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Debonair Danny DiPietro

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Bio (abridged)

Human. Male. Statistician.


Analytical with a possible tendency to over think things, beyond that it varies from game to game.

Games and Statistics

Both my record and list of completed games are finally complete again; hopefully kept up to date in the future as well.

~~Mafia Record~~
27-27 (Total)
16-23 (Town)
8-4 (Scum)
3-0 (Other)
~~Record Breakdown~~
3-9 (Lynched)
3-12 (Night Killed)
20-6 (Survived/Endgamed)
1-0 (Other)

26-20 (When Surviving To Day 2)

Completed Games by most recent completion


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Newbie 1153 NanookTheWolf Goon Survived Mafia Win Sep 1 2011 – Oct 27 2011 Original Player
Boring game to summarize really; got the D1 mislynch on a townie; identified and role copped the jailkeeper and then made him claim D2 before comprimising on another townie mislynch. My scum partner's one valuable contribution was identifying the cop that night and we killed him putting us in 5 player LYLO and most of the town was content to lurk and was completely resistant to being herded the way I wanted to herd them, but luckily eventually one of them did their own thing voting for another town player and we piled on for the scum win.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Newbie 1130 iamausername Vanilla Townie Survived Town Win Jul 7 2011 - Sep 17 2011 Replaced foilist13 (N2)
I replaced into this game after a mislynch and townie kill on D1 and N2 and then after a cop had claimed a guilty on scum and gotten them lynched D2. Since I replaced the uber-lurky IC I was not night killed and the next day helped lead a mislynch on a townie who self-hammered. For whatever reason the last remaining scum decided not to kill me and despite the best efforts of the last remaining townie I managed to lead him to vote for scum so I could hammer the scum for the town win.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Newbie 1129 Enigma Vanilla Townie Lynched D4 Mafia Win Jul 8 2011 – Aug 22 2011 Original Player
The town had a really good day one in this game ignoring my favorite choice of lynch and running up both scum and eventually lynching one of them. Unfortunately the cop had been pushing the lynch hardest and she was night-killed. Then on D2 another player was quickly run up to L-1 and the jailkeeper claimed to jailkeep him N1 meaning he couldn't be scum. The town the quick lynched another town player all of this happening without me being able to get a word in edgewise. We thus headed into D3 with two confirmed VTs and one scum; I managed to get the scummier looking of the two unconfirmed players lynched but he flipped town. I would've liked my chances in D4 having confirmed scum in front of me, but we traded votes and the confirmed townie hammered me without even looking for any input from me. I hate newbie games sometimes.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Team Mafia: Pick Your Poison zoraster Vanilla Townie Endgamed Mafia Win May 15 2011 – Jun 10 2011 Original Player
I don't want to talk about this game at all; it's convenient to play basically being part of a four person hydra as the reason I was paralyzed for much of the game but I was useless in nearly every regard in this game. I pulled the trigger on my wrong reads and I couldn't bring myself to do so on my good reads. Just a miserable game from my perspective and a clear cooling of the hot streak I had been on.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mafia MetaMafia Vi High Priest of Ythill Killed N5 Mafia Win May 2 2011 – Jun 6 2011 Original Player
I got arrogant after Road to Wrestlemania and I thought that since I played a good game in that large theme I wouldn't have a problem in this one. It started well with a wagon on scum D1 that was derailed after a modkill on a town player, but the next day we came back and lynched scum. And because of connections two more scum were promptly killed the next night. Unfortunatly I had an incredibly hard time parsing the rest of the game and eventually got vigged N5 after too many town lynches. I like to think that if I had survived into LYLO I would've helped the town win with my reads but I was under a lot of heat and probably would've just been lynched instead.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Newbie 1094 Nexus Goon Survived Mafia Win Apr 17 2011 – May 17 2011 Original Player
First time I've ever drawn scum when I was ICing a game so that was a very different experience. I was a little less active than I should've been if I wanted to play perfectly but I never picked up a single vote and things just broke perfectly for the scum team. A townie self-hammered D1, we killed the town cop on N1; bv310 replaced in and did his "why would anyone ever let bv310 replace into a game" thing (no joke I've lynched him in LYLO when we were both town when he did the exact same thing) and then another townie quick hammered bv310 on D2 and sealed his fate since it was really scummy, just not done by scum.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Open 299: C++ DemonHybrid Vanilla Townie Survived Town Win Apr 9 2011 - Apr 26 2011 Original Player
This game had a night start, but we had no N0 kill; I picked up that iamausername was likely a roleblocker who had blocked the kill and quickly rallied his wagon to lynch. In the process one of his partners made super obvious mistakes as did the other scum implicating him and he was quickly lynched on day two. The next night IAAUN blocked the last scum kill; scum tried to get tricky and claim to be a roleblocker who blocked someone else and they got ran up to L-1 but I made the town pump the brakes until IAAUN got back and posted allowing us to lynch the last scum for the perfect town win. Almost a flawless town win since only one town aligned player died the whole game.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Road to Wrestlemania Locke Lamora Brock Lesnar Died N6 Town Win Feb 17 2011 - Apr 25 2011 Original Player
Pre-game there was a Royal Rumble to determine the WWF champion who was NK immune and I won the belt with some help, luck and strategy. We mislynched D1, but started putting away scum on D2 and succesfully lynched four straight days until No Way Out when my belt was moved over to the partial rb/doc/vig. We lynched correctly again, the last scum on one team tried to kill my protection target and I killed them and died leaving the last member of the other scum team to get lynched the last day. In total there were six straight scum lynches and eight of the ten scum players were killed by the town.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Newbie 1062 Xtoxm Vanilla Townie Endgamed Mafia Win Feb 13 2011 – Apr 8 2011 Original Player
Scum managed to quicklynch a townie just four pages into day one. Despite my best efforts I couldn't get the player lynched on day two and another townie fell instead. I changed my mind on D3 to pivot on two different players but after massclaim it came back to the same scummy player. He was lynched and flipped scum but the claimed cop was his scum partner and rode his well executed fake claim to victory the next day.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mini 1087 - The Dresden Files TheButtonmen Johnny Marcone Lynched D4 Town Win Nov 27 2010 - Jan 27 2011 Original Player
Further continuing proof that even a completely baffled town can turn things around when it comes time for mass claim if the scum team screws up and my scum team did. A vanilla cop identified one of my partners as not a vanilla townie and he claimed doctor falling into another player's trap getting himself lynched and effectively confirming both of those players as town. My other scum partner claimed a hider variant but didn't have plausible support for the claim; I was investigated by the vanilla cop after I had claimed vanilla leading me to get lynched the next day. If that one remaining scum partner had claimed vanilla he would've had a decent shot in four person MYLO to win because we'd managed to remove both semi-confirmed town players but his claim sunk him and so we lost a game we had smoothly run up until the mass claim.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Newbie 1035 Nobody Special Vanilla Townie Survived Town Win Nov 22 2010 - Jan 26 2011 Original Player
I actually correctly picked out the scum on day one and spent the entire badgering them, but town decided to mislynch instead. The next day I turned yellow on the lynch when I wasn't night-killed and pushed in another direction; luckily the cop had investigated my orginal suspicion and pushed through the lynch without claiming. The next day the cop got quick lynched and in LYLO I nailed the scum for quick hammering amongst other things and securing a town win.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mini 1062 - The Lies of Locke Lamora Locke Lamora The Falconer Survived Mafia Win Sep 26 2010 – Nov 8 2010 Original Player
I got the extremely strong role of The Falconer; if I could link a player to their flavor name I could use any of their active abilities once including their vote. It was a pretty simple perfect scum win during the day driving the town to mislynch their own and at night killing the absolute right people; admittedly they were killed for reasons due to their suspicions or towniness but they all seemed to have the most useful town roles as well. In LYLO I held another player's vote in my back pocket ready for use if things got desperate but I never needed it as we forced the last mislynch.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mini 1051: Utopia Mafia Oman Elf/Mystic Survived Town Win Sep 13 2010 - Oct 23 2010 Original Player
I started a wagon on scum on page 4 and pushed that the entire first day but a townie ended up getting lynched. This was actually helpful since it handed some powers to the town players; there was no night kill and I got my scum lynch the next day. VP Baltar handed me a one-shot vig the next night and I gunned down another scum. The next day the town got together and lynched the last scum for an open and shut win.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Newbie 1009 Sudo_Nym Vanilla Townie Lynched D3 Mafia Win Sep 7 2010 – Oct 9 2010 Original Player
On day one I had scum dead to rights and freaked out based on my numeric analysis and let him slip away. We mislynched that day and on day two as well. Unusually I was still alive on day three; we mass claimed and one scum made a terri-bad cop claim. Myself and another townie voted for him but another townie got sucked into a real simple analysis which didn't consider bussing at all and voted me and scum piled on for the win.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Newbie 994 Sudo_Nym Vanilla Townie Survived Town Win Aug 2 2010 - Sep 1 2010 Original Player
I helped bring suspicion on a VT for most of day one; until a player replaced in and violated the Amished scum-tell of doom. I called them out but couldn't get them lynched but somehow survived the night. Luckily the cop investigated the player I had called out and returned a guilty result on them and they were lynched on day two. The cop was obviously killed that night and with some stellar investigative work I put together a wagon on the last scum to give the town the win.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Newbie 959 Vel-Rahn Koon Vanilla Townie Killed N2 Mafia Win May 17 2010 – Jul 28 2010 Original Player
After the first big wagon of the day I then correctly identified scum and managed to wagon them up to L-1 but they claimed cop and the wagon understandably fell apart and a VT got lynched instead. The next day after no night kill we lynched the scum who had claimed cop and then I was killed the next night. A couple more mislynches and town lost the game.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mini 971: Princess Bride farside22 Fezzik Lynched D2 Town Win May 12 2010 - Jul 15 2010 Original Player
SK got quickly run up on D1 and then self-hammered in a fit of dumb, rage. I took a very conservative approach to the wagon and that got me in trouble the next day; a townie fake claimed on me but I managed to shuck and jive but in the end I got lynched due to impending deadline. Town just mopped up the rest of the scum for a perfect town victory.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Newbie 944 Haylen Cop Killed N1 Mafia Win Apr 20 2010 – Jul 6 2010 Original Player
I helped lynch a VI on day one; at night I realized there was a pretty big scumslip on the first page and investigated the player and they were scum! But as usual in newbie games I was killed the first night and didn't get to share my knowledge. The town lynched the other scum on day two, but when it came down to LYLO the town pathetically no lynched via inactivity and lost.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mini 954 ~ Mafia at the 11th Hour Vi Bastian Killed N2 Mafia Win Apr 8 2010 – Jun 11 2010 Original Player
Another underwhelming game on my part; I was opposed to the day one lynch and they flipped scum. Luckily I was so earnestly opposed to the kill that no one mistook me for mafia. Per the ruleset I picked up an ability late on day one and when shenanigans happened on day two I claimed a generic power that at least let me draw the NK, but the town wasn't up to the task. I really have to stop drawing town against VPB/Sotty-scum.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Pledge of Allegiance zoraster Jailkeeper Survived Mafia & Other Sniper Win Mar 3 2010 – May 29 2010 Original Player
Lots of lurking from me as scum in this Pick Your Alignment game where I chose to be scum. The town was pretty content to destroy itself; there were large other groups in the game but luckily they weren't well trusted and Zorblag had a role which required him to kill them so he elimianted six players and himself from the game to give himself the win. That made our game that much easier and despite a pair of lynches of scum partners late in the game I rode this one out to a fairly easy victory.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Newbie 930 iamausername Vanilla Townie Killed N1 Mafia Win Mar 21 2010 – May 12 2010 Original Player
Not much to say about this game; I helped mislynch a townie on D1 and then got killed by scum N1 because I was an active IC which is usually a death sentence. Town mislynched on day two and day three to give scum a perfect win.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mini 942: Gonzo Mafia VP Baltar Jean Claude Killy Endgamed Mafia Win Mar 17 2010 – May 8 2010 Original Player
I had a fantastic start to this game being the second man on each of the two scum lynches on the first two days. Unfortunately Sotty7 was on both of those lynches as well even when she had the option to lynch a townie instead. So when I ended up in LYLO with both her and Amished I voted Amished because I couldn't conceive of such aggressive bussing and now I feel mighty dumb about that fact.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mini 935 -- The Fountainhead (Wiki) HowardRoark Roleblocker Lynched D2 Mafia Win Mar 3 2010 – Apr 6 2010 Original Player
Secured a town lynch on day one; at night we identified two players as likely investigative roles and two as a likely traitor. Unfortunately we targeted the wrong one in each case and the JOAT investigated me N1 and claimed to get me lynched day two. Luckily, my partner found the traitor that night and he ended up winning the game for us.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Open 193 - Friends and Enemies Head_Honcho Vanilla Townie Lynched D5 Mafia Win Jan 7 2010 – Mar 27 2010 Original Player
I had a slow start to this game and had some minor pressure on me for lurking. However, once Amished busted out a fantastic tell that implicated scum on day one. However, the rest of the town ignored it and mislynched only for Amished to die that night. I pushed through Amished's lynch on scum the next day. We lost our masons over the next three nights and the D3 dueling wagons were both on town. We headed to a five person LYLO where I correctly identified Zorblag as scum, but I couldn't convince anyone of that fact and got mislynched to lose the game.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Newbie 899 Elmo Vanilla Townie Endgamed Mafia Win Jan 15 2010 – Mar 11 2010 Original Player
I somehow did not get killed N1 in this game, but that’s mostly because the VI cop had to claim to save his own skin and then got killed the first night. Even more shockingly I wasn’t killed the second night, I properly soused out that was because I was now in LYLO with a townie that I’d been trying to lynch for the last two days and thus pulled them from my board leaving three other players. Unfortunately, I let my emotions get the best of me and voted for another lame VI who was basically only answering prods for our game and not playing since I refused to lose to them, scum piled on finish the game.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mini 919: Quiz Show Mafia Max Vanilla Townie Survived Town Win Feb 3 2010 – Mar 4 2010 Original Player
Very strangely structured game where the entire game was structured in different phases where players would solely ask questions of each other or answer them or vote. One of the townies had a chain bomb type role and managed to kill two scum, the cop, and four vanilla townies and themselves at the end of day one. I had fingered the last scum with a harmless question that led to a bad answer that revealed the last scum to me. We lynched him and the town won.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Newbie 878 Johoohno Vanilla Townie Killed N1 Mafia Win Dec 9 2009 – Mar 1 2010 Original Player
If this game was a move it would’ve been directed by Michael Bay considering how big of a disaster it was. One of the newbies claimed doctor on page three despite not being at L-1 and he made it clear that he might not even be the doctor. I should’ve been stronger and just single mindedly driven for his lynch because he destroyed the town’s chances. I fingered two other players in the game, both of the SEs and they both were scum. I can’t talk about this game more than this just because it makes me so angry.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mini 889 – Shopping Frenzy nhammen Townie Survived Town Win Nov 25 2009 – Jan 31 2010 Original Player
Really slow starting game so I pushed forward by rabidly pushing the lynch of Torquez who ended up being town after a NK later. As deadline got near a bandwagon got started on one of the scum and I hopped on board and in the end we were down one scum. Days two and three were rather ineffective in terms of scumhunting, but on N3 the last scum (information that we found out later) was NKed. We had a massclaim and don_johnson claimed bulletproof vig along with a few other power roles. I made the point that we essentially had to lynch the claimed vig just to eliminate the possibility that he was an SK. DJ strenuously objected, but with Adel taking over the argument we lynched DJ who was an SK and the town won the game.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mini 845 – The Amish Village Amished Townie Survived Town Win Sep 5 2009 – Jan 9 2010 Replaced Sajin (D2)
Replaced into this fairly long game on day two and immediately started pushing on a player who turned out to be the cop. “Luckily” I got no traction on that and we ended up lynching a VT on that day. The next day the rest of town brought pressure against one of the scum who claimed cop and then the real cop counterclaimed leading to the first correct lynch. The cop was obviously NKed and the next day we lynched the Cult Mentor which led to the Cult Mentee committing suicide and eliminating that faction from the game. Another night kill led us to a four person endgame. After much deliberation we no-lynched even though there was a cop innocent on one player who was then promptly NKed. I voted first and correctly the next day and the other townie followed me for great victory.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mini 892 – Mayor Mafia MichelSableheart Vigilante Killed N3 Town Win Nov 30 2009 – Jan 5 2010 Original Player
First time ever as a vigilante, but I was absolutely terrible at it. Day one we pushed scum into a corner, they claimed cop, some people tried to back off the lynch, but thanks to scum bussing fairly hard and pressure from charter and I we ended up lynching him. I killed one half of the mason pair that first night. Next day the town mislynched a townie, when I was rather apathetic towards all my options. That night I then killed the town bodyguard. The next day we mass-claimed and scum overclaimed allowing a correct lynch again. I screwed up my kill again and I was the scum’s target that night. Luckily the two remaining townspeople mopped up the last scum to give the town the win.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Newbie 866 Jahudo Cop Survived Town Win Nov 4 2009 – Dec 1 2009 Original Player
Classic reason why the town should not play follow the IC as while both Zorblag and I pressured both of the scum on day one we moved off them onto another player as our day one wagon. Luckily the rest of the town disagreed and brought down one of the scum with his partner trying to get town credit for hopping on his wagon, but it was super obvious what he was doing and after a guilty investigation on him that night, I immediately claimed with my result and the game was won as we lynched the other scum. I think this was my first perfect game as town.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mini 858 – Dexter Seaon One Juls Rita Bennett Killed N3 Town Win Sep 25 2009 – Nov 19 2009 Original Player
Overall a great game from myself and the town. In what’s a rarity for game I’m in, we lynched correctly on day one on a wagon I was a primary on. Day two went two fast as the odd mechanics in this one meant an early hammer on a townie. Day three we had a massclaim and several facts came together and allowed us to lynch the last scum (another one had been killed N2). I got killed night three, but the town correctly mopped up the serial killer on the last day to hand the town the win. Great modding.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mini 862 – Mafia of Order Vi Bastian Lynched D1 Mafia Win Oct 6 2009 – Nov 13 2009 Original Player
Bit of a rarity as I got in trouble day one for “lurking” from VP Baltar who had just come out of Mafia 98 with me and wasn’t about to allow me to pull the same stunt again and pressured me incorrectly. It came to deadline on day one and I got wiped out instead of a random VI I was trying to lynch. If I had made day two it probably would’ve been different since I could’ve talked to VPB overnight and gotten him to call off the dogs. The rest of the town just never trusted their instincts the rest of the game and pressured scum a little, but not nearly enough and scum coasted to a fairly easy victory.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mini 836 – Commie Mafia Kublai Khan Combat Medic Survived Town Win Aug 20 2009 – Nov 3 2009 Replaced le chat (D3)
Replaced into this game on day three and drew the interesting role of combat medic (vig or protect). Unfortunately the spot I was replacing into was one of the two bandwagons that were going and I had a town read on Raskol who was the other player being bandwagoned. So I immediately started defending him and pushing an alternative lynch. It took a while since it seemed like Raskol wanted to die, but eventually I secured the alternative lynch which happened to be a mislynch. However, scum offed my other primary scum read that next night and then when charter called for a massclaim the scum overclaimed and both claimed to be roleblocked on different days when I was in fact blocked by them. It was a fairly easy task to convince the town to lynch one scum and I vigged the other the next night to seal the win for the town.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Newbie 839 starkmoon Vanilla Townie Survived Town Win Sep 03 2009 - Oct 28 2009 Original Player
This game had a pretty slow day one until Raskol and I agreed to bandwagon one of the hardcore lurkers which led to a townie lynch. However, the night kill sent me on the path of one scum and most of the rest of the town targeted the other scum who had been the other main bandwagon on day two. As we closed in one deadline one of the scum tried to bandwagon the other, but misjudged the vote count and was promptly lynched at that point. Despite the attempted bus the town quickly put down the other scum to give the town the victory.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mini 848 – Second String Muppets Mafia Zorblag Uncle Deadly Lynched D2 Mafia Win Sep 14 2009 – Oct 19 2009 Original Player
Bit of an ugly D1 with a couple of VIs getting run up to L-1 and one of them getting lynched. Charter vigged scum N1, but far from breaking the game open a paranoid cop claimed a guilty on me D2 and got me lynched. Charter was ousted as a vig/SK during that day and then killed the paranoid cop as scum killed him taking out much of the town’s power roles. There wasn’t much left in the town in terms of brains or abilities, but Snix almost managed to turn it around role blocking a scum kill, but the rest of the town lynched him for his success handing the game to scum.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mini 837 – Stratego Mafia charter General Killed N1 Mafia Win Aug 22 2009 – Oct 19 2009 Original Player
This game was just so close to being a town win. I cross applied some of the concepts I’d found in scumhunting in newbie games to this one and managed to tag two scum as most likely to be scum and started the wagon on one of them. Unfortunately he had a power role to claim and we switched lynches on day one and then I was killed night one. Luckily he was then lynched day two and his buddy that I missed was vigged night two. Things should’ve been good going into the finishing kick, but the town turned to trying to outguess the mod with setup speculation instead of scumhunting and allowed the lurker scum I named on day one to eke out a victory.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
/in-Vitational Game 5, Simon Mafia 2 petroleumjelly Vanilla Townie Endgamed Mafia Win Aug 8 2009 – Oct 18 2009 Original Player
Another game that fell apart for the town mostly because of the apathy bug. I didn’t realize the game had started until I had received a prod about three days in which was a bit of a setback and had earned me some undue pressure. We ended up lurker lynching on day one with my help and on day two despite my objections. My day two reads were spot on, but I ignored those on day three and we missed scum again before going to endgame where scum quick voted, was joined by a townie, and then the two last scum quick hammered.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Open 156 – Friends and Enemies Alduskkel Vanilla Townie Endgamed Mafia Win Jul 15 2009 – Oct 13 2009 Original Player
First time I’ve made it to endgame as town in a while. I got a little grief on day one for my abrasive style and Exalt tried to get a deadline case on me going, but he essentially had to just make things up and I tore his case apart and sealed his lynch, which was fun if not particularly useful. Our masons had to claim day one and thus were killed night one and night two. We ended up cleaning out more deadweight on days two and three, but again they flipped town. In LYLO I had scum correctly identified as muazz and ekiM but one of the other two townies speed voted for the other townie and scum jumped on for the quicklynch and we lost the game.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Apennine Mafia Yaw Mafia Goon Survived Mafia Win Jul 7 2009 - Sep 21 2009 Original Player
A mountainous game with a three man scum team (SpyreX and kmd4390 were my partners). The game got really big, really fast surpassing thirty pages within two weeks of the game starting and many of those posts were of the huge wall variety. This made it very easy to get behind and I did, so I basically just announced my intent to lurk but to answer any questions posed to me. This earned me plenty of grief in the game, but every time the attention would shift my way I was able to move it off me and onto someone else. We managed to secure the lynch of a pair of players who flaked on days one and two; got a townie to self-hammer under deadline on day three; lynched another townie on day four; and had a quick win after town misvoted in LYLO for a perfect scum victory. The game was a whole lot more complicated than that, but it’s simply too much for me to do justice in a single paragraph.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Newbie 821 Elmo Vanilla Townie Survived Town Win Jul 23 2009 – Aug 24 2009 Original Player
First game where I started using my logistic regression formula in addition to more conventional means of scumhunting. This let me clear several targets in my mind and to focus on just a few other targets, my preferred target was ignored by most everyone else, but as we closed in on deadline a consensus started to form on another one of the players I hadn’t cleared. Finding this acceptable I cast the L-1 or hammer vote and they would have flipped scum. Unfortunately, in twilight dumb scum loser confessed and ousted their scum partner ending the game. Since we lynched correctly day one and my chosen target on day one was the other scum I’m counting this as a win even though it was player ruined.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
MtG: Parallel Universe Mafia forbiddanlight Star-Crossed Lover Fulfilled Win Con Lovers and Cult Win Aug 6 2009 – Sep 14 2009 Original Player
A mafia game consisting of three concurrent mafia games that could all interact. I was given the strange role of a Star-Crossed Lover where I would win if I was reunited with my lover (Benmage) who was in another sub-game. We decided the best way to handle this was to simply admit our roles and win con and wait for someone to help us out. Ben’s game went into night first and I was moved over into that sub-game so we fulfilled out win condition and were removed from the game.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mini 819 – WWF Mafia Porkens Iron Sheik Vigged D3 Mafia Team "A" Win Jul 9 2009 - Jul 31 2009 Original Player
Great game. Unfortunately (and with my help), my partner got himself into trouble on D1 and I helped to bus him. There were two NKs on N1 which let me know there was another anti-town element. I managed to secure a townie lynch on D2 and then I tossed one of the other scum team members at night. We lynched a claimed power role on D3, unfortunately he was a vengeful townie, who promptly tossed out the other vengeful townie who tossed out me. This allowed the other scum who I was going to NK that night to win the game.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mini 793 – Scrubs Mafia Emptyger Elliot Reed Killed N1 Mafia Win May 12 2009 - Jul 24 2009 Original Player
Pretty boring game from my perspective, as usual I was on the wrong wagon on D1, but I rightfully suspected that the other major wagon of that day was poor. I think this was the first game where I was night-killed for simply looking very town and not having scum suspect I was a power role or had a vig killing me for looking scummy.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Newbie 783 Kublai Khan Mafia Roleblocker Survived Mafia Win May 2 2009 - July 20 2009 Original Player
A good game from me if a bit out of my usual style, very low key in the beginning just poking and prodding at little mistakes of newer players. Secured a fairly easy mislynch on D1 and then killed Pablo Molinero as the biggest threat N1. Spent D2 encouraging a townie to basically wall-post the town to death and he was happy to oblige. This gave me plenty of material to push for his lynch which was secured relatively easily on D2. D3 was mired with V/LA from be me and other players and a few replacements as well. I started to work on bussing my partner and drawing links between her and the other players which became unnecessary as under deadline my partner got one of the townies to follow her vote and I hammered for the perfect win.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mini 749 – Antartic Mafia orangepenguin Vanilla Townie Killed N1 Mafia Win Feb 20 2009 - Jun 23 2009 Original Player
Got myself into trouble early in this game and can’t even remember why. I think it was for simply agreeing with another player and thus claims of “buddying” sprang up. I battled back and turned things around on one of my accusers who was behaving in a ridiculously scummy fashion. When asked for a claim at L-1 he simply swore at the town and then he flipped commuter when lynched. I was vigged that night and I didn’t follow the rest of the game close enough to comment except for the fact that scum won.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mini 779 - Killer in Smalltown Y Prof. Guppy Coercer Killed N3 Mafia Win Apr 22 2009 - Jun 18 2009 Original Player
In retrospect I didn’t care for this setup at all, too many ways for people to die which basically put the town in LYLO from D1. The serial killer really screwed up with her N0 action and was lynched after discussion oscillated between that and my push for a no lynch. The scum bussed their own on D2 which was convenient; unfortunately imaginality was the only other player to actually try and scumhunt on D3 which didn’t work so well for the town because he was scum. This led to a mislynch and handed scum the game.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mini 761 X Vanilla Townie Killed N2 Mafia Win Mar 15 2009 - Jun 2 2009 Original Player
Pretty mediocre game on my part, spent D1 correctly defending Amished from some bad attacks, but was short-sighted and helped get the easy and incorrect lynch of Wall-E. I spent D2 questioning all the wrong people and eventually a combination of scum and town put Panzerjager to L-1. He claimed watcher and despite my best efforts he was lynched as well. Scum thought my defense of Panz came from being a cop and having investigated him on N1 so I ended up soaking up the NK on N2. The scum who had hammered Panz looked real bad on D3 and got himself lynched, but the town was completely off target on D4 and mis-lynched handing scum the victory.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Open 142: True Love hohum Vanilla Townie Lynched D3 Mafia Win Apr 27 2009 - May 23 2009 Original Player
Voted for scum in my fourth post and didn’t unvote them the entire first day and got them lynched. I properly sussed out that scum was trying to WIFOM us to get another townie lynched, but three of our own fell for it and the remaining scum jumped in as well to put us in LYLO. Unfortunately, Amished started running unsound Meta arguments against me and failed to look at the fact that I’d had freaking tried to get scum lynched from my fourth post in the game. Then my “lover”/complete moron turned on me because I wouldn’t pretend to build a case on him leaving scum (Kmd4390) to waltz in and pick up the easy victory. Incidentally, when I posted a list of the most likely partner for the scum I got lynched on D1, the other scum was first on that list. Exasperating to have such a good handle on a game and still take a loss out of it.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
South Park Mafia charter Serial Killer Survived Serial Killer Win Mar 8 2009 - May 21 2009 Replaced fuzzylightning (D1)
Replaced in late on D1 and went with the flow helping to lynch the current bandwagon leader. I buried my kill on the "Dier" on N1 to hide my existance and make sure the player was taken out. Got into trouble early D2 when I missed that the D1 lynch had role claimed. The game just drifted for a while with myself as the only suspect, but three players MIA. Eventually after replacements weren't found the players (two townies and scum) were all modkilled during D2. However, attention switched over to Empking and ZazieR, but as another deadline approached there was a mass defection to lynch caf19. During N2 my kill target was jailkept by scum blocking the kill from going through. This put us in a five person LYLO, however scum was easy to identify (from my perspective at least) and the jailkeeping scum was lynched D3. I fired and killed the other scum on N3 as they killed Spolium leaving me alone to endgame the remaining townie on D4.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Newbie 739 bird1111 Mafia Goon Survived Mafia Win Feb 10 2009 - Apr 23 2009 Replaced treemaker (N1)
Replaced in on N1 into a very good scenario with the doctor being speedlynched on D1. Unfortunately my partner was the dubious hammer and charter replaced in and immediately nailed him as scum. Fairly quickly I bussed my partner, NKed a lurker, buddied RedCoyote in D3 lynching another townie, and then in endgame convinced charter (or at least gave him no reason to believe otherwise) that his suspicions of RC were correct leading to an incorrect lynch and my first scum win.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Carnival Mafia SilverPhoenix Even Day Jester Lynched D2 Jester & Town Win Mar 20 2009 - Apr 13 2009 Original Player
Bit of a mess of a game with me catching the strange role of an even day Jester. Got myself (intentionally) into trouble on D1 by proposing a policy lynch, but got myself far too close to being lynched in the process. The mod didn’t include a sample PM in the thread so scum was left hanging out to dry with a win condition claim on D1. On D2 I annoyed the hell out of everyone to the degree that they did in fact lynch me, seemingly more out of a desire to be rid of me than any real conviction that I was scum. VP Baltar still seems to hold a grudge from this where he correctly identified me as a Jester, but no one listened to him anyways. Empking got caught in a name claim on D3 for the town to take home victory.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Newbie 743 Thok Vanilla Townie Lynched D2 Town Win Feb 23 2009 - Apr 8 2009 Original Player
Town had a big advantage with newb scum being modkilled for daytalk during D1. During D2 I gave a nice summary and narrowed my scum choices to two and was correct in my summary. However, I spent D2 chasing down the wrong target and got lynched primarily by a gaggle of idiots based on playstyle differences. I did not make many friends this game. After the gaggle of idiots decided to lynch someone who had gone missing from the site on D3; they finally made a decent decision and lynched (elvis_knits) scum on D4. Not a great game for me, but a win is a win.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Newbie 727 Thok Mafia Roleblocker Lynched D3 Town Win Jan 9 2009 - Feb 19 2009 Replaced BlitzBall (D1)
First game and it was going so well too. Got newb town lynched both D1 and D2 while also distancing from my partner on D2. On D3 a player speed-voted in LYLO giving us the chance to vote and hammer for the win, my partner missed our regular check-in time and then when I saw him in the active users I voted, but he left without checking the thread and/or casting a vote. Unfortunately this left me high and dry when the player showed up and unvoted. I might’ve had a chance running a fake cop claim, but my partner lynched me before it was given a chance to work. My partner was easily lynched on D4 to set my mafiascum career off on the wrong foot.