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Prefer to be a Pro-town Player. J townie opt16.gif

Hello. I'm Matt, a.k.a Matias (formerly DemonHybrid)! Call me Matt, Mateo, Matias, DemonHybrid, DH. All of those are okay,

My playstyle: It's the same whether I'm town, scum or third party: I ask a lot of questions, I answer everything asked of me, and I lightly suspect a lot of things.

You can write here! Yes, you! Go ahead!

I was told to write here...

Aw I am on your top list =D, signed, Slaxx.

It seems like you do quite a bit around the site. I'll see if I can get our paths to cross. (Translation: Arf! Arf--Rarf! *smile* ) ~ Vi

I wouldn't have guessed I'd be anywhere near your top five. I'm honored :) -Nico

Nico, you're fine. I'm talking about people who negatively graffiti my completed games section. -DH

I am a kitty cat.

from TL

I think you should count bastard mod games in your record. They're games too. ~ M=W

I thought about it... I may in the future, but it really depends; sometimes they get too wild and off-balance real quickly. -DH

Dude. Sup. -AGar

i stole your sandwich. oh man, awesomeness. i wonder who i might be. i am your god? am i high! no, i don't do drugs, ma'am. GUESS THIS PERSONALITY, WIN NOTHING!

Well...I sorta cheated and checked the history. Curiosity got the best of me. Sorry, Parama. -DH

Completed Games

This was stolen shamelessly from AGar. =( <3

These will only be games on (Newbie, Open, Mini/Large Normals, Mini/Large Themes regardless of bastard status or not). Every replacement will be counted, all results recorded per mod's decision.

Game Name W/L Moderator Role Alignment Death Outcome
 Mini 1012 - Mafia in Soraville Loss sorasgoof Town Neighbor Town Lynched Day 1 Mafia Win
 New York 117 - The Vanillaside Win Hoopla Mafia Godfather Encryptor Mafia Survived Mafia Win
 New York 115 - Wickedestjr's Large Mafia Loss Wickedestjr Vanilla Townie Town Killed Night 3 Blue Mafia Win
 SWN III: Castle is Under Siege Win StrangerCoug Town Neighborhood Watcher Town Survived Everyone Wins: Mod Error
 Mini 1046 - Mafia in the Desert Loss Nicodemus Town Doctor Town Killed Night 4 Mafia Win
 Mini 1061 - Mafia in Someplace Loss RichardGHP Mafia Vanilla Cop turned Neutral Survivor Mafia turned Third Party Unfairly Modkilled Day 3 Town Win
 New York 118 - BBM's Large Normal Mafia Loss Flameaxe Mafia Goon Mafia Lynched Day 7 Town Win
 New York 119 - MURDER AT HOTEL DEATH Loss Seraphim, replaced by RedCoyote Vanilla Townie Town Killed Night 2 Serial Killer Win
 Mini 1057 - Unsubsidized Mafia Win Chevre Vanilla Townie Town Survived Town Win
 Mini 1042 - Skillville Win Skill006 Vanilla Townie Town Lynched Day 2 3 Way Win
 Mini 1042 - Skillville Win Skill006 Bulletproof Serial Killer Third Party Survived 3 Way Win
 Open 264 - Attack of the RNG Win Mina Town Mason Town Survived Town Win
 Mini 1089 - 90's Band Mafia Win Slaxx Styx Tribute Band (Classic Mafia Watcher) Classic Mafia Killed Night 2 Classic Mafia Win
 New York 121 - Picking Simplicity Win Nobody Special Town Doctor Town Killed Night 5 Town Win
 Newbie 1041 - So Cold Newbies Loss jmj3000 Vanilla Townie Town Lynched Day 1 Mafia Win
 Gorrad's Favorite Fictional Characters Mafia Loss Gorrad The Other (Spark Mafia Godfather) Spark Mafia Lynched Day 4 Town Win
 Mini 1082 - Guns and Ropes: Midland Loss Super Smash Bros. Fan Vanilla Townie Town Endgamed Mafia Win
 Mini 1112 - Mundania Win quadz08 Mafia Goon Mafia Survived Mafia Win
 Simpsons Mafia Win Scott Brosius Marge Simpson (Bulletproof Townie) Town Survived Town Win
 New York 123 - Outdoorsmen Mafia 2 Loss Kitoari, replaced by Haylen Vanilla Townie Town Endgamed Western Mafia Win
 Open 284 - Tit for Tat Loss jmj3000 Vanilla Townie Town Endgamed Mafia Win
 Mini 1130 - A Fishbowl Invasion by Ninja Monkeys! Loss Enigma Vanilla Townie Town Endgamed Mafia Win
 New Designer Mafia Loss Fashion Llama Time Travelling Killer Town Killed Night 5 Mafia C Win
 Open 293 - Donner Party Mafia, Take Two Loss Magua Cannibal Mafia Goon Mafia Lynched Day 4 Town Win
 Mini 1142 - Quintessentially English Mafia Win ChannelDelibird Town Jailkeeper Town Survived Town Win
 New York 126 - Lovers Mafia Loss SensFan Town Lover Town Endgamed Werewolf Win
 Open 275 - Quack Multiball pt. 2 Loss Crazy Werewolf Werewolf Killed Night 2 Mafia Win
 Choose Your Side - A Monument of Sins Loss AlmasterGM Gambit (Town AP Drainer) Town Killed Day 2 Mafia Win
 Mini 1157 - Witch-Hunt Nightless Win Ythan Vanilla Townie Town Survived Town Win
 Mini 1162 - Inglourious Basterds Mafia Loss Scott Brosius Pfc. Smithison Utivich (Vanilla Townie) Town Lynched Day 3 Mafia Win
 Open 304 - Hard Boiled Win AdumbroDeus, replaced by DarthYoshi Town Hider Town Killed Night 1 Town Win
 00's Band Mafia Win Slaxx Green Day (Town Cop) Town Killed Night 5 Town Win
 Mini 1159 - Powerrox93's Mini Normal I Win Powerrox93 Vanilla Townie Town Killed Night 1 Town Win
 Team Mafia - White Flag Mafia Loss TheButtonmen Vanilla Townie Town Killed Night 4 Mafia Win
 Mini 1187 Loss pappums rat Town Mason Town Killed Night 1 Mafia Win
 Any Band U-Pick Win Slaxx Muse (1-Shot Bulletproof Townie) Town Survived Town Win
 New York 136 - The Death of ReaperCharlie Win Amrun Town Neighbor Town Killed Night 6 Town Win
 Mini 1210 - Starcraft Mafia Win DeathNote Edmund Duke (Town Unrecruitable Alarmist) Town Killed Night 2 Town Win
 UPick: MafiaScum Fantasy Camp Win Lost Butterfly drmyshottyizsik Fanboy (Mafia Delayed Hated Tracker) Mafia Lynched Day 2 Mafia Win
 Mini 1237 - The Orange Box Mafia Lose Umbrage Dr. Eli Vance (Town Limited Cop) Town Endgamed Serial Killer Win
 Newbie 1155 - Scum Among Us Win Equinox Town Jailkeeper Town Survived Town Win
 Communication Breakdown 2 - Lose Parama Vanilla Townie Town Killed Day 1 Mafia Win

Modded Games

I love you, Vi. =(

Mini 1094 - Mariposa Peak Mafia
Player Slot Role /out Outcome
singersigner Vanilla Townie Survived Won
Guderian Vanilla Townie Lynched D1 Won
Powerrox93 Town Jailkeeper Survived Won
AGar Vanilla Townie Lynched D2 Won
Rhinox Vanilla Townie Killed N1 Won
iamausername (who replaced sims5487) Vanilla Townie Killed N2 Won
Lateralus22 (who replaced Carrotcake) Town Watcher Killed N4 Won
mothrax (who replaced Blood Queen) Town 1-Shot Neighborizer Killed N3 Won
Thor665 Vanilla Townie Survived Won
Reckamonic Mafia Goon Lynched D6 Lost
Seraphim Mafia Goon Lynched D4 Lost
Nachomamma8 (who replaced ConfidAnon) Mafia Rolecop Lynched D5 Lost
Open 299 - demonhybrids mafia game of fun amazingness, for real
Player Slot Role /out Outcome
ThAdmiral Vanilla Townie Survived Won
Elsa von Spielburg Vanilla Townie Survived Won
iamausername Town Roleblocker Survived Won
Debonair Danny DiPietro Vanilla Townie Survived Won
Amrun (who replaced Cmpuhaki) Vanilla Townie Survived Won
Thor665 Town Doctor Killed N1 Won
TheJakalope Town Cop Survived Won
Quaroath Vanilla Townie Survived Won
Quilford (who replaced Nobody Special) Vanilla Townie Survived Won
Sparx Mafia Goon Lynched D1 Lost
don_johnson Mafia Godfather Lynched D3 Lost
chkflip Mafia Roleblocker Lynched D2 Lost
New York 129 - Mafia on Werewolf Island!
Player Slot Role /out Outcome
Powerrox93 West Side Werewolf Watcher Survived Won
Chronopie West Side Werewolf Roleblocker Survived Won
dramonic (who replaced Reckamonic, who replaced RayFrost) Vengeful Townie Endgamed Lost
Pine Vanilla Townie Lynched D3 Lost
Thor665 (who replaced Seraphim) Town Jailkeeper Killed N1 Lost
Kise Vanilla Townie Killed N3 Lost
Charlie (who replaced kr0b) Vanilla Townie Killed N5 Lost
implosion Vanilla Townie Killed N4 Lost
C-Worl Vanilla Townie Killed N4 Lost
SnakePlissken Vanilla Townie Lynched D1 Lost
quadz08 (who replaced Lucresia) Vanilla Townie Killed D2 Lost
ConSpiracy Vanilla Townie Lynched D8 Lost
MrZepher Vanilla Townie Killed N7 Lost
Nero Cain Town Seer Killed N1 Lost
Nobody Special Town Voyeur Killed N1 Lost
singersigner (who replaced Shift) Town 1-Shot Friendly Neighbor Endgamed Lost
Eldritch Lord (who replaced MaxKojote) Town Neighbor Killed N2 Lost
Slaxx (who replaced tclawren) Town Neighbor Killed N6 Lost
RaudhrGarm (who replaced [Moonstruck]) Bulletproof Serial Killer Lynched D2 Lost
Nachomamma8 East Side Mafia Goon Killed N3 Lost
T-Bone East Side Mafia Tracker Lynched D4 Lost
mastin2 (who replaced Lowell) East Side Mafia Doctor Lynched D6 Lost
jindori West Side Werewolf Goon turned Neutral Survivor Modkilled D1 Lost
gorilla Town Cop turned Neutral Survivor Modkilled D5 Lost


Faction Win Loss
Mafia/Werewolf 4 4
Town 15 17
Third Party 1 1
Total 20 22
Win Rate 48%