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Logo mafiascum medium.jpg This user plays Mafia. (Talk)


andersonw is relatively new to MafiaScum but is getting the hang of it. He has realized that being in too many games at the same time is a bad idea.
He also has had a very hectic summer and was replaced out of all of the games he was in, but should be fine now.
Is a pretty bad player, in general, probably lurks a bit too much (the main game where I posted a lot was Dwarf Fortress, I got really into that one).

Current record:

Ongoing Games


-Newbie 695-Day 1-Alive

Mini Theme

-Mini 679 (Battlestar Galactica)-Day 2-Alive
-Mini 693 (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)-Day 3-Alive

Large Normal

Large Theme

Completed Games

-Mini 560 (Methodical Mafia 2)-Townie-Lynched day 9-Mafia Won
-Assassins in the Palace II-Guard-Lynched day 2-Assassins win (shy guy played very well)
-Mini 558 (Wintereenmas Mafia)-Barry, flavor cop-survived to endgame-Town wins! (nice game, gorrad almost won)
-Newbie 554-Townie-Endgamed-Mafia won
-Newbie 576 (replaced in for My Milked Eek day 2)-Mafia goon-Mafia won
-Mini 561 (R-1000 Mafia)-Mafia goon-Mafia won
-Mini 589 (SSBB Smalltown Mafia)-Mafia goon-SK wins
-Mini 671 (Dwarf Fortress)-One way mason-SK wins (town was dead from the beginning of day 4 anyways, also, i'm never going to let a claimed neutral live ever again)

Marathon Day 3

-IRV Mafia-townie-jester wins (really pointless game)
-CDB's Reverse Mafia C9-mafia goon-mafia win (this was pretty fun actually)
-Lucid Dreamers II-townie-mafia wins (another pointless game, was still pretty funny though, we got a day 1 lynch before the mod got all of the role PMs out)
-SS6-townie-mafia wins (pointless game, it started day 1 in LyLo)
-Vengeful-townie-town wins day 1
-There is no Conspiracy-town, part of conspiracy-conspiracy lost (creative idea for a game)
-Mod Screw Mafia-vanilla town-town wins (the mod loses :P)
-Lucid III-townie-mafia wins (pretty funny game, especially how the night action took like 20 minutes to resolve)
-PR Madness II-mafia goon-cult won (really funny game)

Games Modded

-Open 97 ( - really crazy game, read it for yourself