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Logo mafiascum medium.jpg This user plays Mafia. (Talk)

Completed: 7
Currently Alive: 1
Currently Dead: 2
Replaced Out: 6
Total Games = 16

Hi, I'm Joe. I am a LARPer and enjoy Mafia. I found the site through having the link to the wiki posted as a newbie guide to Mafia on another site, which happens to be for the LARP I play, so I can't link y'all to those games :/. I enjoy Mafia due to the fact that it makes me think and formulate arguments, then verbalize them, which is something I have always needed to work on. Want to know anything, ask me. Also, dice games apparently hate me.

Jmj's Games

Road to Rome

Game Role Status Result
Newbie 878 Vanilla Townie Endgamed Mafia Win
Newbie 925 Vanilla Townie Lynched D3 Town Win
(Link) Vanilla Townie Replaced out N1 Mafia Win

Little Italy

Game Role Status Result
Open 196 Vanilla Townie Lynched D1 Town Win
Open 211 Vigilante Killed N1 Mafia Win
Open 203 Townie Replaced Out Mafia win
Open 221 Townie Replaced out D2 Mafia Win

Central park

Game Role Status Result
Open 232 Vengeful Townie Endgamed Mafia Win
Sea Container C9++ Vanilla Townie Lynched Day 4 Town Win

Coney Island

Game Role Status Result Comments
Linked Role Chaos Mafia V2.0 Mafia Encryptor Temp replace, Lynched D4 Mafia Win I am just putting this here for the sake of recordkeeping, I don't deserve to count this as a win for me. I was a temp replacement that played horribly.
Quantum Mafia Alpha Mafia Replaced in Day 3 Mafia Win This was an odd game. I think it needs a little refining.
ReBoot Mafia Mister Christopher, Neighbor Replaced out Day 1 Mafia Win
Wheel of Fortune Mafia Yellow Contestant Podium, Vanilla Townie Replaced out Day 1 Town Win
Black & White Comic Book Mafia Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead), Town Undead Cop Lynched D1 Mafia Win
Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life ? Mod Abandoned

Theme Park

Game Role Status Result
Left 4 Dead Mafia Jimmy Gibbs Jr., Survivor Killed Night 4 Crescendo Mafia Win
Harry Potter Mafia Belletrix Lestrange, Death Eater Mafia Roleblocker Replaced Out Mafia Win
Supernatural Mafia Gabriel, Tracker/Hider Killed N1, Revived D3, Killed N8 Mafia Win
Reck's Mad Mad Mad Mad Mind Android OS, Town Coroner Killed N2 Serial Killer Suicidal Lover Win
Reckamonic's Ocarina of Time Mafia Biggoron, One-Shot Unlynchable Blind Inventor Got taken down by a Cucco Caller Day 2 Boss Scum/Mod Lyncher Win This game cements that any game I play that has Reck modding it, he becomes the D1 lynch. <3
(Link) Ellen Abalyski, Arkon Doctor Lynched Day 1 Town Win As the hydra "Square Obscure

New York

Modding History

Open 238 - Mafia Win

Newbie 1016 - Mafia Win

Newbie 1039 - Mafia Win

Newbie 1041 - Mafia Win

Open 284 - Mafia Win

Nintendo Mafia - Town Win

The Log!

If you came and visited my wiki, leave a note. If you are one of my friends, feel free to make a friends section. DO NOT HIJACK MY WIKI! That is all.

  • Hiiiii! *bites* :P Hayl 07:10, 26 October 2010 (EDT)