This page primarily focuses on my post-June 2020 play experience, as I feel everything before then was done from too different of a mindset to be listed alongside the new data, and it also simplifies the data collection process. I may feature a quote or two from before June 2020, but I will try to add more quotes from after that turning point. Once this page gets edited to my liking I will probably adjust this notice to be more concise. Until then be alerted this page is in the process of being modernized.

About Me

My username is inspired by a thought I had about a potential Pokemon Emerald remake, Gamma Emerald. My avatar is currently Terezi from Homestuck, because she's awesome and so is Homestuck.

The Way I Play (modern style)

I have a pretty variable playstyle, but some hallmarks are a strong logical thought process that can change seemingly at random, and scum play that focuses on using my strong points to avoid situations where my weak points can come up.

Played Games (modern meta)

Completed Games History
Entry Number Username Type Number End Date Title Alignment Role Victors Status Result Notes
1 Gentleman 1 Large Theme N/A August 15, 2020 A warlock, a werewolf, and a vampire... Mafia Gentleman Town Eliminated In Second Dance Lost While being on a hidden alt was a fun breath of fresh air, I wasn't focused on the game at all really so I lost.
2 Gamma Emerald Open 793 August 28, 2020 Trust Fall Town Vanilla Mafia Left Day 2 Lost Town decided to try to break the setup but it resulted in a perfect scum win.
3 Gamma Emerald Micro 963 August 29, 2020 Kids with Lungs Town Vanilla (Healthy Student) Town Endgamed Lost Played very disengaged and let myself get pocketed by Pooky.
4? Gamma Emerald Mini Theme 2158 September 20, 2020 Cards of Destiny Town Odd-Night Bus Driver Town Survived Won Got into some heated debates and was scumread a lot but managed to not be a detriment overall. My role didn't do much iirc.

The above table is WIP and will be continuously updated when I have time.

Modded Games (full history, only ones I modded to the end)

Mini Normal 1861: Musical Mafia A decent game, with town reverse sweeping the scumteam starting Day 3. I had an issue with accidental mod-spew but I think I handled it the best I could even if the players took things the wrong way.

mini theme 1993: earthbound mafia

micro 798: splatoon mafia

micro 828: random facts mafia

the worst Idea Mafia

booneytoonz IX: under the sea

Mini Theme 2097: Make Me Regret This UPick

micro 977: video game metal covers

Quotes (focusing on recent moments)

Gamma: "Why can't I be that dumb?"

Backhand: "Yeah! Don't let anyone tell you how dumb you can't be."

-Mini Mormal 1905


"Gamma Emerald for Adequacy"

-Jake the Wolfie