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A mafiascum player and moderator.

Player History

Little Italy

Number Mod Role Fate Game Result Comments
Mini 1007 Espeonage Mafia Goon Survived Won Our scumteam included a player named "Good and Honest" who swore he would never lie, making him a huge liability. I was also forced to bus my other partner hard, which meant I basically had to win this game solo. Fortunately, Hoopla "confirmed" me as town using magical statistics, which made things significantly easier.
Mini 985 - Madness at Night Hayker Insane Cop Killed N3 Won This game.
Mini 922 - Mafia in Mo Town KittyMo Mason Endgamed D4 Lost
Mini 898 - The Game (you just lost it) Beyond Birthday Vanilla Townie Endgamed D4 Lost
Mini 873 - Planview Benmage Doctor Killed N2 Lost Epic bus by Papa Zito.
Game 863 - Space Station Mafia lobstermania Vanilla Townie Endgamed D6 Lost
Mini 851 - Bloodlust Mafia almightybob Vanilla Townie Lynched D2 Lost Mmmmm reading back over this game is embarrasing. I self hammered and did lots of other newbie crap. Ick.
Mini 844 - P-p-plain! Tyfo Mason Killed N1 Won This game was great for me - I nailed scum D1, the Vig killed scum on N1, and then the town cleaned up the third scum on D2.

Central Park

Number Mod Role Fate Game Result Comments
Open 279 - Rusty Guillotine Mafia hitogoroshi Vanilla Townie Killed N4 Lost Hito asked me to join this new open setup of his that involved delayed flip. The mechanic seemed cool, but the lack of flip information eventually came extremely annoying. The game also became very long, very fast, which wore down my endurance pretty hard. That said, it was a good playerlist and a fun game.
Open 276 - Friends and Enemies Mafia mothrax Vanilla Townie Survived Draw The ending of this game was extremely anticlimactic - instead of forcing the mafia to kill, the mod allowed for a happily ever after ending ... which the mafia took. Whatever.
[/in-Vitational 10 - Robot Love] SpyreX Vanilla Townie Endgamed D3 Lost I was far too agressive in this game; calling one of the scum correctly in a 6 player game doesn't mean much if you don't lynch in the proper order. That said, fun game.

Coney Island

Mini 1119 - The Might of Mordor (Friendly Neighbor)

Mini 1113 - Brotherhood of the Wolf Mafia (Town Doctor / Vigilante)

Mini 990 - YuGiOh! The Abridged Mafia (Town Double Voter)

Mini 980 - Trader Mafia (Town Gunsmith)

Game 947 - Halo Mafia (3rd Party Lyncher)

Game 943 - Greek Mythology (Town Vig / Bus Driver)

Game 935 - The Fountainhead (Town JOAT)

Number Mod Role Fate Game Result Comments
The Fountainhead (Wiki) HowardRoark Jack of all Trades Lynched Day Lost
Precision Mafia RedCoyote One-Shot Vigilantie Killed N3 Lost
Open Source Mafia SlySly Vanilla Townie Killed N2 Lost
Mini 886 - Popcorn Mafia Elmo Mafia Goon Killed D3 Lost Replaced in D1.
Star Wars: Legacy of the Force Mafia MonkeyMan576 Schizophrenic Killed N2 Lost
Dexter Season One Juls Vanilla Townie Lynched D2 Won
Mini 837 - Stratego Mafia charter Town Lieutenant (5) Lynched D5 Lost

Theme Park

Dynasty Warriors Mafia

Speed Mafia

Mafia MetaMafia

The Battle for Olympus

The Mafia with the Hydras (with Fate as Final Destination) (Vanilla Town)

In the Court of the Gods (Vanilla Town)

Mafia of the Chosen Ones (Vanilla Town)

Blackest Knight (Mafia Goon)

A Convict's Revenge (Mafia Goon)

Number Mod Role Fate Game Result Comments
The Return to Liten SaintKerrigan Vanilla Townie Survived green|Won}
Objection! Redux Faraday Vanilla Townie Endgamed Lost
Super Smash Bros. Mafia The Master Hand Doctor Killed N3 Won
Choose Your Side: A Comedy of Whims SaintKerrigan Cult Recruiter Survived Won
Earth's Struggle Haylen Mafia Goon Killed N3 Lost

The Road to Rome

Newbie 977 (Vanilla Town)

Newbie 915 (Vanilla Town)

Newbie 904 (Vanilla Town)

Newbie 830 (Vanilla Town)

Newbie 795 (Mafia Goon)

Moderator History

Completed Games

DEFCON Mafia 3.0

Choose Your Side: A Monument of Sins (Large Theme)

Mini 1144 - Advance Wars: Mafia Strikes (Mini Theme)

DEFCON Mafia 2.0 (Large Theme)

Mini 1036 - DEFCON Mafia (Mini Theme)

Mini 995 - Advance Wars: Mafia Rising (Mini Theme)

Mini 955 - Classic Mafia (Mini Normal)

Upcoming Games

Fallout: New Vegas Mafia

Portal 2 Mafia