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Lost Butterfly

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A hydra for Mina and Faraday!

We are better than you.

An unstoppable force of butterfly awesomeness!

Game Record


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Entry
Good vs Evil, Law vs Chaos Seacore Townie Kiled Night 5 Town Win Replaced in Day 2.
We won. I had to replace out and Mina continued for the last day due to being spoiled - but yeah, blah technicality and I won. The set-up is weird as despite lynching scum when we replaced in it was the *wrong* scum which is annoying.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Entry
Children of Hurin Plum Town Seraph Survived until Endgame Still playing Original Player
We won in what turned out to be a really town sided set-up. With like 3 mafia or something. No wonder we had trouble getting scum reads? Yeah, it makes sense.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Entry
Strategy Mafia zoraster Townie Killed Night 2 Town Win D5 Original Player
We played really well here. We both had the initial 2 scum, and Mina had suspicions of the last 2 while I had suspicions of the 3rd party when we got killed. (Notice scum kill us a lot!) Our best hydra game to date.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Entry
A Song of Ice and Fire: Test of Faith ooba Townie Killed Night 5 Mafia Win D8 Original Player
This is *barely* a hydra game, Mina never really got into it and we both declared we'd never play a cult game again after. Too hard to scumhunt by POE when people can change alignment. Oh, amusingly enough, we also got a guilty faked on us by Town!Benmage.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Entry
In the Court of the Gods zoraster Town 1-Shot Traitor Vigilante Killed Night 3 Town Win D4 Replaced Night 1
Mina originally started this game by herself, but I said I could replace her for a while when she spent a week in Cuba. It worked out well, actually. Between us we looked really obvtown, and only a Vig claim stopped us lynching scum Day 2 (which later bit hito in the ass anyway)


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Entry
Stars Aligned III Percy Investigator Killed Night 1 Town Win D10 Original Player
Our first hydra game, wow. Been a long time since then! We died Night 1. In hindsight a good thing - this game was an absolute monster and would have took up a large chunk of our time. Still it was really fun for the time we were alive.

Moderating History

UPick: Mafiascum Fantasy Camp
A Closed Large Theme for 17 players. Co-modded with Mina as the Lost Butterfly hydra.
Player Slot Role Fate Decision
Amrun shaft.ed Fangirl Lynched Day 1 Mafia Win
MagnaofIllusion DrippingGoofball Fanboy Killed Night 1 Mafia Win
DemonHybrid drmyshottyizsik Fanboy Lynched Day 2 Mafia Win
Candle Jack Tarhalindur Fanboys Killed Night 2 Mafia Win
Hinduragi Albert B. Rampage Fanboy Lynched Day 3 Mafia Win
AlmasterGM ReaperCharlie Fanboy Killed Night 3 Mafia Win
Vi Gammagooey Fan Lynched Day 4 Mafia Win
Lady Lambdadelta Lady Lambdadelta Fangirl Killed Night 4 Mafia Win
MeransielBenmage Thor665 Fanboy Modkilled Day 5 Mafia Win
ToastyToast Parama Fanboy Killed Night 5 Mafia Win
Yami-SwanOngoing Games SocioPath Fanboys Lynched Day 6 Mafia Win
Nikanor Cobalt Fanboy Endgamed Mafia Win
Screaming Death Clan Fate Fanboys Endgamed Mafia Win
GreyICE chesskid3 Fanboy Endgamed Mafia Win
Mastermind of Sin HezLucky Fanboy Survived Mafia Win
InHimshallibeRegfan Mastin Fanboy Survived Mafia Win
Ironyvezokpiraka Katsuki Fanboy Survived Mafia Win

Our first modded game ^_^. This...was a fucking disaster for the town. Like seriously, after AGM's brilliant gambit got DH lynched the town proceeded to derp and infight and fuck up multiple times over and over and over. It was very hard to watch. On the plus side people loved the flavour + modding which is all we can do once the game starts to make it enjoyable. Stay tuned for a sequel.