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Now a ranger

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Okay, well I'm 14 years old, from Knoxville, TN. I am currently modding a mini normal.

Games Completed On MafiaScum by Me

Mini 410 Mcdonald's, Backup Doc, Survived, Won

Mini 411 Futuristic Mafia, Survived, Won

Mini 432 Raj's Freaktown, Scum with IH, Lynched Day 4 while I was on vacation.. couldn't respond to anything at the deadline, Lost

Mini 438 MAD Mafia, one-shot-doc, Nuked D1, Lost

Mini 448 Judgment Day Mafia, Town, Survived, Won

Newbie 305, Cop, Survived, Won

Newbie 315, Scum with BillyTwilight, Survived, Won

Newbie 320 Town, Lynched D1, Loss

Newbie 324, Scum with JordanA24, Lynched Day 2, Won

Newbie 366, Town, Survived, Won

Wins: 7

Losses: 3