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No one loves you.

We're not sure why. Just be grateful you are.


Korejora is a Glorkling who holds a place in the Great Glork Circle, which reputedly makes her immune to Glorking. She is currently working undercover as a Glorkette in an effort to usurp Aimee, the Head Glorkette, and get a firmer grip on the Glorkerie. What this implies for the Glorkdom is unclear as her motives cannot be traced any further than the Glorkamari Moon.

She never votes on the first day because of a contract with the Post Eating Monster. She is always a replacement, though, so you should rarely have to worry about this.

Moderator history

Open 66 - Quack Multiball

Mini 772 - Pictomafia

Open 136 - Pie E7

Newbie 955

Open 218