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UC Voyager

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Back Ground UC Voyager (Tyler Roper) is a user who started in September of 2017. He is known for his Star Trek references.


2 scum win, 3 scum lose, 12 town lose, 10 town win

Mini Normal-Mod: Mulch-Mafia win

Role: Non Consecutive Jail Keeper

UCV came off to a great start, but fell behind. He started to get lost. The thread was moving to fast for him, but he eventually sorted everything. He instantly scum read Boon, who was mafia. He also had a scum read on Torenga, who was also scum. his third scum read was Tchill, who wasn't scum. the scum team managed to get UCV to l-1 very early in day one. he was frced to claim Non Consecutive Jail Keeper. They managed to lyncha townie at the end of the day. the first night, He tried to jail keep Tchill. He of coarse died that night. He was killed by Sub4Hire, who he didn't have a scum read on.

Noobie-Mod: Cabd-Mafia win

Role: Vanilla Townie

UCV did very poorly in this. despite the fact he figured out the scum by the time he was lynched. He claimed VT super early. Another player pushed him really hard. UCV tried to warn him that he would get lyched the following day resulting in two townies miss lynched, but the player did not listen. UCV was lynched day two, and the player who had pushed him was lynched day three. UCV followed in dead thread til the game ended in the last 10 min of day four with a mafia win!

Noobie-Mod: Cabd-Town win

Role: Vanilla Townie

UCV came off to a decent start in this game. He had a scum read on one of the scum right off the bat. He eventually changed his vote to another player, who was scum. That player convinced UCV he wasn't scum, so UCV changed his vote to a townie. this is where he went downhill. He tried to find a read, but couldn't find one. In the end, he was lynched day one. TO the towns luck, they got the first scum the next day, and the last scum day three!

Micro Greatest idea-Mod: Micc-flawless scum win Role: Mafia GodFather

UCV did amazing in this game. It was a very scum sided set up, but he still did good! this game ended after night one ended. day one, UCV lurked a little, but made contributing posts. He tried to look like he was being useful. the first day ended in a town mason miss lynch! TO UCV's luck, he wasn't even on the wagon! that night, the scum team planned to kill one of the other masons then try to get the last mason miss lynched, but to their suprise, a town PR targeted a Paranoid Gun owner, and was killed. that was the fourth dead townie and then the scum team had completed their wincon!

Micro Shut up and vote-Mod: ChessKid3-scum win UCV tried his best in this game, but it is hard when all you can do is vote and quote! there was a miss lynch day one, and the scum tried to frame him by voting the person who voted him day one, so UCV had to convince a nother player he wasn't scum with the little he had! he tried to point out how the scum tried to turn on the other townie, but UCV didn't fall for it! the other townie voted UCV ending the game with a scum win!

Noobie game-Mod: Fferyllt-flwaless scum win

Role: Doctor

UCV was excited to join this game! he new the person he replaced play style and this was townie! He joined in to realise the person had claimed doctor all ready! saddly, the scum team wanted to lynch him for "fake-claiming". UCV did everything he could, but actually was fake hammered and reacted as if townie just died! the second night, he wasn't night killed! At the start of day three, someone voted for him. UCV omgus voted him! the scum team quickly quick hammered ending in a lose for UCV

Normal Game mod: Flairs-scum victory

Role: Jailkeeper

UCV was happy because this was his first town PR game. he lived to night four before being night killed. day one, he was a common scum read early. He eventually pushed his wya out of being a scum read. He fake hammered someone, but then the town their reaction was fake, so they miss lynched the townie anyway. day two, UCV claimed jailkeeper and then town telled another player. Day two, they no lynched. UCV wasn't night killed. day three, vanilla cop outs himself to get the first scum and it works. That night, the vanilla cop was night killed. day four, UCV death tunneled a town and ended up misslynching a townie. that night he died. day five, mafia won.

Normal game mod: JJH-town win

Role: Vanilla Townie

day one, UCV did poorly. he lurked a ton, and wasn't active. that day, a town PR was lynched. day two, UCV still lurked but posted more good reads. That day, the town got the first scum. Day three, UCV was very active. He pushed on a townie for a little, but the scum fakeclaimed PGO. It was quickly called out the PGO was not normal, so scum was lynched. The game ended there because the last scum was a traitor who lost!

Noobie Basketball game mod: Mhsmith0-Flawless scum win

Role: Mafia Goon

UCV had won as scum before, but this ws his first time rolling scum. He did a little bad day one. He lolhammered the jailkeeper! since the BulletProof had claimed, the scum team decided to take their time and get rid of the last town PR. day 2, everyone was surprised to see a no night kill. the day pushed through til the last hour where UCV hammered another Townie. that night, he was able to kill the BulletProof. day three, his buddy pushed a no lynch. he decided to sheep and there was a no lynch! night four, the mfia team killed randomly. day four, a player became conf town because of a rage quit. UCV and his partner began to buss hard on eachother! they were both at l-1, when the conf town decided that the two people voting for UCV should change their votes to another player who was a townie. both his partner and the townie voting for UCV switched their votes, so UCV quickhammered!

Noobie wishes game mod: xalxe-flawless scum win

role: vanilla townie UCV replaced in on day 3. he was instantly in a bad position. day 3, no lynch. next day, UCV went for another townie. he went into huge detail on the scum team. his scum team consisted of one scum and the townie. he voted for the townie and said if anyone else voted for them, he would unvote and vote them. he did this fr a few days before letting the scum team hammer. then the town lost. UCV was shocked to this

Noobie game mod: Huntress-Flawless scum win

Role: Vanilla townie UCV endgamed here. he was active say one and three, but was silent for day two. on the last day, he was close to positive that he was going to get a scum, but in stead, he got a townie and the scum team won.

Newbie baseball game mod: Mhsmith0-Town win

Role: Vanilla townie This was probably one of UCV's worst game performance despite winning. He tried at first, but half way through day one, stopped trying. He ended up being lynched day one. He barely followed the game after that. The town made it to day 5 where they lynched the final scum.

Micro The Hero We Deserve game mod: Californiajudgment-Town win

Role: Even Night Bullet Proof Townie This was probably the best job UCV has ever done. throughout day one and two, he was the universal town read. Day one, it took him a while before he actually had a solid read. He ended up scum reading one of the scum and pushed them real hard. at the end of day one, he hammered a townie out of no where. turns out, he did it so he wouldn't be the NK. sadly, the vigilante was shot that night by the scum. the vigilante did shoot the scum he pushed. after he made up some explanation of hammering (he didn't want to claim), he ecame a top town read again. The last scum came down to two people. he said one was following their scum meta, but the other was super scummy. after a while, he finally voted the townie. there was no quick hammer because the scum was all ready on the wagon. both of the players were at l-1. after waiting for a decent defense and a good reason to stay on the townie, he hammered the last scum and the town won.

Micro beyond death mod: Lyancfire-scum win

Role: whispering soul

This game was depressing and I don't want to explain. lets just say I was Killed night 2.

Open Donner Party mod: Commknight-Town win

Role: vanilla townie

UCV, lynched day one. town carried his dead ass to victory!

Micro SuAV III mod: Chesskid, (co-mod: Ellibreth)-scum win

role: vanilla townie ended the same as SuAV II.

thread Upick mod: vonflare-scum win/3p win

role: full BP townie

UCV just sucked. he got lynched day 2 after he lost interest in the game. then the town sucked the rest of the time

Micro completely normal game mod: lucky2U-town win

role: town tracker UCV did half decent. he did a lot of town hunting, but failed to pick out scum. he was on the wagon of scum day one. he tracked a town PR night one and the town PR had targeted him. He had to out himself to save the townie! he tried to make them look like a VT though. he town read 2 townies day 2. had a slight scum read on a townie as well, but the rest of the town got the scum! ending the game in a town win!

Open nightless mod: Mathblade-town win

role: mafiaso UCV got lynched day one saddly. he tried to survive day one, but failed. by day four, al but one scum had been lynched. the last scum made it to day 8 before the town finally got them!

Newbie mod: micc- town win

role: vanilla townie day one was extremely long. it last over 60 pages before they finally lynched. they lynched scum, but UCV was not on the wagon. night one, the town doctor was killed. day two, the tracker pushed the last scum and UCV hammered scum and town won!

Micro SUAV 4 mod: ellibreth- scum win

role: townie ended same as SUAV 2 and 3 and includes UCV raging at the end

Normal mini mod: assembler-scum win role: doctor enabler

UCV endgamed and lost

open pick your poison mod: davesaz - town win role: mafia goon

UCV was lynched day two. last scum was lynched day six

newbie-mod: micc - town win role-vanilla townie UCV was endgame

CHill mafia mod: Aeronaut - town win role-mafia goon UCV was lynched day 4

newbie soccer mod: mhsmith0 - town win role-vanilla town UCV was killed night one

normal first game mod: twoinamillion - town win role-two shot cop UCV was killed night three

notable things

Grnad idea mafia mod: lucky2u - town/survivor win role: dexter morgan (SK)

It was agreed by most of the playerlist that this game would not count for UCV's record. why? because he didn't lose the game. the fact there was a role that knew all of the roles in the game knew that Dexter morgan had a vote restriction and outed that fact and they found UCV and lynched him day one!



-also goes by TheThawClown, Tyler Roper, Yawn, ewak/mrewak/drewak etc, ironarrow