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Hi Marquis : )

hi dopog!~

this page is not up-to-date and probably never will be up-to-date

Known Alts

Name Gamecount Status
Ingrid 2 Inactive
she doesnt even go here 1 Inactive
REGINA+ 1 Inactive
Cho 3 Active
Mafia 1-Shot Fruit Vendor 2 Semi-active

Known Hydrae

Name Partner Gamecount Status
Treble Metal Sonic and KX 2 Inactive
Mitzi Metal Sonic 1 Inactive
Concombre kyucumber 1 Inactive
Jessica Katarina LeBlanc 2 Inactive
Doduo notscience 3 Semi-active
Doublade caledfwitch 1 Active
Feu et Vol beastcharizard 1 Active
22 Majiffy 1 Active

Completed MafiaScum Games

Game Moderator Identity Role Fate Result Victor Started Ended Replaced In Notes
Newbie 1395 Nobody Special Marquis Vanilla Townie Survived (D3) Win Town (D3) 2013.06.05 2013.07.31 Yes (D1)
First game. Tried to start out serious, got angry, realized I was wrong and right in certain areas. Things are different now.
Open 510: DUCK DUCK GOOSE Ms Marangal Treble Town 1-Shot PGO Endgamed (N4) Loss Mafia (N4) 2013.07.08 2013.08.11 No
I let Metal Sonic do the serious stuff early on (lol). Turns out our reads were pretty wrong and we second-guessed ourselves.
Micro 190: The Dead That Walk Empking Marquis Mafia Goon (The Fool) Lynched (D3) Win Mafia (D4) 2013.06.17 2013.07.14 Yes (D3)
No idea how this ended in a win. Logically, only Smudger could have been my partner after the D3 split wagons. But hey, I'm not complaining.
Micro 196: Cracking Idea Mafia Zaicon Marquis Town Miller Vigilante Lynched (D1) Loss Mafia (D2) 2013.06.28 2013.07.12 Yes (N0)
Got quickhammered by a lone Alien D1. Idk man, idk.
Micro 212: Greater Idea Mafia - IT'S SHARK WEEK! Amrun she doesnt even go here Town Tracker Killed (N2) Loss Werewolves (D3) 2013.08.01 2013.08.21 No
Altslipped, completely misunderstood the meaning of Gravedigger, and pretty much wasted my power. Oops.
Newbie 1411: Enthralling Entrances Human Destroyer Marquis Vanilla Townie Survived (D2) Win Town (D2) 2013.07.28 2013.08.18 Yes (D1)
Very nice town win with one death and the one PR intact. Typical newbie game with relative newbie scum and town.
Newbie 1407 Malakittens Marquis Mafia Goon Survived (D4) Win Mafia (D4) 2013.07.21 2013.08.21 Yes (D1)
I was cute scum.
Newbie 1396: A New Adventure!!!! Nachomamma8 Marquis Mafia Goon Lynched (D1) Win Mafia (D4) 2013.06.30 2013.07.13 Yes (D1)
Replaced into a large wagon D1, got it moved to Fuzzy through some lurking, overscumming it and letting town be paranoid, and was the last-minute alternative to Fuzzy's lynch as a tracker claim. KBW did a nice lurk-bus combo and won though.
Newbie 1408 Malakittens Marquis Mafia Goon Lynched (D5) Loss Town (D5) 2013.07.23 2013.08.30 Yes (D1)
Bleh. Partner got lynched D1 when we were almost able to push a counterlynch on the unclaimed and lurking JK. Got caught in one of those "the PR is a Jailkeeper and no matter what you're going to have to work with confirmed towns" and I wasn't town enough. I swear there's been a JK in almost all of my newbie games, though. Good game, town.
NY 166: Knight-Errant 18p Alduskkel and Venmar Concombre, Marquis Town Cop Survived (D5) Win Town (D5) 2013.07.21 2013.09.24 No
Long lurky game. I was the best Cop and kept getting guilties and lynching them without having to claim or getting nightkilled.
Newbie 1412 Amrun Marquis Mafia Goon Lynched (D2) Loss Town (D4) 2013.08.07 2013.10.17 No
My scumgame was pretty bad back then. I think I prematurely fakeclaimed and did badly in interactions with the real PR.
Mini Theme 1466: Two Room Mafia II RedCoyote Marquis Vanilla Townie Lynched (D2) Win Town (D8) 2013.06.24 2013.10.15 Yes (D1)
I think I might have been a compromise lynch. Don't remember.
Mini Theme 1477: Bang! Mafia JasonWazza and Equinox Marquis Renegade (Serial Killer) Lynched (D4) Loss Town (D7) 2013.07.24 2013.11.28 No
Slight mod error with someone accidentally receiving a guilty on me, but after Day 2 it wasn't my finest scum play anyway.
Mini Theme 1488: Lucid Dreamers Mafia Zaicon Marquis Dreamer (Vanilla Townie) Lynched (D2) Loss Mafia (D4) 2013.08.15 2013.10.16 Yes (D1)
I really like Lucid Dreamers. This was a fun game, I don't particularly remember it but I think I got lynched in this one too?
Mini Theme 1492: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Nexus Marquis Ginny Weasley (Vanilla Townie) Lynched (D1) Loss Mafia (D6) 2013.08.22 2013.10.27 Yes (D1)
I got lynched in this one D1 I think it's all blurring together sorry.
Anything Goes Mafia The Critic (quadz08 and Untrod Tripod) Doduo, Marquis Town 3-shot CPR Doctor Killed (N6) Loss Mafia (D7) 2013.10.18 2013.12.20 No
This was a game.
Mini 1507: WE THE PURPLE Pinksmoke (Ms Marangal) Jessica Venmar -> The Slovak Prince (Vanilla Townie -> Town Wagon Cop) Killed (N4) Win Town (D6) 2013.10.12 2013.12.28 No
Massively scumread yet fought back to become a PR snipe kill.
mini 1510: fast and the fiurious kanyeknowsbest marquis sgt tanner (the lapd-fbi joint investigation aligned father figure) survived (d4) win mafia (d4) 2013.10.16 2013.11.03 No
Mostly lurked. No idea how we won, got lucky imo.
Mini 1522: Ace Attorney - Mafia For All GuyInFreezer Marquis Miles Edgeworth (Town 2-shot Cop) Lynched (D3) Loss Serial Killer (D5) 2013.11.24 2013.12.14 No
Was Cop, claimed Hider in massclaim to avoid nightkill yet still "crumb" results, realclaimed Cop with a guilty, got lynched.
Micro 228: Con Mafia serrapaladin Marquis William Chalinor (Vanilla Townie) Lynched (D2) Loss Mafia (D4) 2013.08.30 2013.09.21 No
Open 534: Killing at the Frat BROseidon REGINA+, Marquis Vanilla Townie Lynched (D5) Loss Mafia (D5) 2013.10.23 2013.12.22 No
Micro 295: Cowardly Hider Mafia Cabd Jessica Town Hider Endgamed (D3) Loss Mafia (D3) 2014.02.06 2014.02.17 No
Mini 1548: Flavourless Mafia Whiskers Marquis White Rice (Vanilla Townie) Lynched (D2) Win Town (D5) 2014.02.05 2014.02.27 No
Mini 1550: Mean Girls Mafia: The Burn Blog Aegor Marquis Coach Carr (3-Shot Jailkeeper) Survived (D4) Win Town (D4) 2014.02.11 2014.03.19 No