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Playing History

Newbie Games

Newbie 112

Townie, Lynched D1, Moderator: Yggdrasil

Played like moron, got "accidentally" hammered by Commodore Amazing-scum. Mafia win.

Newbie 284

Cop, Survived, Moderator: Mr. Flay

Let's just forget this one, okay? Town win.

Newbie 296

Mafia, Killed Self N3/4 or whatever it was, Moderator: Norinel replacing inHimshallibe

Played kinda meh. Narrowly got through day 1, counter-claimed the doc on D3, accidentally causing my partner Mr. Flay to be lynched. Town win.

Newbie 359

Townie, Survived, Moderator: Mr Stoofer

After helping to lynch scum YogurtBandit D1, made it to a 3-man endgame. Bain and shaka!! voted each other, leaving me to decide. After a long deliberation, correctly picked Bain as the remaining scum leading to a town win.

Newbie 376

Cop, Lynched D2, Moderator: MeMe

Tricked scum spectrumvoid into claiming Cop D2, counter-claimed and was promptly disbelieved by townie HungryJoe who then placed a vote leading to a loss even though his only evidence against me was that I was "panicky".

Newbie 377

Townie, Game abandoned, Moderator: MeMe

Game ruined beyond repair by StallingChamp, formerly known as slaking_master, who was also playing in the game as MidnightSun.

Newbie 380

Townie, Killed N1, Moderator: MeMe

SnowWhite did an awesome job of fooling the town in this one.

Newbie 389

Townie, Endgamed, Moderator: spectrumvoid

Longest newbie game ever!

Newbie 404

Townie, Lynched D1, Moderator: JDodge, replacing spectrumvoid

Really, really not proud of this one.

Newbie 407

Mafia, ????, Moderator: MeMe

A mistake by the mod (and it was an honest mistake which nobody should be angry over), plus nobody noticing the mistake until it was too late, caused this game to come to an awkward halt.

Newbie 408

Mafia, Lynched D2, Moderator: Mr. Flay, replacing NanookTheWolf

Meh, I shot myself (and thusly my partner White) in the foot with my terrible counter-claim of the cop who, of course, had a guilty on me.

Newbie 428

Townie, Lynched D2, Moderator: Mr Stoofer

I blame Ouman!

Newbie 440

Townie, ????, Moderator: IH

Abandoned due to general apathy.

Newbie 453

Mafia, Lynched D2, Moderator: Thok

Won due to a risky and clever cop claim as well as the great play of my partner McStab.

Newbie 456

????, ????, Moderator: VitaminR


Newbie 465

Townie, Survived, Moderator: Cephrir

Glad I didn't follow my gut on this one.

Newbie 483

Townie, Endgamed, Moderator: ibaesha

Someone selfhammered. In a lynch-or-lose situation.

He was a townie.

Newbie 487

Townie, Lynched D1, Moderator: Erg0

See Newbie 483. Add in the fact that said person was an IC.

Newbie 512

Mafia, Survived, Moderator: Mr. Flay

Successfully got the claimed cop lynched on D2.

Newbie 516

Townie, Survived, Moderator: bird1111

Poor, poor Awesome Pants.

Normal Games

Mafia 57

American Mafia GF, Survived, Moderator: Machiavellian-Mafia

Apparently I played well in this game, surviving with my partner Albert B. Rampage (replacing Mariyta) until the endgame. American Mafia win.

Mafia 64

Cop, Killed Night 1, Moderator: LoudmouthLee


Mafia 66

Townie, Killed Night 2, Moderator: yellowbounder

Setup was terrible.

Mafia 70

Townie, Lynched D5, Moderator: Patrick

Also mehhhh.

Mafia 71

Mafia, Killed N5, Moderator: Skruffs

Damn you NK immunity.

Theme Games

Bad Idea II

Goon #2, Killed Day 4, Moderator: Fritzler

There wasn't much I could do. A great performance by the Godfather, Mastermind of Sin, lead to a Mafia win.

Assassin in the Palace

Guard, Assassinated D9, Moderator: Kelly Chen


The War to End All Freaktowns

Brittney (Newspaper Editor/Town), Killed N4, Moderator: rajrhcpfreak

One of the most boring games I can remember.

Penalty Box/Eagles

Center Forward, Survived?, Moderator: Foolster41

What a complete and utter mess of horrible modding and pointless play.


Joshua Taylor (Editorial Writer/Town), Killed N5, Moderator: Fritzler

Good until everyone got apathetic about it.

Food Fight

David N. Goliath (Slingshot Kid/Town), Killed N1, Moderator: DrippingGoofball

There is no good reason that I can think of for the town losing this one =/

Designer Mafia 2007

Time Swapper (Mafia), lynched D3, Moderator: Mastermind of Sin

I should never have had the restriction that forced my lynch.

Mars 3: Weasel Mafia

Weasel Debator (Pro-town Daykiller), Killed N4, Moderator: Iammars

woo loss

Assassins in the Palace II

Guard, Endgamed, Moderator: petroleumjelly

This would have been better if it weren't for everyone giving themselves away.

Pick Your Poison 3

Townie, Killed N2, Moderator: Patrick

We could've won this one. We should've won this one.

Pikmin Mafia

Yellow Pikmin, Killed N2, Moderator: mikeburnfire Replaced in as Red Pikmin, Killed N3

This town was very, very stupid.

Explosiva Mafia

Townie, Exploded (NK) D3, Moderator: KaleiÐoscøpe

yeah we lost


(Hydra as Frog Dodging with Shanba) Tracker, Killed D2, Moderator: Saunt Adelaus

lost this one too


(Hydra as Frog Dodging with Shanba) Doctor, Lynched D7, Moderator: Saunt Adelaus

admittably bastard, but a loss again nonetheless

Open Games

Open 15: Vengeful

Townie, Endgamed, Moderator: Cephrir

My worst performance ever. Mafia win.

Open 17: Strawberry

Townie, Survived, Moderator: VitaminR

It was long. And became boring. But we picked right in the end.

Open 24: Texas Justice

Townie, Killed N1, Moderator: IH

Tried to lead bandwagon on scum ThAdmiral, but townie xyzzy called me on my lack of forcefulness, causing disbelief from the rest of the town. I killed ThAdmiral with my vig kill. Town win.

Open 25: Jester

Townie, Killed N2, Moderator: Romanus

Town lynched Jester ThAdmiral D3, and lynched townie YogurtBandit in a three-man endgame.

I disown this town...

Open 28: Quack

Doctor, Lynched D2, Moderator: Aimee


Open 32: Pick Your Poison

Mafia, Lynched D4, Moderator: yellowbounder

Doomed myself.

Open 33: Crush

Lyncher, Killed N1, Moderator: Rand Althor

I dispute my loss in this game.

Open 34: Dethy

Insane Cop, Survived, Moderator: bird1111

Eh, I guess I'm not much of a fan of the Dethy set-up.

Open 36: Picking Simplicity

Doctor, Killed N1, Moderator: mneme


Open 38: Jester 12p

Mafia, Endgamed, Moderator: Blue Zebra

I blame Max for the jester's lynch.

Open 39: Crush Nightless

Lynchee, Lynched D1, Moderator: inHimshallibe

DAMN YOU Guardian!

Open 41: Quicklynch Nightless

Townie, Lynched D5, Moderator: ryan

Yay for a win

Open 43: C9 + 2

Townie, Lynched D1, Moderator: xyzzy

Boring. Methodical.

Open 44: Twofold

Townie, Killed N1, Moderator: somestrangeflea

No reason we should've lost that one.

Open 45: Baby Too Much Scum

Townie, Killed N1, Moderator: Flameaxe

Oman fails.

Open 47: Crush Nightless

Lyncher, Survived, Moderator: Khelvaster

Won at deadline on D1.

Open 49: Vengeful

Mafia GF, Survived, Moderator: Qman

Won due to successful manipulation of a gambit by UltimaAvalon.

Open 51: Texas Justice

Townie, Killed N1, Moderator: FeRnAnDo

That was insane.

Open 52: Texas Justice

Mafia, Killed N1, Moderator: Haschel Cedricson

3 for 3 in Texas Justice opens!

Open 53: Near-Vanilla

Townie, Killed N2, Moderator: Hjallti

What a terrible game.

Open 54: Basic 12-Player

Townie, Lynched D1, Moderator: Ether

I refuse to acknowledge this game.

Open 55: 2:10 Vanilla

????, ????, Moderator: UltimaAvalon


Open 56: Masons & Monks

Mason, Killed N1, Moderator: Samruc

Nobody wins.

Open 59: Daytalk 12

Townie, Endgamed, Moderator: Oman


Open 66: Quack Multiball

Werewolf, Lynched D2, Moderator: Korejora

Nice going, zu!

Open 97: Lovers

Townie, Survived, Moderator: andersonw

Best open game ever, hands down.

Open 112: Gurgi EC8

????, ????, Moderator: UltimaAvalon


Mini Theme Games

Mini 406: Animaniacs

The Brain, Townie, Survived, Moderator: petroleumjelly

Wow. This game was long and slow, but it was a hell of a good time.

Mini 408: EXiLE

Townie, Game Abandoned, Moderator: GreenLiquid

I was wrong in guessing all of the scum.

Mini 412: Best of Timmy

Mr. Green in the Conservatory with the Candlestick, Daykill SK, Game Abandoned, Moderator: Ubertimmy

This game was fun while it lasted.

Mini 448: Judgment Day

Good Samaritan (Townie), Survived, Moderator: Battle Mage

Helped lynch GF Albert B. Rampage D1, coasted through rest of game after cop WhoMe? confirmed both myself and Spambot and got a guilty on remussaidow. Town win.

Mini 454: Candy

Mafia Godfather, Lynched D3, Moderator: ShadowLurker


Mini 465: Chinese New Year

Cat, Mafia, Moderator: Battle Mage

I am stupefied that I was never lynched.

Mini 469: Self-Guided

Survivor, Killed Day 5, Moderator: Skruffs

I got daykilled by the scum on the final day.

Mini 498: Top Chef

????, ????, Moderator: LoudmouthLee


Mini 502: Basically Communist

Serial Killer, Lynched D5, Moderator: Simenon

So close...

Mini 517: Tree Stump

Tree Stump, Stump'd D2, Moderator: Thok

Was pretty much useless.

Mini 526: MAD II

Russia, Killed N1, Moderator: Yosarian2

We should have won this one...

Mini 535: Pick Your Poison 2

Weak Doc, Killed N2, Moderator: Patrick

Confirmed innocents doomed the scum.

Mini 537: Happy Tree Friends

Flaky (Bus Driver), Killed D3, Moderator: KaleiÐoscøpe


Mini 558: Winter-Een-Mas

Zeke (Linux Cult Cop), Lynched D6, Moderator: Flameaxe


Mini 583: BAMPEG

Townie, Endgamed, Moderator: pickemgenius


Mini 700: Monta Vista High School

Asian soon-to-be-doctor (Mafia Doctor), Lynched D1.1, Moderator: Flameaxe


Mini 706: What's Behind That Door?

????, ????, Moderator: Porochaz


Mini 710: Kleptomafiac

Hat-wearing tracker, Killed N0, Moderator: Lord Gurgi

Not much I could've done here.

Mini Normal Games

Mini 477

Townie, Lynched D3, Moderator: Mr Stoofer, replacing now a ranger

Good set-up. Wish I hadn't gotten lynched so quickly.

Mini 478

Mafia, Killed N3, Moderator: Simenon

Eh, didn't really get to do much.

Mini 504

Doctor, Killed N4, Moderator: pickemgenius

DAMN YOU Karen AND Sammich!

Mini 581

Townie, Endgamed, Moderator: Andycyca

Grrrr. At least I got the SK right.

Mini 667

Mafia Goon, Lynched D2, Moderator: Simenon


Moderating Record

Newbie Games

Newbie 404

Took over for spectrumvoid on day 2. Mafia won easily. Interestingly enough, I also played in this game and was lynched on D1.

Newbie 491

First newbie game modded ends in mafia win.

Newbie 499

Far too long, ended in scum win.

Newbie 500

Went really, really quickly.

Newbie 509

Scum won on D2.

Newbie 530

First time a town has won a game I modded!

Theme Games

Prophecy Mafia

An experiment gone bad.

Open Games

Open 23: Masons and Monks

Day 4: 2 mafia remain. 2 werewolves remain. Werewolf dylan41985 is also mason with Sweenytodd. Sweenytodd decides to lynch LSU Tiger Josh, leading to a werewolf victory.

Open 35: Big Love

Backup-modding for Lawrencelot.

Long, grueling game.

Open 37: Crush Nightless

Day 2: It's a tense game as there are the 2 mafia, the lyncher, his target, and a townie left. The town correctly lynches mafia GF mneme, which (due to the setup) causes goon xyzzy's death.

Day 3: It's down to the lyncher, the target, and the townie. They lynch distad. He is the townie. Since a lynch is no longer possible, the town wins.

Mini Theme Games

Mini 485: Formula One

The town tried to break my setup.

The town lost.

Mini 528: Nervous

Co-Mod with UltimaAvalon.

Never speak of this again.

Mini 683: Intentionally Vague

Something happened.

Mini Normal Games

Mini 497

Took over for Cavane on D1. Finally ended in a scum win.


Newbie Games

Win/Loss - 6-9

Survived - 5

Lynched - 6

Killed - 2

Endgamed - 2

Town - 11 (4-7)

Mafia - 4 (2-2)

Normal Games

Win/Loss - 2-3

Survived - 1

Killed - 4

Lynched - 1

Town - 3 (1-2)

Mafia - 2 (1-1)

Theme Games

Win/Loss - 4-5

Lynched - 2

Killed - 6

Endgamed - 1

Town - 4 (2-5)

Mafia - 2 (2-0)

Open Games

Win/Loss - 12-10

Endgamed - 3

Survived - 5

Killed - 8

Lynched - 7

Town - 17 (8-8)

Mafia - 5 (3-2)

Lyncher - 1 (1-0)

Mini Theme Games

Win/Loss - 6-7

Survived - 3

Lynched - 4

Killed - 5

Endgamed - 1

Town - 9 (5-4)

Mafia - 2 (1-1)

Survivor - 1 (0-1)

Serial Killer - 1 (0-1)

Mini Normal Games

Win/Loss - 1-3

Lynched - 1

Killed - 2

Endgamed - 1

Town - 3 (1-2)

Mafia - 1 (0-1)


Win/Loss - 29-39

Survived - 14

Lynched - 21

Killed - 26

Endgamed - 2

Town - 51 (19-30)

Mafia - 16 (9-7)

Lyncher - 1 (1-0)

Survivor - 1 (0-1)

Serial Killer - 1 (0-1)

Notes: Open 33 not included due to mod errors, Open 56 ended in a draw, Penalty Box not included due to mod errors