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About me

Feel free to PM me if you want to talk about anything.

- Self imposed Hiatus during October 2007.

Current Status

Nothing interesting of note.

Current Games

Darkstalkers Mafia - Day 2 - Mod: Dead Rikimaru

Pikmin Mafia - Day 3 - Mod: MBF

Dynamite Stick Mafia - Day 5 - Mod: Mr. Stoofer - Dead.

Finished Games

Newbie 390 Townie, Endgamed on night 2. Lost.

First game on Mafia Scum. Lots of replacements, and day 1 lasted forever. Due to confusion, a scum replacement was told he was town, and another scum replacement was told his partner was someone else. The scum turned town became town N1 and was nightkilled, and the fake-partner became scum. (are you keeping up?) Exhausting game.

Mini 473 Urban Dead Mafia. Doc, Nkilled night 2. Lost.

Really enjoyable game. The theme helped. ABR started a successful bus on one of his scum partners, who was playing badly D1. This made me trust ABR for far too long, and fail to protect Oman N1. I managed to find the third zombie, but the Vig was acting so scummy that I thought he was a SK, and decided to push for his lynch first - bad mistake. Zodiac should REALLY have roleclaimed D2. Learned a lot from this game.

Newbie 466 The Revenge of the Newbies, Modded by Thalitha. Townie, endgamed on Night 3. Lost

Second newbie game. I replaced Dr. No early in the game, and played with a very enjoyable town. Managed to find one scum on day two by trusting my guts, then I had to replace out. My replacement picked the wrong choice on day three, but I would probably have done the same. Great scum work by Vitamin R.

Mini 503 Dead People Have Powers, Modded by Max. Replaced on Day 4. Doc, won, survived to endgame.

Game with a very interesting setup. Both the town and the scum understood the setup incorrectly and made several strategic mistakes on day 1. First game where I made a significant contribution to the victory, by convincing the town that I was the true doctor, and managing to pick (and convince others of) the right choice at lylo.

Open 44 Two Fold Mafia, Modded by SomeStrangeFlea. Replaced on Day 2. Townie, lynched in Endgame. Lost.

I replaced on day 2, after a 32 page day one. Even though I lost, I think I did a very solid game, managed to convince most people of my pro-town status, and found out two of the 4 mafiosos on my first read-through. Again I had to defend the "silly one" in a counterclaim contest. The worst thing about the game was Tyler voting on me right off the bat on Lylo because my predecessor pushed him hard on D1. Gogo OMGUS! Note for future games: townies also have to buddy up.

All in all this game had a nice pace to it, and was enjoyable, despite the ending.

Newbie 503 Cop, NKed N2, Lost

Played this game from the start. We lynched scum d1, and I thought we really had a chance, but Shanba's play as the second scum was quite good. The other players were rather nice to play it. It was also a remarkably short game, in spite of a spell of lurking during the new years, which led to my early claiming. I should have investigated DLS or Shanba instead of Rishi or Gemeli N1.

Pirate vs Ninjas Paranoid Cop, NKed N4, Won

This was a fun game, with great day/night scenes, but I'm afraid I've contributed very little to the town's victory. First game where I started to realize that I don't have what it takes to effectively play large games. At least I figured my sanity during the pre-game by the flavor.

Mini 539 Scum, Vigged N1, Won.

Fun little game. Replaced halfway through D1, and seriously bussed JP, who I didn't knew was the godfather. Produced a "list" of players which the town used to do a witch hunt during D2 and D3. The winning credit goes mostly to JP, though, who managed to defeat a super powered town almost all by himself, by carefully picking the NK targets.

Newbie 569 Town, NK'ed N1, Lost

My first game as an IC, coincided with a period where I was frequently travelling, so I couldn't post as frequently as I wanted to. I had one scum and one town pegged as such, but couldn't really press these points by being away.

Mini 508 Trouble in New Catania, Mini Normal, NK'ed N6, Doc, Won

Fun game. I had to replace out in D1, but returned on D3. Had to replace out for two days on D5, returned on the same day. Ooops. sorry about that :-(.


Mystery at Montescuro Mini Normal, Day 2

House Mafia Mini Themed, Game Over, Scum Won.

Was a Co-mod to Albert B. Rampage, and held in the reins of the game for some weeks while he was away. Nightless game with a bunch of alternative mechanics, and a nice playerlist. The town almost had this one won. Great read.