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Everyone loves you.

We're not sure why. Just be grateful you are.



This is Aimee's wikipage. It was created by Glork and Korejora because she wanted one but didn't have anything to put on it.

Aimee is awesome in every way imaginable. Without Aimee, you wouldn't have a purpose. With Aimee, you do... to serve Aimee!!!!!

About Me

  • Joined MafiaScum on 21 February 2007.
  • Is now an IC!!!
  • Earned the reputation of being very sweet and innocent, emphasised by my beautiful name and my sweet flower avatar. Woot woot.
  • Created the setup Medical Mafia

Important Quotes

Glork: "You're my beloved angel!"

Shanba: "Aimee is awesome. This statement was not made under duress. Honest. *cough*"

xyzzy: "Aimee = pwnage"

Patrick: "Aimee is on my cool list."

YogurtBandit: "Aimee is cooler than the other side of the pillow."

Patrick: "Aimee is too lovely to EVEN CONSIDER LYNCHING."

YogurtBandit: "Aimee is unlynchable"

Glork: "<3 my angel."

Mastermind of Sin: "I'll join [the Aimee fan club] if you kick BM out >_> =P"

KaleiÐoscøpe: "A/S/L?"

Self Selected Quotes

"Back in a sex."

"Gazebo? Isn't that like a helicopter?"

"I am plumed."

"lusty desires..."

"giving into pleasure."


General Stats

Completed Games: 13

Games Won: 6

Games Lost: 7

Games Abandoned: 1

Win/Loss Ratio: 6:7

Pro-Town Statistics

Times Pro-Town: 11

Lynched: 1

Nightkilled: 4

Endgamed: 4

Survived: 2

Lynched/NKed/Endgamed/Survived Ratio: 1:4:4:2

Wins as Town: 4

Losses as Town: 7

Town Win/Loss Ratio: 4:7

Mafia Statistics

Times Mafia: 2

Lynched: 0

Nightkilled: 1

Endgamed: 0

Survived: 1

NKed/Survived Ratio: 1:1

Wins as Mafia: 2

Losses as Mafia: 0

Finished Games

Newbie 318 - modded by EmpTyger - Townie - Endgamed - Scum Win

I managed to get to day 3, but then made the mistake of following the two scum and lynching the doctor. It was a weird, but fun game, with two cop claims and a no lynch.

Mini 428: Sicilian Mafia - modded by Patrick - Townie - NKed Night 1 - Town Win

I didn't play a big part in this. It seems I was the most pro-town, and was thus killed off on night 1. But after I left, the town managed to pull together and lynch the scum. Although the scum did a good job too.

Mini 451 - Totally Awesome Mafia - modded by Panzerjager - Doctor - Survived - Town Win

I tried to lie low, as the doctor. It worked for the most part, and due to the efforts of our town cop, we sealed victory with relative ease. I like to think I played an important part by protecting the cop when the scum tried to nightkill him - thus saving the game.

Mini 443 - Tapioca Mafia - modded by Ectomancer - Townie - Endgamed - Scum win

I played quite weakly here, and was attacked throughout the latter parts of the game. Somehow I managed to get to the Endgame and was the confirmed innocent eventually. I made the wrong decision, which was a game-breaking mistake.

Open 21: Friends and Enemies - modded by Patrick - Townie - Lynched Day 2 - Scum win

This was a bizarre game. The play was shoddy on all sides, with basically all the Masons outed on Day 1. Somehow I was targetted for no reason by a cocky Mason, and the scum and a stupid townie jumped on my wagon to result in an early lynch. Unfortunately, this later proved to be a game-breaking lynch for the town, eventually resulting in their our loss.

Mini 425 - Generic Western Mafia - modded by Sefer - Mafia Goon - Survived - Scum win

This game was awesome to replace into in Day 3, since the scum were all still standing. I instantly went in and attacked some townies who I thought would act scummy, and sure enough, townies and scum jumped onto one player and he was lynched. Then it was just a nightkill and a simple scum victory.

Newbie 422 - modded by Battle Mage - Townie - Endgamed - Scum win

I replaced Vismaior on Day 2, after one townie had already gone. In lylo, I managed to catch one of the scum, but then mistook the bad play of the other IC as scummy, and the scum picked him to vote for.

Mini 441 - Flavorless Mafia - modded by StallingChamp - Mason - NKed Night 2 - Scum Win

I was a Mason with bird1111, and basically attempted to lay low to avoid nightkill, and avoid connection with bird1111. Obviously this failed, since the first possible night I could have died, I was nightkilled. Overall, I didn't play a big part in this game.

Newbie 370 - modded by Fletcher - Townie - Survived - Town Win

This was a hard game - a very eloquent newbie player jumped on me after some rather scummy voting behaviour from me, and I had to spend pages defending myself. Afterwards, however, I managed to catch one of the scum, and then the second scum was counter claimed when he claimed cop. A flawless, yet incredibly long, game.

Mini 474 - Bergamo Bump Off - modded by Vel-Rahn Koon - Mafia Goon - NKed Night 2 - Scum Win

I replaced in on Day 2 and immediately started a major offensive against two innocents and my two scum partners. Although I was nightkilled that night, my unorthodox play paid off - the remaining scum was able to survive, in part due to the lack of connections between us. An excellent game all round.

Newbie 458 - modded by bird1111 - Doctor - Endgamed - Scum Win

I was a bit too passive in this game - I was trying to hide because of my doctor status. I eventually latched onto one of the scum, but then everyone else decided they wanted to lynch another person who had been bandwagonning, thus causing the loss. The other scum played well.

Mini 442 - Beast Wars Mafia - modded by chaotic_diablo - Rattrap, Cop - Killed Night 3 - Town Win

This was an awesome victory. I was cop, and I managed to get an innocent on two people at a really good moment - it left only three people who could be guilty, of which two were. I like ot think I caused a town win here, which was really good. This was one of my best games to date.

Mini 449 - Mafia on a Train - modded by ~N9V~ - Townie - NKed Night 2 - Scum Win

This was a bizarre game on all fronts. I decided to play a bit more aggressively in this game against one player in particular, alongside Pooky. After this, however, I was NKed, perhaps to frame the person I was attacking. The game was lost after a bad gambit from a townie who decided to claim cop.

Ongoing Games

Mafia 67 - modded by blahgo - Day 6

Mafia 70 - Traditional Mafia - modded by Patrick - Day 1

Mafia 71 - The Corsican Syndicate - modded by theopor_COD - Day 1

Mini 497 - modded by Cavane/JDodge - Day 1

Mini 517 - Tree Stump Mafia - modded by Thok - Day 1

Newbie 464 - modded by MeMe - Day 1

Newbie 486 - modded by Save The Dragons - Day 1

Open 36 - Picking Simplicity - modded by mneme - Day 3

Open 48 - 3:3:6 Nightless - modded by VampanezeHunter - Day 1

Open 50 - The New C9 - modded by GatorGuy91 - Day 1

Open 51 - Texas Justice Mafia - modded by FeRnAnDo - Night 2

The War To End All Freaktowns - modded by rajrhcpfreak - Day 1

Penalty Box Mafia - Hawks - modded by Foolster41 - Confirmation

Designer Mafia 2007 - modded by Mastermind of Sin - Day 1

Food Fight Mafia - modded by DrippingGoofball - Day 1

Ongoing Games (Where I'm Dead)

Dinosaur Comic Mafia - modded by Cogito Ergo Scum - NKed Night 1 - Day 2

Open 19 - Nightless - modded by Simenon - Lynched Day 3 - Day 6

Mini 496 - Wild West Mafia - modded by theopor_COD - Lynched Day 1 - Day 2

Stargate SG-1 Mafia - modded by Battle Mage - Lynched Day 10 - Night 10

Open 20 - Pie C9 - modded by CrashTextDummie - Lynched Day 2 - Day 3

Mini 469 - Self-Guided Mafia - modded by Skruffs - Daykilled Day 5

Newbie 460 - modded by Talitha - Killed Night 1

Abandoned Games

Open 26 - Vengeful - modded by yellowbounder - Townie

Game abandoned after extended mod absense.

Modding Portfolio

Open 29 - Quack Mafia - Moderator - Completed

My first completed game through entirety as a mod! I had to do mass prodding and replacing throughout the game, but it was so much fun, and I learned so much.

Open 40 - Medical Mafia - Moderator - Day 3

Mini 449 - Mafia on a Train - Back-up Moderator to ~N9V~ - Completed

I jumped in after some absense from ~N9V~, but I wasn't ever needed.

Mini 459 - /cows Mafia - Replacement Moderator to yellowbounder - Completed

My first completed game as a mod! I replaced yellowbounder on Day 3 and modded until victory on Day 4. It was a good win for the town, who lynched correctly on Days 2, 3 and 4.

Mini 460 - Werewolves - Back-up Moderator to Shanba - Completed

I took over for Shanba for three weeks while he was on vacation.

BM`s Mystery Mafia - Back-up Moderator to Battle Mage - Day 4

Mafia 66 - Freelancer Mafia - Replacement Moderator to Occult/yellowbounder - Completed

I took over after both yellowbounder and Occult flaked (the activity was irreparable).

Mini 499: Just Your Typical Mafia Game - Back-up to JordanA24 - Day 1

Newbie 492 - Moderator - Day 1