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I joined MafiaScum in July 2008. Although I never played very many games due to real life time constraints, I have read the forums a lot. I also played a bunch of Skype mafia in 2013, and have attended many meet-ups. Here is a link to my forum profile, and my GTKAS thread.

I prefer playing face to face but joined this site back when I didn't know anyone else into this kind of thing. From 2012 onwards I started attending and organising meet-ups, and met friends through the site, as well as my partner, Cogito Ergo Sum.

We still hold an annual UK-based meet (although have had to skip a few years due to the covid pandemic) and newcomers are always welcome!

Meetups attended: Ponybash 2012, UK Scummers Meet 2013, Scumdon 2013, Manchessmeet, UK Scummers Meet 2014, Scumdon II, The Pony Express, Eastermeet 2015, Orlando 2015, Eastermeet 2016... etc.

Played games:

Game Name Date Role Alignment Outcome W/L
Newbie 656 2008-07-28 Vanilla Town Killed N2 Lost
Newbie 695 2008-12-12 Roleblocker Mafia Game abandoned
Newbie 705 2008-12-12 Cop Town Survived Won
Newbie 903 2010-02-22 Vanilla Town Endgamed Lost
Open 224 - Vengeful 2010-06-03 Vengeful Town Survived Won
Open 229 - Vengeful 2010-06-30 Vengeful Town Survived Won
Ladies Night 2010-08-18 Vanilla Town Killed N2 Won
Open 274 - Trendy and Subversive 2011-01-03 Vanilla Town Lynched D1 Lost
Open 306 - Lovers 2011-05-06 Lover Mafia Survived Won
Open 318 - Nomination Mafia 2011-06-22 Goon Mafia Lynched D5 Lost
Mini 1256 - Marius and Sulla 2011-10-03 Goon Mafia Survived Won
UK Scummers Meetup Invitational 2013-04-21 Mason Town Killed N2 Won
Scumdon Invitational 2013-09-14 Tracker Town Killed N2 Lost
Wicked Mafia (as Ampersand hydra with CES) 2014-02-05 Doctor Town Lynched D5 Lost
UK Meet 2014 (as Ampersand hydra with CES) 2014-04-16 Tracker Town Survived Won
Team Mafia 13p Normal 2015-03-21 Vanilla Town Killed N1 Lost
UK Meet 2015 (as Ampersand hydra with CES) 2015-06-09 Tourist Town Killed N3 Won
Team Mafia Magical Stories 2018-01-19 Alchemist Town Survived Won
UK Eastermeet Invitational 2019-04-23 Goon Mafia Shot D1 Won

Modded games:

Open 248 - Two of Four

Newbie 1082

Open 331 - No Lynching Town